Three emerging technologies Woz loves, and what he thinks of Tim Cook

“Steve Wozniak, the man who co-founded Apple Inc. with Steve Jobs, is still tinkering and falling in love with gadgets,” Silvia Ascarelli reports for MarketWatch. “He took questions on Reddit Wednesday.”

“Three new technologies he loves: Facebook Inc.’s Oculus Rift, Inc.’s Amazon Echo and self-driving cars,” Ascarelli reports. “What he thinks of Tim Cook: ‘Very approving.'”

“New hardware, new software ‘and nothing’s letting me down,’ he said. Plus Cook ‘is acknowledging the employees of Apple and the customers of Apple as real people,'” Ascarelli reports. “No surprise that he sides with Cook in the battle with the Justice Department over unlocking the San Bernardino, Calif., shooter’s iPhone. (Cue shoutout to the Bill of Rights.) But perhaps surprisingly, he said it’s about more than just personal liberties This is the story he told to illustrate his point: ‘Twice in my life I wrote things that could have been viruses. I threw away every bit of source code. I just got a chill inside. These are dangerous, dangerous things, and if some code gets written in an Apple product that lets people in, bad people are going to find their way to it, very likely.'”

Much more, including what companies are missing out on, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We keep hearing good things about the Amazon Echo.


  1. I really like my Amazon Echo. It has a feature that Apple should copy ASAP.

    What is that feature? The Alexa App allows you to see and correct every request made to Alexa. Essentially the Echo has a feedback mechanism in which it can learn from.

    At first the Echo was way behind Siri in recognition ability. However, thanks to the ability to receive feedback the Echo has improved at a tremendous rate. It is now far ahead of Siri in voice recognition.

    Hopefully Apple will copy this feature and Siri will improve as much as Alexa has. Are you listening Apple?

      1. Unfortunately, Siri still has the same issues with certain names, places and events that it did two years ago.

        After three months of use the Echo has none of these problems.

        Hopefully, Siri will soon catch up!

  2. “Twice in my life I wrote things that could have been viruses. I threw away every bit of source code.”

    In other news, the FBI has been spotted rummaging through Steve Wozniak’s garbage.

  3. Re: Amazon Echo: I think Amazon stumbled onto something really promising here, it’s got a lot of potential and Amazon is doing the right things to build out a rich ecosystem of features. A real winner would be a Homekit tie-in.

  4. So what in effect is Apples answer to this? One would have thought at least an Apple TV and HomeKit set up that offers a similar option. Trouble is as has been shown by buzz this product is really catching the publics imagination whatever it’s true competences. If you want that magic killer application they always speak of be it ATV or HomeKit then surely this would have been an ideal candidate and a pretty obvious one too if you are looking at home automation surely. Eye off ball there for me the sort of lateral thinking Apple really got under Steve Jobs. Jony Ive should really be seeing these opportunities if he is more of the overseer these days and needs to start pulling his finger out in my opinion, there’s too much complacency at present, a little more focus is needed.

  5. Amazon’s Echo exist for one purpose in life, to make it easer for people to buy more stuff from Amazon on a whim . . . and to gather more info on Amazon’s customers. Okay, that’s two things. Both, not surprisingly, have to do with Amazon selling more stuff.

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