Apple hires corporate security chief amid legal battle against U.S. government overreach

“Apple Inc, amid a pitched battle with the U.S. government over law enforcement’s desire to crack into iPhones, has hired a new security executive to oversee its corporate digital defenses, people familiar with the matter said,” Joseph Menn reports for Reuters.

“Apple appointed George Stathakopoulos, formerly vice president of information security at Inc and before that Microsoft Corp’s general manager of product security, to be vice president of corporate information security, the people said,” Menn reports. “Stathakopoulos reports to Apple’s chief financial officer [Luca Maestri] and will be responsible for protecting corporate assets, such as the computers used to design products and develop software, as well as data about customers. The company’s heads of hardware and software remain in charge of protecting users of Apple’s products.”

Menn reports, “Stathakopoulos started a week ago at Apple, according to people familiar with matter, after working since 2010 at Amazon, which has a strong reputation among security professionals.”

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MacDailyNews Take: You can never be too secure.


  1. OMG, former “Microsoft Corp’s general manager of product security”. If the guy didn’t have some faulty DNA before he went to work there, he certainly does now.

    1. Actually, he had nothing to do with designing Windows itself; securing a company full of Windows PC and servers was probably an EXCELLENT source of experience, and learning what NOT to do… 🙂

  2. Ironically If our current government is successful in undermining data security on iPhones it will ultimately lead to an increase in citizens’ vulnerability to ransomware and attacks by foreign governments on both citizens and our government’s most sensitive secrets.

    I cannot remember a time when the NSA and other intelligence agencies were so badly managed that they actually had to attack a private entity for protecting our own citizens from government spying.

    1. Not to mention that FBI Director James Comey was in China last week conspiring with the Chinese to weaken security. Bear in mind how frequently our illustrious Government blames ‘Chinese hackers’.

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