1. What annoys me is that when I find an album I want in iTunes I can’t just use the dropdown list to put it in my app. I have to go into “New” and do the search again and hope it can find it, and if so choose “Add to My Music”. Why the heck can’t I do this within the iTunes store? And, the search function in iTunes sucks ass and can’t compensate for any discrepancy in the request.

    And another thing; why can’t I download a song or album to my MacBook Pro and then copy it to my iPhone? If I can have these things on any device, why do I have to do a separate download to each one? Pretty lame setup in my book, but I still am enjoying it all the same.

    1. 1. Why are you still paying for iTunes Store music if you have an Apple Music subscription? Apple Music and the iTunes Store are two separate services. If you subscribe to Apple Music you can listen to millions of songs and/or download those songs, organize the songs in playlists, etc. within your music collection. You can listen to the songs an unlimited amount of times with Apple Music, but if you cancel your Apple Music subscription then you will not be able to listen to those songs again, unless you pay for them in iTunes Store.

      2. You can synchronize your music collection in the iTunes app on your Mac with your iPhone or iPad by connecting the devices to the Mac. If you have Apple Music then there is a setting in the iTunes app on the Mac to auto sync all music with all your devices. So, for example, if you download an album onto your Mac from Apple Music then the music will automatically appear on your iPhone within a minute or two. It should be noted that the actual music resides in the cloud and you play it locally, but you can download a physical copy to your Mac or iPhone, etc if needed.

      If you subscribe to Apple Music and want to turn this auto sync feature on then it’s a good idea to make a hard copy of all your music first on your Mac and save that iTunes music file to another location on your Mac. You might have to reinstall this copied music collection if the Apple Music auto sync corrupts your collection. Call Apple support if you have any questions.

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