Why we need the 17-Inch MacBook Pro

“During the WWDC in the summer of 2012, Apple unveiled its newest versions of its MacBook lineup,” Justin McGee writes for Apple Gazette. “The 13-inch version was a combination of power and portability, and the 15-inch model packed just as much of a punch as the 13-inch notebook, but the extra screen space gave you just a bit more real estate to work with. Missing from the lineup? A 17-inch MacBook Pro model.”

“Since then, the 15-inch model has been the biggest screen that Apple offers in a notebook, and while 15 inches is plenty of room for most people, for power users, it leaves something to be desired,” McGee writes. “Even still, for some other users, 15 inches just isn’t big enough to use comfortably for long stretches at a time.”

McGee writes, “There are obvious reasons why the 17-inch MacBook Pro isn’t in the MacBook lineup anymore — mainly battery-related issues — but there’s a case to be made for why we still need the 17-inch MacBook Pro.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We remember the days of lugging around 17-inch MacBook Pros. One computer to do it all! Yeah. We much prefer our setups today: 27-inch iMacs with dual monitors on our desks and 11-inch MacBook Airs (soon to be new 12-inch MacBooks) and iPad Airs in our our Crumpler backpacks.


      1. My fear is that Apple would do the thing to the 17′ as they did to the Powermac, pretty to look at but overpriced and limited compared to the previous model.

  1. We know what Apple will do. They will build the biggest, most luxurious, most golden, thinnest laptop. We will have them in our setups! Our setups will have 2 17″ MacBook Pros, 3 iPad minis, and 4 Mac Pros with 18 (count em, 18!) 4K monitors. Our setups will Trump your setups!

  2. I totally miss my 17″ MBP !!! Bought it in 2003. Sold it (for recycling…) in 2010. The chip just got really slow, otherwise it was working fine. Amazing machine. Great form factor.

    The 15″ MBP is not the same…

    A modern version of the 17″ MBP could probably be lighter and have better battery life, too.

    1. There’s no such thing as a mac book pro in 2003.

      There was a Powerbook G4 , but in 2005 Apple switched to the Intel CPUs , that in 2005 was the beginning of the MacBook Pro line.

      1. In May 2003 I bought a fully loaded 17-inch Mac laptop that I still use once in a while (vintage software) to this day for almost $4,000.

        So, not a Pro?

        Semantic naming conventions aside … yeah, right.

    1. I don’t think it’s structurally wise to make the main body too thin when you’re trying to support a 17″ screen. Durability matters.

      Forget the Air if you want nice profitability too. If users are going to pay for the premium screen, then they are also most likely willing to pay for the best capabilities in other areas too. That means a nice solid chassis that houses a battery capable of all-day work, a real GPU, and significant onboard storage and RAM.

      Apple needs to step up and start making new pro-level Macs across the board. They have too many Airs in the lineup already.

  3. There is plenty of room for a huge battery in a 17″ MBP, if Apple didn’t try to make it too thin.

    Imagine the room available for a battery and SSD and ports, if Apple didn’t try to make it as thin as a sheet of paper.

  4. MDN, most people don’t have 27″ monitors everywhere they go. When they have work to do away from the office or home or whatever, the big screen has to be attached to the MacBook Pro.

    I have said for years that Apple is missing a golden opportunity offering a modern 17″ MBP.

    But I also realize that there is nobody in Apple leadership listening to Mac users anymore either….

  5. The 17″ Was a beast! I miss it all the time… Long days editing at Starbucks just isn’t the same! LOL

    Screw 17″, go 18, molded battery, SSD, you could put a lot of power in there… I never even minded plugging it it because it was practically a workstation!

  6. Still using my 2011 17″ MBP. Occasionally, I jokingly call it the “Last of the V8 Interceptors”. BTO 2.5ghz quad i7, matte screen, 16GB, dual SSD’s, even OS supported USB3 via Expresscard/34. There is nothing really for me to buy from Apple to replace this, and I would instantly if there was. I do very much wish Apple would bring back a modern 17″ Macbook Pro – no need to get too thin – I plant this thing as a portable workstation.

  7. I still have my refurbished 17″ MBP that I bought back in 2011. In fact, I’m writing this on it. HDD died on me once…replaced it with a fusion drive. maxed out the RAM to 16 GB. I know it’s only supposed to be 8. But, OWC ensured me that it would work. Lo and behold, it’s still working. AWESOME!!!

  8. I’ve settled into a 13″ MBP and 27″ iMac Retina for my go-to computing environment, and for me this is the optimal sweet spot. I keep my working data in the cloud, so am very flexible with where I work. At this point I consider both machines indispensable m.

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