Beleaguered Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Book exhibiting nasty freezing problems

“After waiting for months and many updates, one Windows 10 update had finally addressed the Microsoft Surface, especially Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book freezing issues,” Shreya Naik reports for Morning News USA. “But the buzz is that these problems have come back to haunt Surface devices. ”

“Now reports around the web are saying that the infamous Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book freezing issue is back with the Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14279,” Naik reports. “If you are a ‘fast ring’ user who will be getting this build, then you are likely to face the Surface Pro 3,4 and Surface Book freezing issue.”

MacDailyNews Take: No worries there. We only use quality tablets, notebooks, and operating systems.

Naik reports, “A reboot is the only solution available to this issue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Beleaguered Microsoft is inherently incompetent.

For years we heard that Microsoft’s Windows issue were the result of having to deal with disparate manufacturers. Now, when they control the hardware, too, we see the same problems.

As always, Windows is garbage and any customer who settles for a poor knockoff of Apple’s innovations – from personal computers and smartphones to tablets and wearables – deserves their randomly-freezing fate.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. MS is NOT a hardware company.

    In trying to innovate and bring out what is arguably some of the most complicated hardware without having a long history in its design, MS doesn’t appear to have the talented designers necessary to get core issues right early in the relase of version one.

    1. They released buggy software that royally broke their hardware. Perhaps it’s you that’s lacking in the brain department – sure seems that way going by the fanboy-like apologetic drivel coming from your corner.

      1. You schooled me right good there, sister! I have a Surface Pro 3 that has worked flawlessly since day one, but I had come to some place called “mac daily news” to find out that I’m actually living in a dystopian nightmare that only using a Mac can cure. Sure glad I seen the light.

    1. I am on my third macbook air screen – the apple light on the cover bleeds through and creates a lit ring on the screen. Twice, the battery has refused to charge and had to be replaced. There is a problem with keys not working on the keyboard. The machine is less than three years old.I have always treated the computer with great care.

  2. Well a few years back my partner on her laptop was finding automatic updates bricking her computer and erasing files. Low and behold last week I get a plea from my client asking if I can replace some of his design files I had created because his Win 10 computer was doing the exact same thing. On both occasions the only remedy was a complete re-installation of the system software. So same problem never solved over different versions on computers about 5 apart in age. When we moan at Apple we really do have to step back for a moment and realise just what the alternative is. Well at least PC mediocrity is earning me a bit of cash this time around I guess.

  3. Microsoft never changes. Ever the abuser of their customers with crapity crap Crap CRAP. I keep returning in my memory to the day I got fed up with their crap and went Apple instead. Microsoft Free. Thank you self. Thank you forever.

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