Chinese spy shots show dual camera ‘iPhone 7’ with no physical home button

“Photos of what purport to be Apple’s forthcoming ‘iPhone 7’ have bubbled up from sources in the People’s Republic of China, though some aspects of the snaps cast a shade of doubt on their authenticity,” Applensider reports.

“The more believable shot — showing a rear shell — carries a dark Apple logo and generally takes the form most expect the iPhone 7 to adopt,” AppleInsider reports. “An iPhone 6-esque design carries a dual camera module in the upper left, surrounded by a small rise in the material rather than a separate ring, as on previous generations.”

“A second set of somewhat more dubious shots depict a device with no home button or headphone jack,” AppleInsider reports. “Captions accompanying the photos indicate that the button and Touch ID sensor are integrated into the display itself.”

Purported "iPhone 7"
Purported “iPhone 7”

Read more and see more photos in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yeesh. Nope.


  1. What a dumb story. Rumors like this are so stupid, as if people are walking around with working Apple prototypes. If Apple continues to have a camera not flush with the body, I’ll pass until they get that right. But I don’t believe in these crazy sightings. It’s all for clicks and nothing more. No wonder you’re wasting everyone’s time repeating this garbage.

    1. Well, looky here! I just randomly happen to have a prototype in my possession!
      Just like most of the other “leaked” photos of prototypes in the past which turned out to be false. Designers and photographers aren’t the only ones that use Photoshop.

  2. The lack of home button makes it automatically a fake. We know the device will be in the exact same case as the 6 series, so why have the huge chin and forehead if you do not need the home button?

        1. Sorry to burst your bubble but the “iPhone 7” will be the tenth version of the iPhone.

          1) iPhone
          2) iPhone 3G
          3) iPhone 3GS
          4) iPhone 4
          5) iPhone 4s
          6) iPhone 5
          7) iPhone 5s / 5c
          8) iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
          9) iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
          10) iPhone??

        2. I sure hope not. The new Samsung Galaxies look light years better than the 6 series. Those new Samsung phones make the iPhone look like an antique. When the iPhone 5 was released I said basically the same thing and over the subsequent months Samdung and Wall Street pummeled Apple into the ground.

          Apple needs to stop this tick tock design bullshit. They had the wind at their backs with the 6 and now they screwed it up AGAIN by releasing a ho-hum 6s/6s Plus. Look at what this decision has has done to the stock.

          If Apple releases the same looking phone three years in a row then the company and shareholders will get crushed.

          1. I agree with you that the 6 series looks like an old fashioned gadget from years gone by. Something happened with Apple design. It’s been flailing lately. The 6 series does not look like something from the company that created the MacBook Air. But it looks like they have a major redesign in the works, but it’s not ready for this year.

            1. Then millions will abandon the platform and/or refuse to upgrade in protest. Apple might end up realizing the same fate as BlackBerry and Nokia because of this. The only thing that could save it would be some radical new technology. A faster processor, better screen, or any other technology used by other companies is not going to do it.

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