Leaked image of 4-inch iPhone packaging shows ‘SE’ branding, NFC for Apple Pay, 16 GB storage option

“A poster on Chinese social media site Weibo has supposedly photographed part of the spec sheet for Apple’s soon-to-be-unveiled 4 inch iPhone,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “The image appeared on the social media site earlier in the week and is likely legitimate, given the official announcement is just a matter of days away.”

“The image confirms the rumored ‘iPhone SE’ nomenclature and existence of a 16 GB size option for the new phone,” Mayo reports. “We have previously reported that the iPhone SE will come in 16 GB and 64 GB SKU’s.”

Mayo reports, “The leaked image also shows the phone supports NFC for Apple Pay.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll know soon enough next Monday!

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  1. Apple really needs to ditch the 16 gb option. I know it earns Apple lots of money for people paying a premium to increase storage to 64, but I really don’t think that delivering such a crappy user experience to anyone who buys the 16gb is worth it in terms of increasing brand loyalty.

    Given the increases in camera resolution and corresponding movie and picture file sizes, 16GB is useless.

    1. 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. I seriously think these should be the new capacities. 16GB is barely a grain of sand compared to the desert considering the amount of multimedia content that exists, AND what one can create with just the device itself.

        1. Two ways to look at this…

          1) Throw tons of resources and processing power at the problem, or
          2) Make the software really efficient on lean specs.

          I’m in favour of pushing (2) onto developers… there’s no reason that an app that works perfectly fine on an iPhone 3G is suddenly twice as slow with no new features since because the developers started getting lazy and targeting more powerful devices.

          I believe Apple is deliberately keeping specs in check to ensure that apps don’t get overblown with heaviness.

    2. 100% this, been saying so for 3 years now. I got an iPad Air 2 16 GB on sale, add just one large game and a few mid-size apps and you don’t even have space to download an iTunes movie in HD (4-5 GB) to it for viewing offline later (e.g. on a 12 hour flight), without deleting some of the pre-installed apps like Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

  2. Tim Cook should be ashamed of himself.

    My wife and I just upgraded from sixes to 6Ses. Truth be told, the faster TouchiD is the most noticeble and useful feature. 3D Touch is gimmicky and rarely useful. The speed bump is only slightly noticeable. The real difference for us was the switch from 16GB phones to 64GB phones.

    There is no earthly reason why Apple is still offering a 16GB phone in 2016, other than pure, unadulterated, abject GREED!

    1. Took the words out of my mouth. Despite past great experience on Macs, it seems Cook is quickly turning Apple into another Microsoft. I wonder when the fanboys will take their blinders off. Jobs left the building a long time ago, and it shows EVERYWHERE.

    2. Until you run out of 64GB and start complaining about that…

      The space is manageable with proper management. I”m on an 16GB iPhone 4, and I get by just fine. It’s used heavily and I manage it carefully.

  3. When I upgraded to a 4S in 2011 I thought a 16GB would be a nice bump over my 8GB 3G, I quickly realized my mistake and got the 32GB. I realize Apple can still sell a lot of these units, but I’d rather see them go 32, 64, 128, 256.

  4. I agree whole heartedly that I would never get a 16 GB phone. However, there are use cases where it makes sense. For example, I just purchased 40 iPad minis for a classroom. They are to be mobile editing stations. 16GB was a great option because since the iPad are locked down to just a few apps, they still have about 10GB for footage (more than enough for student work), and we saved about $4000 over going with models that had more space.

    I assume there are other use cases where people simply don’t need the space and a lower cost options important for educational or government purchase.

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