Spigen iPhone SE case supports iPhone 5s-style design

“We’re just two weeks away from the rumored launch date of the 4-inch ‘iPhone SE,’ but due to mixed rumors and a lack of part leaks, we still don’t know exactly what the device will look like,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Rumors suggest an iPhone 5s-style body with an iPhone 6-style curved glass front panel, two concepts that are difficult to merge.”

“Design drawings and early case leaks out of China haven’t been helpful thus far, also offering up conflicting information on the final design,” Clover reports, “but renderings from an established, well-known case manufacturer may help shed some light on what we can expect.”

Spigen is an accessory company that often has some of the first cases available for new iOS devices, and the iPhone SE is no exception,” Clover reports. “The company is working on cases for the 4-inch iPhone, and case renderings obtained by MacRumors suggest expects a design that’s nearly indistinguishable from the iPhone 5s. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: As the design seems to break no new ground., it’ll be interesting to see what Apple’s new 4-inch device will actually offer in terms of specs and features, not to mention how it’s accepted by consumers.


  1. Bigger can be better for the masses, BUT; there is a huge market of persons who love the smaller form factor and have NOT updated their phone yet..

    This smaller phone will be extremely successful for the “i just make calls and send messages occasionally” demographic…..

    1. Now this sounds better… from another rumor mill:

      Leaked schematics and cases further indicate the new iPhone model will feature an aesthetic similar to the company’s existing high-end iPhones, a design that debuted in 2014 with the iPhone 6.

  2. Agreed the form factor of the 5 is very good. However those upgrading from the 5 or 5S won’t be getting anything any different from what they currently have. I imagine the new phone will have a modified but similar form factor.

    1. Have you not been paying attention? The whole point of the 5SE is to offer an UPDATED small form factor phone. It may look the same but will feature all-new internals.

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