Apple CEO Cook decried Obama’s ‘lack of leadership’ on encryption during a closed-door meeting last month

“Timothy D. Cook, the chief executive of Apple, was relentless during a private meeting of tech giants and President Obama’s top national security officials last month,” Michael D. Shear and Katie Benner report for The New York Times. “Encrypted devices like the iPhone are here to stay, he insisted. Law enforcement needs to find a way to do its job in a new world.”

“James B. Comey Jr., the director of the F.B.I., and Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch pushed back, but Mr. Cook stood firm, several participants said,” Shear and Benner report. “‘With all due respect,’ Mr. Cook told those around the table, including Mr. Obama’s counterterrorism chief and the heads of the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security, ‘I think there has been a lack of leadership in the White House on this.'”

“Denis R. McDonough, the president’s chief of staff, took exception and said so. Law enforcement officials described him as stung by what they called Mr. Cook’s ‘rant,’ although tech executives in the room insisted that Apple’s chief executive was respectful,” Shear and Benner report. “By refusing demands from Mr. Obama’s Justice Department to help unlock a phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., terrorists, Mr. Cook has become the leading voice in Silicon Valley for encryption. By voicing strong support for his F.B.I., Mr. Obama is now the effective chief prosecutor of the administration’s case for allowing law enforcement to penetrate iPhones.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Either way, this is going to blow up in the U.S. government’s collective face, as it well should.

To set a stronger alphanumeric passcode on your iOS device that cannot be easily brute-forced:

1. Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. On devices without Touch ID, go to Settings > Passcode
2. Tap Change Passcode
3. Tap Passcode Options to switch to a custom alphanumeric code
4. Enter your new, stronger passcode again to confirm it and activate it

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  1. “With all due respect?” Just how much respect does a junior senator with no legislative accomplishments who gained office by bamboozling a left-leaning mainstream media, which performed no fact-checking, and by busing a bunch of welfare moochers to the polls in 2008 and 2012? Not much.

    Since Oblahblah took office, 85 of 98 state legislative bodies have become more Republican, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy. Who, besides the insane, would respect that?

    So, it looks like all of that support bought you absolutely nothing but pain, Apple. Bad investing, if you ask me.

    2012 Apple Inc. individual political contributions:

    • Obama, Barack:$308,081
    • DNC Services Corp: $99,665
    • Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte: $12,989
    • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte: $12,800
    • Democratic Party of Ohio: $10,000
    • Democratic Party of Nevada: $9,090
    •  Democratic Executive Cmte of Florida: $6,818

    • Romney, Mitt: $28,910
    • Republican National Cmte: $17,000

    1. It has been decades since the last viable GOP Presidential candidate.

      The state of the GOP is more than clearly illustrated by the current crop of contenders.

      Obama won because he inspired a generation. He won twice, remember.

      If he didn’t deliver as much as people expected, it’s because the GOP declared war on an elected President – a war which continues to this day. Much damage has been done to American democracy as a result. Greater damage has been done to the American justice system by the GOP’s determination to delay nominations in the hope that they would win the presidency and stack the courts with right wing judges.

      If you vote GOP you are a fool. They do not represent you – unless you have made a major financial contribution to their election. Otherwise they can safely ignore you.

      This is not democracy any more. It’s just graft.

      1. Oblahblah inspired a generation of welfare queens to get on the Democrat Party bus to vote every four years.

        The state of the GOP hasn’t been stronger in many decades:
        Since Oblahblah took office, 85 of 98 state legislative bodies have become more Republican, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governorships, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy.

        The only fool here is you, vainly continuing to try to defend the indefensible.

      2. Let’s see, the last two Democrat President’ include a serial rapist and a Marxist illiterate who was the first Harvard Law Review Editor unable to write a single article. But he was brilliant enough to write (sic – have written) two autobiographies before he ever did a single thing. And he won the Nobel Peace Prize before ever accomplishing a single thing for peace. A rapist and a Marxist fraud. Two Democrats. Next one is a rapist enabler and rape victim attacker.

          1. My male republican friends are openly discussing voting for an independent or yes even a democrat if any current republican candidate besides Kasich is nominated.

            My female republican friends are already resigned to vote for anyone else but the current republican candidates, including Hillary for feminist reasons.

            It’s gotta suck to have a political party with no sane qualified candidate.

            1. Yes it does have to suck to have no viable candidates, a 60’s reject who never earned a dime until he was 40 and when he finally did get a paycheck, that’s been from sucking off the public dole, and a serial narcissistic liar who let over a thousand classified emails go out on a unsecured server, yes God help us if either these two unqualified clowns get elected.

            2. That wacko community organizer liberal Jesus never earned a dime in his life either, but millions of right wingers hang on his every word that he -reportedly- uttered. If it suits their desires, of course.

              In the interests of mainstream middle class citizens, Sanders has a VASTLY better voting record in congress than any of the republican candidates, AND UNLIKE ALL THE REPUBLICANS, HE HAS NOT THROWN APPLE UNDER THE BUS.

              I love it how MDN attemps to tear down Obama and the FBI at every opportunity, but then remain completely silent on all the atrocities that the republicans past and present have done in the name of security. F$%&ing hypocrites.

            3. Well I don’t know about all Republicans or even a few I personally don’t follow what they do and dude calm down you don’t need to shout about it.

              As to Jesus He was no liberal, no conservative, no democrat, no republican and especially was not a community organizer, He was, is and always will be God and the savior of man kind that came to give the message of salvation to those that would hear and accept Him as savior. You can freely accept that or reject it, it’s your choice but one day every man, woman and child will stand before the throne of God and declare Him to be Lord.

    2. One must respect the office, even if not the individual in it.

      Upon promotion, new sales managers are usually taught the fine art of exactly how to tell customers to f**k off. It goes like this: “Thank You!” That’s just how it is done among civilized people. But it does not mean the true underlying sentiment is not there.

        1. Obama’s health care has worked in Minnesota anyway. And by the way, I support Mr Cook all the way.
          “Report: Rate of uninsured in Minnesota drops to record low”

          2013 8.2% of the Minnesota population without health care insurance.
          2015 4.3% of the Minnesota population without health care insurance.
          I’d say that’s a very good uptake in those without health care insurance.

          (Sent from KARE 11)

            1. That is the ingenious part of the NeoCon plan: if you declare war on a tactic rather than a real enemy, then wars can last forever! And so the modern Crusades continue unabated, every judeo-christian nation spending billions to camp on middle eastern oil wells and prevent those heathen muslims from using the military weapons we gave them 30 years ago.

            1. First 2014 then whenever:

              Educate thyself:

              There are always winners and losers in every law. It will take years to know the true benefits and costs of moving more people into private insurance and dissauading people from simply avoiding all health responsibilities until their emergency occurs, then arriving at the emergency room to have all the taxpayers pick up the ER tab for them.

              There has to be middle ground, and you have chosen to cherry pick OPINION POLLS rather than to discuss the law and its impacts using facts. Once again, your rabid partisanship clouds your judgement.

  2. One would think, in a normal world, that a request from the police accompanied by an order from a court, to assist in the investigation of a murder, would be a no-brainer.

    So why all the fuss?

    The problem is trust. Governments and their enforcement arms have lost the trust of the people. In the USA, the court system is highly politicised also, further eroding trust.

    Once lost, trust is difficult to rebuild.

    Q: Do American business execs want China listening in to all their corporate secrets? If not, they need a secure iPhone.

    1. Wholly agree that the issue is trust.. On the other hand that is not a reason to create a device so well encrypted that there is no feasible way for authorities (even with Apple’s help) to conduct properly authorized searches as provided by the Fourth Amendment provisions and skirt breaking the law. As such there will probably need to be a decision made whether such devices by any company is legal Constitutionally since they are circumventing a portion of the Fourth Amendment.

  3. The Gentry Class (Congress, the President, Management, CEO’s, Doctors, Lawyers) are for security for the 1% and nothing for the other 99% WHOM WILL NOT STAND-UP ON THIS ISSUE.

  4. Unbelievable how a government can kill the goose that lays the golden eggs and discount the value of a World Class Model Corporation of no equivalent anywhere in the world, for narrow minded convictions that aren’t substantiated by fact…

    If anyone wonders how the magnitude of AAPL stock manipulation occurs with such ongoing regularity, despite stellar fundamentals, and how it evedaes SEC or DOJ scrutiny….it should now be clear that it is orchestrated if not perpetuated by the US government.

    Sad times

  5. Now the Obozo-Jarrett mafia will be unleashed on Apple—
    1. FBI——— check
    2. IRS audit— pending
    3. Fail to enable cash back to CONUS—– check
    4. Building permit problems Apple Spaceship………pending

  6. EXCELLENT video MDN! This Obama fellow is a ‘Constitutional Scholar’ and taught the US Constitution as a law professor. His record has been a steady FAIL when he has had to actually support the US Constitution.

    We The People will prevail.

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