Google’s Chromecast widens lead over Apple TV in streaming device market share

“Alphabet‘s Google Chromecast widened its lead in the digital media streamer market last year over devices from Apple, and Roku,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Google’s low-cost HDMI dongle for streaming Internet video to television sets grabbed 35% of the market in 2015, up from 28% in 2014, Strategy Analytics reported Tuesday.”

“Apple TV ranked second with a 20% market share, down from 22% in 2014. Amazon Fire TV and Roku tied for third, each with a 15% market share,” Seitz reports. “‘Google’s puck-sized Chromecast dongle continues to have broad appeal with consumers who favor its mobile-centric approach to content access and control,’ Strategy Analytics analyst David Watkins said in a statement.”

“Based on cumulative shipments of digital media streamers, Apple leads the market with nearly 37 million Apple TV units sold since its launch in 2007,” Seitz reports. “Chromecast is catching up fast with 27 million units sold in just 2.5-years. Roku’s Box and Streaming Stick products are third with 20 million units, followed by Amazon Fire TV with less than 10 million.”

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  1. I love the new Apple TV but the App Store for it needs an overhaul. It is very hard to see all of the apps available for it. Most of the sections only show the most popular, newest or editor picks. The only way to see other apps that didn’t make the cut is by going to Search and enter just a first letter.

    More Siri functionality would be nice as well. Stuff I’m used to asking Siri to do doesn’t work on the tv.

    This is a huge improvement over the previous generations, and 4K isn’t that important to me because I don’t have a 4K tv and there are few things that are actually broadcast in it anyway.

    To me, the biggest selling point is the inter-connectivity between the Apple TV and my other Apple products. I’ve used the Chrome but it’s not as nice, and I still wonder what Google (or is it Alphabet now) is doing with all the data they mine from the Chrome users.

  2. That because the ATV, much like EVERY other product that Kimmy Cook released, is a half-baked, overpriced, buggy as hell POS!

    I have ROKU. I also have a jailbroken Amazon Firestick loaded up with Kodi, which only happens to be about a billion times more powerful and useful than Apple’s tired, pricey, locked down excuse for a streaming box.

    Cook’s failed product & services list destined for the Apple Hall of Shame:

    Uniport (ripoff adapter) Macbook
    Giant yet still crippled iPad Amateur
    Stripped down and locked down ATV 4
    $2000 plus iMac with a base 5400 rpm platter HDD
    $5000 plus Mac (Non) Pro that can’t ever be upgraded
    Pricey Apple Music service that is substandard to and actually performs WORSE than competing free services

    Cook is alienating long time Apple consumers by the minute!

    1. If I spend $5,000 on a Mac Pro, I shouldn’t be concerned with upgrading it, ever. 6-7 years down the road, I won’t bother upgrading any computer, I’d be replacing it.

      1. If I spent over $5k on a Mac and Apple didn’t allow me to upgrade anything, therefore forcing me to buy a new machine in order to be competitive in 6-7 years, that might very well be the last Mac I ever buy.

        Seriously, Apple needs to get a clue what professionals do.

  3. Yes, I have a Chromecast. They were on sale at two for $50 so I bought one for me and one for a relative. I occasionally used it to cast things from my Mac to the TV for all to see.

    The real reason I don’t have Apple TV is that I have a Tivo. While more expensive than Apple TV is does just about everything else and does it better, including recording shows and letting me skip through commercials. Of course, it is more expensive than Apple TV to buy and operate.

  4. This is the 90’s all over again. Cost and market share typically win, but in exchange for crap and mediocre user experience, and in the case of Google and FB, widespread breaches of privacy. We’ve seen this same thing with iOS vs Android; iPad vs. Chromebooks in schools, and now chromecast vs appletv in the home. Google is not only winning the market share battle, but also the mindshare battle, much like MS did in the 90’s with the IT idiots. It’s happening again:

    Our hospital IT staff just replaced thier 4 year old iPads with MS Surface’s. They’re gushing over how great these things are!!! Really??? Of course they’re all middle-aged has-beens, but point taken. Apple will likely not survive the Google aggressions, unless the government starts cracking down on privacy. Right now, the public doesn’t seem to care that their personal infirmation is being used to fund Google.

    1. But it isn’t the 90’s. Back then, Apple’s expensive hardware offered clear advantages in the long run. Then Apple shifted to an iPhone & iOS App Store focus, and all of Apple’s other product lines have suffered from underinvestment. Including the Apple TV.

      Thinking people agree that Google products are privacy nightmares, but for media consumption most people just don’t care. Chrome crap is so cheap and it works well enough, why bother spending more on an Apple device that does less?

      As for privacy, you know damn well that Apple datamines exactly what you watch in order to suggest more stuff to sell you. What’s the difference?

      The Apple TV has been blown out of the water by all objective measures, even if you ignore price. People expecting the flood of exciting apps on the Apple TV have not been rewarded. The remote sucks, the inferface sucks, and Siri is as bad as ever. Hosting locally stored content is awkward at best. There just isn’t any exclusive content. Games on Apple TV are inferior to dedicated gaming consoles. And if you have a new 4K TV, then Apple’s is the only set-top box that doesn’t support it.

      I’m no fan of anything from Google — we strongly prefer Roku — but it’s true. In streaming media, Apple is behind and there is no excuse for it. Apple fanboys who don’t see it are only deluding themselves.

      1. RE: Privacy- the biggest difference between Apple and everyone else on the privacy front is Apple doesn’t sell your info. All companies mine statistics- it’s what they do with that information that matters. Apple’s business model doesn’t rely on selling personal information. As these other companies compete with one another to master the personal data arena, they will be forced to go deeper and wider into your personal lives- more specific information which will yield behavioral patterns and even thought processs. The advertisers will pay top dollar to the company that can give them the best data. Apple doesn’t play in that arena.

        Otherwise, I agree- people really couldn’t care less. I wonder if it’s because collecting private information isn’t directly tangible to the consumer, or if the services are really THAT necessary? Apple is behind on internet services in general- they don’t seem to do this stuff very well. Hopefully they’ll figure it out sooner than later.

  5. I don’t see how the Chromecast is anything like the Apple TV. It’s just a dongle and requires a phone or computer to work. It cannot work stand alone like an Apple TV. It’s like comparing and iPhone to an intercom.

    1. I agree, Chromecast is really limited. But it’s cheap.

      I also agree with the others that Apple has missed the boat with streaming media. The ATV blows. We prefer Roku by far.

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