Apple silent on mysterious noises coming from clandestine complex

“Strange sounds emanating from a mysterious building in the dead of night. White cars following families as they walk their dogs nearby.,” Evann Gastaldo reports for Newser. “Science fiction movie? No, just Apple’s latest project.”

“Residents of Sunnyvale, Calif., who live near a complex of buildings Apple started occupying in 2014 tell the San Jose Mercury News it’s clear something is going on at the complex, where the sheet metal fences are 12 feet high and security is intense, but no one knows what,” Gastaldo reports. “One local says he hears “bangs,” “thumps,” and beeping (like a truck when it backs up) in the wee hours; another says he hears what sounds like a person “waving around” a big piece of sheet metal.”

“One family describes being followed by the aforementioned white Priuses when they walk their dogs near the complex, and say that if they get too close, they’re ‘intercepted’ by security guards who use clipboards to hide their shirt logos,” Gastaldo reports. “Clues, including two recent permit documents describing a “repair garage” and an “auto work area” inside the complex, suggest Apple might be working on a car, likely some sort of high-tech automobile…”

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Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Again, these have to be construction sounds since advanced, market-disrupting fuel cell engines are very quiet. 😉

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    1. You people are disgusting.

      Anything Apple does is right. Everything Apple says is the absolute truth. If this story is actually true, none of you are now chastizing Apple for effectively doing what they charge the FBI and US government as doing: being like a Police State.

      Where are all of you asshats whining about constitutional rights for the people walking their dogs, being intercepted and perhaps intimidated by Apple Security. Followed by vehicles supposedly Apple Security.

      Hypocritcal asshats. No credibility. The Apple cult.

      1. A squalling baby throwing a tantrum.

        If you actually have ANY desire to have ANY effect on another person’s thinking, try:
        – losing all the name-calling
        – omitting absolutists (untrue) generalizations, e.g. anything, everything, absolute, none.
        – making specific, CONCRETE points
        – joining those points by LOGIC

        If you don’t want to engage like a big boy with the adults, then fuck off with your trolling.

        1. Look at the pattern. I post rational thnigs. People call me and other names constantly. Immature garbage. You don’t get to chime in now and say to stop calling people names. This started long ago and has nothing to do with me.

          The bottom line is this. None of you are criticizing Apple for having their security bother people and follow them walking their dogs if that is in fact true. Yet you chastize the government and FBI for trying to fight terrorism supporting Apple that the US will become a Police State…

          It’s absurd and speaks volumes regarding the stupidity of corporation worshippers. The government isn’t perfect either, and as citizens we have to keep on them. But there’s nothing wrong at all with an organization having an agenda. Apple has an agenda: it’s to make money as much as possible and above all else. It’s not about you and not about helping you. The FBI has an agenda. It’s about fighting crime and taking care of the safety of people. And you have an agenda: to argue over the Internet, worship a corporation, and earn a living.

          Imagine if the FBI and US government didn’t care. Didn’t bother to fight crime. Didn’t bother to do this. Just let stuff like the terrorist attack happen without much response. We’d be living in Brazil…

          Apple DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. They are a money driven corporation and aren’t experts in politics, national security, and law enforcement. They are not the ones to listen to regarding these issues because they’re not experts in these areas and they’re bias because this issue as they admit could affect their brand and iPhone sales. Period.

          1. “I post rational things.”
            Ummmm — take a look at your post above and pretend it’s from someone else.
            You want to call that blathering tirade rational?

            “You don’t get to chime in now and say to stop calling people names.”
            Yes I do.
            The fact that other people engage in name-calling doesn’t mean it’s just fine for you to do so. “Yehhh, somebody bullied somebody else, so it’s fine for me to smash this little kid in the face.” Yeh, dswe, that’s a fine principle for how to lead your life.

            And the ridiculousness of your thinking is shown in your reply… you actually think we don’t know that Apple is a company with the goal of making money. Your ridicuous declaration that we all worship Apple just shows how thoroughly bizarre YOUR thinking is.

            What we ACTUALLY think is that Apple’s goal is to make money by producing amazing products, compared to most companies who will make money by producing the lowest barely-good-enough rubbish.
            (Don’t bother quibbling with that by pointing out that some Apple products are not amazing. In the overall scheme of things, they are so far beyond Microsoft, Dell, Samsung etc., it’s ridiculous.)

            1. You are all welfare, basement dwelling morons who worship a corporation. Easily manipulated.

              Your posts say nothing. Advance nothing. Are low grade, uneducated garbage.

              There has been no treatment of the law in any of your idiotic posts. Not even the most shallow of treatments. No research. Just a delusional, twisted perspective that only Apple can have an agenda; only Apple cares; Apple is absolutely right about everything; the government is bad and has a conspiracy against all of us; terrorism isn’t worth this; Apple has told us everything, including whether they PURPOSELY thwarted law enforcement’s ability to access the iPhone and are now dealing with those consequences…

              “Apple cares! But Apple said! You moron! Apple’s the best! I’m a fanboy! There is no substance to me or any of my posts! I’m a geek and love it! I know everything about everything! Including national security, law enforcement, and politics! Apple said!”

            2. On your ravings above: I think there are three options:

              1. You are being paid to attempt to annoy people.

              2. You are a loser who simply likes to annoy people.

              3. Or you actually believe this shit above is true, such as your foundationless TOTAL generalization of, “You are all welfare, basement dwelling morons.”

              Your lack of ability to think is about grade 4 level at most. Calm down, that froth coming out of your mouth is a bad sign.

            3. re “You are all welfare, basement dwelling morons…” and related statements…
              What is your purpose in posting here?

              There would seem to be three broad groups of possible goals:
              1. To influence people.
              2. To vomit your negativity out, because it gives some kind of relief.
              3. To attempt to browbeat, hurt and bully others, because it makes you feel like a real, righteous big man.

              Only the first is worthy of any kind of attention or response.

              If you want to influence people, I am here to inform you that you will never do so addressing them in that way.

              If you want 2 or 3, then you are merely an emotionally damaged pipsqueak, not worthy of the slightest attention.

            4. Actually my basement is rather nicely furnished and has a lot of amps and guitars that cost as much as my MacBook Pros. And it sits under my paid for in full, 3 bedroom house. Glad you noticed.

      2. Probably best to wait till people actually make such claims before you actually slag them off for it if you want credibility over laughter. Unless laughter is your aim of course in which case you are undoubtedly a genius.

      3. Folks. I’ve tried to point out the logical flaws, nonsensical arguments, bad data, and misunderstanding of the law spewed by “dswe.” At this point, he’s either a troll, or helplessly unable to understand coherent arguments that point out his nonsense. Either way, my plan is to recognize that there’s no point in engaging this account. My advice is we all do the same. I’m bailing out of any thread he is the center of. Too busy to get sidetracked by this character when I’m trying to catch up on tech-related news.

  1. White cars following families as they walk their dogs nearby…. and say that if they get too close, they’re ‘intercepted’ by security guards who use clipboards to hide their shirt logos

    Now THAT’S interesting! Way to draw attention to yourself Apple! 😀

    Taking in the entire description, I’d swear it’s an avant garde marketing strategy to create rumors and Car chatter. If this isn’t a marketing stunt, it’s a very poor covert operation.

    1. If some one says they wer followed by a white Prius then it must be true and it has to be Apple doing it because, you know, it’s Apple.

      This story has been recycled off the internet for at least a few weeks therefore by Internet logic it must be true.

      1. The story is veering into surreal meme territory. White cars. White coats. Strange, unidentifiable noises. People kept up late at night. Disturbing the peace. Tired, frazzled tempers. Big secrets behind tall walls. The stuff of B movies.

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