Apple iPhone 5s price to be slashed to only $225

“Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be available with a major price cut following the announcement of the iPhone 5S,” Anvinraj Sivanandan reports for International Business Times. “The device is likely to be available for only $225.”

“Apple is expected to unleash the iPhone SE (Special Edition), a 4-inch metal-clad smartphone on March 21. It is speculated to go sale from March 25,” Sivanandan reports. “It will be priced between $400 to $500.”

“The lowest and highest configuration model of the iPhone 6S are currently priced at $649 and $849, respectively,” Sivanandan reports. “According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst from KGI Securities, the iPhone 5S that was launched in 2013 will be available with a major price cut of up 50 percent around the time Apple iPhone SE gets announced, MacRumors reported”

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MacDailyNews Take: If true, this bodes very well for BRIC iPhone sales!


  1. And what happens in September? Will the iPhone SE move to the lower price point, or will they simply discontinue the iPhone 6?

    iPhone 7, and plus
    iPhone 6S and plus
    iPhone SE
    iPhone 5S or

    iPhone 7, and plus
    iPhone 6S and plus
    iPhone 6 and (perhaps no plus?)
    iPhone SE

    It will be interesting to see what they do. I would guess first line up.

    1. What a confusing mess. Apple should ship its 2+ year old models to emerging low-price markets only.

      The first world just wants this:

      — 4″ iPhone mini
      — 4.75″ iPhone
      — 5.5″ iPhone plus

      All with current technology and the option of 256 GB of memory or more.

      1. What’s wrong with people having a choice? The 5S has been a great phone for millions of people and now it’ll be available for about $250 tax included! What a great way to get iPhones in people’s hands.

        1. Same reason Apple pushes updates to its OS so hard: because newer devices and software should offer a better user experience.

          Selling slower, old phones undermines the Apple brand. It goes against Apple’s strategy of being a premium/luxury brand. When other brands leave a model on the shelves past its expiration date, MDN lampoons it. Why applaud when Apple does the same thing?

          Those who currently buy the 5S get an inferior display, a limit of 32GB memory, a 2-generation old chipset, obsolete WiFi (no 802.11ac), an old version of Bluetooth (4.0), an inferior camera, and old battery technology. I get it that in order to get a 4″ screen, that’s what a lot of people are willing to do, but that’s just a slap in the face from Apple to ask users to wait another year for a current tech 4″ iPhone.

          I’m sure that Apple could just release an updated 5SE to address some of these issues, but in order to bring forth a completely updated 4″ phone, Apple needs to put its resources behind a new design. Cook has absolutely no excuse for being so slow on this.

          If affluent people want to choose for inferior tech, there’s nothing stopping them from getting them from the bargain bin after the new model is released.

          1. I trust that the Apple beancounters have run the numbers and this move will give Apple access to millions of new customers. They wouldn’t sell a product that gave a poor user experience. It sounds like Apple will be releasing both a 5SE and a lower priced 5S. Your concern trolling about getting a “slap in the face” from Apple is laughable. Apple knows the whiners are irrelevant, while millions more will gladly buy a 5S.

    2. The ONLY Plus phone available sought be the iPhone 6S Plus, and when the iPhone 7 comes out, only the 7 Plus should exist, basically retiring the 6S Plus. The only 5.5 inch iPhone should be Apple’s flagship.

  2. Should the first sentence “Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be available with a major price cut following the announcement of the iPhone 5S” read “Apple iPhone 5S is expected to be available with a major price cut following the announcement of the iPhone 5SE”? Confusing.

    1. There you go there’s already confusion even before the thing is launched. Too many letters and numbers flying around. Name the new one the mini of other defining name and then we can just about deal with the older models, we don’t want to go back to the bad old days when in confusion potential buyers lose the will to live.

  3. I don’t believe this. Why? If they are going to sell a new based on the same exact design would they then use that very same tooling to sell one for half the price?
    I would only believe this if it’s about clearing existing inventory rather than continued selling of it.
    I say no way in hell.

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