Meizu vice president: That ‘iPhone image leak’ is one of our Android phones

“A recent ‘leak’ from earlier this week claiming to show part of the iPhone 7’s outer casing has been debunked, by an Android device manufacturer,” MacNN reports. “Chinese smartphone producer Meizu’s vice president of sales and marketing has confirmed in a blog post that the image wasn’t of the back of a yet-to-be-announced iPhone, but in fact a smartphone coming from the manufacturer itself, one that it too has yet to put on sale to the public.”

“The image used for the leak showed the phone’s base with most of the back covered by a sticker and the photographer’s gloved hand, limiting what was shown to the bottom edge,” MacNN reports. “A supporting image published by Li Nan confirms the phone being held is from the manufacturer itself, and not an Apple device.”

Purported "iPhone 7" is really a Meizu phone
Purported “iPhone 7” is really a Meizu phone

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote when these images first appeared:

Yeesh. Nope.


  1. What is most amazing is just how literally identical this image looks to the current 6 / 6s design of the iPhone, and how this vice-president has no shame in not just admitting, but practically boasting about it!

  2. A) The headline for this article at MDN should read:

    …Thate ‘iphone image leak’ is ONE of our Android phones’

    B) If that’s a Meizu phone, we have another RIPOFF SCAM COMPANY in our midst. And it runs Android. Disgusting.

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