FBI Director James Comey’s war on Apple and privacy is becoming a political problem for Obama and the Democrats

“The aggressive posture of the FBI under Director James Comey is becoming a political problem for the White House,” Cory Bennett and Julian Hattem report for The Hill.

“The FBI’s demand that Apple help unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino killers has outraged Silicon Valley, a significant source of political support for President Obama and Democrats,” Bennett and Hattem report. “Then there’s the biggest issue of all: the FBI’s investigation into the private email server used by Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former secretary of State and the leading contender to win the Democratic presidential nomination. A decision by the FBI to charge Clinton or her top aides for mishandling classified information would be a shock to the political system.”

“In these cases and more, Comey — a Republican who donated in 2012 to Mitt Romney — has proved he is ‘not attached to the strings of the White House,’ said Ron Hosko, the former head of the FBI’s criminal investigative division and a critic of Obama’s law enforcement strategies,” Bennett and Hattem report. “While the White House has repeatedly backed the FBI’s decision [to seek a court order demanding that Apple create new software to bypass security tools on an iPhone], it has not fully endorsed the potential policy ramifications, leaving some to think a gap might develop as similar cases pop up. The White House is poised to soon issue its own policy paper on the subject of data encryption.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ah, the friction-filled ramifications of a lack of leadership.

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  1. The FBI director reports to the Attorney General, who in turn reports to the President.

    It is unwise to piss off your boss …and their boss, too.

  2. The full weight of the government is coming down on Apple to create a backdoor to all iPhones. But our former Secretary of State can set up an unsecured server at her home and keep top secret documents that can easily be hacked into by foreign governments, and that is okay.

    Is this a great country or what!

    1. That’s why she got off with not even a slap on the wrist – unsecure and hackable by anyone is obviously what the FBI and our government want! (That’s actually kinda scary to think about in those terms…)

  3. This is bullshit. This isn’t

    a problem for the republicons because they all are in lockstep with the FBI taking a good look at everything you do. The FBI: bringing you skulldiuggery since J Edgar Hoover.

      1. Excepting @BernieSanders, but he is only running for the nomination.
        BTW, Ed Snowden says the FBIs claims are bullshit.
        The global technological consensus is against the FBI. Why? Here’s one example: https://www.aclu.org/blog/free-future/one-fbis-major-claims-iphone-case-fraudulent

  4. THIS TERRORIST IS MAKING OUR US GOVERNMENT CHANGE POLICY – how about that! THAT MEANS HE/SHE/THEY WIN – does the leaders in this country NOT see this.
    load! O shit

  5. The aggressive posture of the FBI under Director James Comey is becoming a political problem for the White House.

    GOOD. This clearly points out the FAILure of the Obama administration to represent, protect and defend the US Constitution or We The People. Let’s flush this administration please. It stinks.

      1. I am also of a mind to Dump Trump. No wonder the rest of the world believes we’ve gone crazy. I’ve never seen a worse list of US presidential candidates. Apparently, those with actual sanity, intelligence and leadership abilities want nothing to do with the catastrophe that is the US government in Washington, DC. Why is that?

  6. Yeah, it’s exactly the opposite: it’s a big problem for the fascist-leaning Republicans, all of whom are totally against Apple’s protection of individual privacy. For the purposes of The State, Republicans want complete access to your private life, just like they want to be able to control a woman’s body, even to the point of sticking a camera up her orifice.

    President Obama, on the other hand, is letting the complex issue play out in open debate and discussion. The FBI and the police have their needs, too, and Obama is giving them the opportunity to have this play out in the democratic arena of open debate. Obama must of course support security operations, that’s his job, but he’s not coming down with any dictatorial decision from above until everyone’s had their say.

    If Trump or Cruz–or, heaven forbid, Bush–were in office you can bet things would be much tougher for Apple and individual rights.

  7. Wow, Obama appointed a Rightwinger to his Democratic administration. How milquetoast of O. You don’t see Rightwinger presidents appointing Democrats.

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