Everything Apple needs to update, but won’t announce at its event next week

“Apple is holding its first event of the year on Monday next week, and we’ve already reported everything that you should expect to see announced including Apple’s much anticipated 4-inch iPhone SE, its first 9.7-inch iPad Pro, and new first-gen Apple Watch models and bands,” Jordan Kahn writes for 9to5Mac. “But there’s also a whole list of things Apple should update and release but likely won’t next week.”

“There are a few products for the event and beyond that aren’t being planned, with new MacBooks the most obvious of candidates, but some aging products like Mac Pro, the Thunderbolt Display, AirPort products, wireless EarPods, and more also due for updates,” Kahn writes. “Here’s everything Apple needs to update, but likely won’t announce at its event on Monday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A good list. We second, third, and fourth the need for an updated Thunderbolt Display!


  1. Just get rid of those 16gb devices, or fix that software glitch that sez they’re full, when they ain’t. I work in a school & every day is wasted by backing up, wiping & restoring, so we can 4-5gb back!

  2. http://9to5mac.com/2016/03/18/everything-apple-needs-to-update-but-wont-announce-at-its-event-next-week/

    They list the usual suspects:

    Thunderbolt Display — users have long asked for Apple to offer a range of sizes again, with 4K or better resolution

    MacBooks — all are stale. Skylake, USB-C, and improved disc options are all anticipated. We can only hope Apple returns to past form and offers flexiblity in its modestly priced machines, not just the MBPs.

    Mac Pro — 9to5 Mac accurately takes Apple to task for the feet dragging on this. They point out that they built a Hackintosh with more power and GPU capability than Apple offers. Ouch.

    Airport Express — great unit, long overdue for updates.

    Airport Extreme, Time Capsule — unchanged since 2013. Need more memory configs

    Mac Mini — perhaps the most deserving of a proper update. I don’t know why Apple can’t dedicate themselves to making truly great, user-friendly desktop tower computers with desktop-class components and a little but of expansion capability. So the 2012 Mini with a minor speed bump in 2014 soldiers on as the only affordable headless desktop Mac.

    Accessories — yeah, 9to5 goes through those too.

  3. New Thunderbolt display, yes, and wireless earbuds would be great (but the technology isn’t there yet), but the reason for long timelines for computer upgrades is simply because there isn’t much of a need in terms of the current state of software. My MacBook Pro Retina is now a couple of years old, and though I use it professionally it still is plenty powerful enough for my needs. I have little need to upgrade, it works great.

    This is what Apple is all about: you ace a product right from the beginning, and you can use it for years and years. I love my Apple Watch, and the iPad Pro with Pencil is terrific.

    Apple products are *designed* to work for long time. Geez, I still own a Mac Plus… and it still works great!

    1. All true, but… you’re NOT using that Mac Plus as your main computer. You’re just not. (Mine has an honored place on the shelf.)

      Reality is all of our needs for computational capability grow every year as we continue to push the functionality of our systems. Apple needs to update the *ENTIRE* Mac line. Some parts of the line are in less dire need of updating (e.g., the 5K iMac) while other parts (e.g., MacPro, Retina MacBook Pro) need updating drastically, but the entire line could use updating.

      Some other Apple offerings are just embarrassing, e.g., the Airport Express. (It does not even do 802.11ac !!!)

      The fact that Apple is not offering a UHD or 5K display is just asinine. There is no reason — NONE — for Apple not to be shipping something in this class.

      Apple may be waiting for the chips that support the full, extended range of capabilities of the UBS-C connector capabilities, aka all the alternate modes (automatically negotiate and support 10 Gbps USB-3.1; Thunderbolt 3 with dual 20 Gbps channels; MHL 3.0; 100 Watt power transfer; DLP 1.3; etc., etc. and possibly things like 10 Gbps Ethernet), but Apple may be waiting on those chips for a long time — quite possibly until the fourth calendar quarter of this year.

      Meanwhile Apple *IS* losing sales to others who are offering systems that give a 90% solution — almost all of which are superior, hardware wise, to the current Mac offerings.

    2. STILL using a 2007 Santa Rosa CoreDuo2 Macbook running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 — it is just flat-out reliable and robust — works. every. time.

      Apple may not be making any money off of me by selling me the latest and greatest Mac, but they are making sales from those that I recommend the purchase of a Mac (often their first Mac) computer.


  4. Calling the Mac Pro “aging” is like calling Dick Clark “aging.” It’s so old it’s long dead. Hasn’t had an update (or a price drop) since 2013.

    1. Not being an apologist, but honestly it’s a 2014 model. Some pre-orders arrived prior to Christmas 2014, but most arrived in January 2014, and … as I said, that was pre-orders.

      I do agree video card updates as well as new chipsets would be welcomed.

  5. It’s an iPhone world.
    There are 800 people working on the iPhone camera alone.

    Clearly Apple can’t pay this much attention to all her products. Those of us looking for more efficient, productive, and fun ways to actually get work done, we’ll just have to wait and hope. Either that or look elsewhere.

    1. It never hurts to remind Apple to spend more effort serving its customers. It is not an iPad world. For every one person who wants a Pencil, there are 10 who would buy a new Mac. And the sales show it.

      1. Theloneous is correct, Apple knows where their bread is buttered, and it’s iOS (and it’s associated devices).

        As an owner of a Mac Pro as well as several MacBooks, I want them to spend more time there as well as you, but I can understand why iOS is the fair-haired child.

        1. While it is true that IOS is the money maker Apple needs to diversify. They make great products that often lack features of their competitors have. Small updates to Apple’s products would keep them fresh and desirable in people’s minds.

        2. Since Apple doesn’t break down its profits by specific product, you are thinking that iPads are money makers. They are not. iPads drive app sales. Taking a 30% cut of every app sale has made Apple fat dumb and happy. Meanwhile, Cook is completely missing the opportunity to improve the hardware on the Macs substantially enough to drive new developers to that platform. There is no excuse for the Mac and the Mac app store to be in such a lackluster state.

  6. A new Mac Mini would be neat. I’m going to replace the HD drive with a SSD drive on my 2009 mini but at some point I will need a new one.
    Agree on the MacPro. This is more about bragging rights than making money.
    MacBooks are a no brainer.

      1. After this weekend, you’ll think you have a brand new MacMini.
        The thing will fly and you will wonder why you didn’t do the SSD upgrade a long time ago.

  7. Bring back the old Mac Pro design and get rid of the trash can. I want to be able to add components. Take the old design and shrink the box to one third its former size. Allow people to create a cluster super computer if they like. Give them the power to do this if they want to throw money at their desktop. Sure, it’s a very small niche in the market but there are scientists and others who want/need to do just that. Give them the option to do it so they can brag to the world about how many CPUs they have on or under their desk. Come on, Apple, it can’t that hard to do!

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