Apple’s shareholders, Jesse Jackson praise CEO Cook for stance against U.S. government

“Polls show a majority of Americans back the U.S. government in its fight to compel Apple Inc. to help open a terrorist’s iPhone,” Ian King and Dina Bass report for Bloomberg. “But at Apple’s annual shareholder meeting on Friday, it was all vocal support for Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook’s stance.”

“When Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, rose during the meeting at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California, to praise the company, her words sparked a long round of applause from the audience, including Cook on stage,” King and Bass report. “‘Make no mistake, all of us have our security at stake here,’ Cohn said.”

“Cook then introduced the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who thanked the CEO for the company’s efforts to fight a court order that would force Apple to aid the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the case,” King and Bass report. “‘We oppose the unprecedented government over reach,’ Jackson said. ‘Some of us remember the days of Hoover and Nixon and McCarthy,’ he said referring to former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, President Richard Nixon and Senator Joseph McCarthy… ‘We do these because these are the right things to do,’ Cook said.”

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  1. Good for Cook! (Except for adding Jackson to the stage.)

    I reverence Martin Luther King. I support getting rid of racism in our country. I know that black lives matter. But I don’t see how Jackson has been beneficial or helpful in any of these causes or efforts. He only seems like a glory hound to me, and this seems like one more opportunity for him to get on the stage. What did his appearance actually do to help?

    1. I see that you’ve bought into the Rush Limbaugh interpretation of Jesse Jackson. If you really knew about Jackson’s career, you would realize that he and his organizations have done a lot of good. Certainly he is not perfect but he is not all bad either.

      Jesse Jackson may not have much appeal to the far right but to many others his appearance is significant. it’s just that those who live in the cocoon of Limbaugh and Fox News find it hard to understand the rest of the country.

      1. Ummm, no. I don’t listen to Fox. Or Limbaugh. Believing that Rev Jackson is passe does not automatically make me a right-wing nut.
        The conversation about race in this country long-ago moved beyond Jesse Jackson. His “weighing-in” on this matter is a vain attempt for this has-been to seem relevant — which he is not. It’s interesting, though, that he opposes the Obama administration in this matter.

      2. Bullshit. Jesse Jackson is nothing but a self-promoting race baiter. Go look up why Coretta Scott King wouldn’t speak to him.

        those who live in the cocoon of Limbaugh and Fox News

        Fuck you.


      1. the only food for thought in that article is wondering how a writer can get stuff so wrong:

        “Apple is in the business of platforms for data mining and data trading. Much of the value of Apple’s devices and of many other tech firms owes to the widespread practice that they cultivate — collecting users’ information and selling it to other commercial entities,”

        NO apple does NOT collect user’s information and sell it to commercial entities.

        you can turn off data collection on iOS device and even if allow collection the data is aggregated. Apple doesn’t build a profile of you from phone data and sell it to advertisers etc (like Google). Apple doesn’t even read the purchase etc data from Apple Pay.

        AND the big issue that the article doesn’t address is that this is just not about Government invading privacy it’s that a hacking tool (which WILL fall into criminal hands as the DOJ has admitted it’s got at least 9 more phones to open — none dealing with terrorism by the way — the start of floodgates of requests they will almost certainly cause the tool to leak. AS T.C pointed out what is to stop the next judge to order a phone from a DIVORCE case to be opened? Also what is to stop the NEXT judge to order apple to pass the tool to the police, NSA etc.) or the DEFENSE lawyers to demand to see the tool as the question the data collected?

        Also the FBI and politicians have advocated for years for general BACKDOORS in tech devices and have leaked a broad based strategy to achieve this (this EMOTIONAL terrorist case being the first step to pry open tech companies).

        (an example is the Bill proposed from New York : “Any smartphone that is manufactured on or before January 1, 2016, and sold or leased in New York, shall be capable of being decrypted and unlocked by its manufacturer or its operating system provider.” )

        When BACKDOORS are mandated it will allow CRIMINAL hackers access (as for certain they will be able to exploit any ‘hole’ ) to not just privacy’ issues like photos but bank accounts, details of your family (for kidnapping maybe), electronic passkeys to your house, switching on cameras on your phone, your home surveillance system , interference with your car etc. (i.e not just govt. intrusion but outside criminal activity).

        and if USA products have backdoors will foreign customers by USA products? so the USA govt is going to shoot the last golden goose: high tech (low paying manufacturing ain’t coming back ).

        WEIRD that some people seem to hate Apple so much that they fail to see that Apple is one of the few trying to protect you. They are willing to shoot apple down regardless that without Apple speaking up you will be in trouble (as if it can be legislated for iPhone , backdoors can be legislated for everything else: androids, PCs etc)

        1. “Apple doesn’t build a profile of you from phone data and sell it to advertisers etc (like Google)”

          let my clarify this

          from what i understand Google builds a profile and combines all the information it has on you, the web searches, Google + account, gmail etc (if you don’t set up the privacy settings). Then they target ads fitting your profile. but even they I don’t think sell you exact profile as an individual to the advertisers.

          Google “Our automated systems analyze your content (including emails) to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customized search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection.”.

          Apple might share some of your data like with service providers (like your cell phone company) with your permission (otherwise your phone won’t work properly),

          Apple ” For example, when you purchase and activate your iPhone, you authorize Apple and your carrier to exchange the information you provide during the activation process to carry out service”

          apple collects some location data so that location based apps can work

          Apple “Unless you provide consent, this location data is collected anonymously”

          and as for THIRD PARTY ADVERTISERS :

          “Personal information will only be shared by Apple to provide or improve our products, services and advertising; it will not be shared with third parties for their marketing purposes.”

        2. I see you’ve been drinking the “Kool Aid”. 🙂

          The fact of the matter is all tech companies use third party data analysis tools to “better serve their customers” (i.e. Big Data) and that includes Apple (yes I know it’s hard to swallow … try taking a sip of water instead of “Kool Aid” it’ll be much easier).


        3. You should try doing your own research.

          To get a real, unbiased view of the world, try looking up information on web sites other than Apple cheerleading sites (MDN is a good one to start with but there are many others).

          By the way, all tech companies including Google, Apple, Twitter, and Facebook give away (i.e. yes, absolutely free) anonymized data to Big Data analysis corporations for the purpose of data mining.

          In exchange, tech companies receive invaluable information on their customers which allows them to “personalize and improve their customer services” (i.e. to “better serve their customers”).

          Although tech companies provide the information for free, they are more than willing to pay a fee to “Big Data” corporations for the highly profiled information they receive on their customers.

          I know it’s hard for you to believe that Apple would do such a horrible thing!

          Consider what happens would Apple not do the same as other tech companies. Competitors will end up offering consistently much better services to their customers and in the end Apple will lose.

          Consider the following, tech companies and Big Data corporations are largely unregulated when it comes to their customers data.
          As such, they can do whatever they so please with the information you so kindly give them.

          On the other hand, law enforcement is highly regulated and accountable for how they use your information.

          It is pretty scary (at least to a none “Kool Aid” drinker – normal individual) to think that Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter posses far more information on you than all government agencies combined

          Furthermore, what is to say some dishonest person who works for Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter will not be selling your information for their own personal gain!

          No don’t tell me that’s impossible.

          Everyone likes to point out the abuses which have been made by various government agencies including law enforcement.

          Have you ver wondered, If corrupt and dishonest people exist in government agencies, wouldn’t it be reasonable to think such people also exist in corporations?


        4. 1) what you saying about “Data Mining” to improve tools (presumably like maps) is VERY DIFFERENT to the huffington post article you have linked which Apple is selling PERSONALIZED info to third parties.

          also why don’t you show me links that apple is selling that Data Mining info to third parties?

          note also aggregated info is very different from personalized info.

          2) Obviously Apple has information about you as your info in your purchase records and apple id but where is the proof that apple sells the data to third parties?

          (with your purchase info apple might send you emails about special offers etc unless you opt out, that is what they mean by using your data for advertising, as I copied and paste apple clearly states it doesn’t sell this info to third parties: ” it will not be shared with third parties for their marketing purposes.”)

          you challenged me to go out of MDN, so I googled ” Apple Data Mining”:

          GIZMODO 2015:

          “If you go back and look at Apple’s WWDC keynote, you notice that after almost every new feature announcement where a user’s data is analysed to present new information (smarter Spotlight; Proactive Assistance in Siri; Mail updates; Maps updates, etc), Apple doubles back to ensure users that the data being analysed isn’t being transmitted back to the mothership.

          It’s curious, because it means Apple doesn’t get as much data on its users as it might like. Apple would probably love to know more about what its users are doing on their devices. Any company would. By analysing how customers really user their devices and analysing that so-called “big data”, companies are able to figure out heaps of stuff: how to sell things to different people; which features to pursue next; which features need improving, and lots more….

          .. jump forward to this week’s WWDC keynote, and a slide on the security and privacy functions of Siri’s new Proactive Assistant features drew a round of applause from developers. Apple’s Craig Federighi said that all the information for Proactive Siri lives on a user’s device, and not in the cloud meaning that unlike Google Now, Apple isn’t mining that data for insights on its users. It’s arguably less serious than biometric security in TouchID, but still it drew a massive round of applause because Apple said that it’s different than “the other guys”, meaning Google and Microsoft.

          And that’s not the only privacy feature announced by Apple at WWDC. Apple talked about everything from two-factor authentication for passwords right down to implementing six-digit passcodes on iPhone lock screens.”

          once again I’m willing to be educated, I even posted clarifications to my first post with my second post above so please send me your links hilarious….

        5. don’t have a reply yet from HILARIOUS

          from my post above it shows nearly everything Hil says about apple is wrong and calling people kool aid drinker and so on.

          Hil says:
          “Consider what happens would Apple not do the same as other tech companies. Competitors will end up offering consistently much better services to their customers and in the end Apple will lose.”

          but Gizmodo (a section I left out from my quote above):

          “By sacrificing some of the big data potential on the iPhone and iPad, Apple is carving itself out as one of the most secure gadget companies in the world.”


        6. Why am I not surprised that following your “extensive” research you have chosen to cite Apple’s very own Craig Federighi as a source of “unbiased” opinion? Your hilarious!

          This confirms the obvious, you’re a brainwashed “Kool Aid” drinker!

          Now try this link …

          As for Apple security, remember just a few weeks ago there was an article on MDN which stated that at least 33 apps in Apple’s store had to be removed from the Apple store because they accessed iPhone and iPad owner’s personal information!

          How can that be? Apple always claim that the apps in their app store are “100% Safe” (or at the very least Apple customers claim so)!

          Were any Apple employees involved in this massive security breach?

          Well, I guess we will never know since none of the Apple fans have pressured Apple to investigate how such a thing could have been possible.

        7. “cite Apple’s very own Craig Federighi as a source of “unbiased”

          god you are stupid.

          I didn’t quote “Craig Federighi” per se, I quoted a GIZMODO article which referred to Craig on a presentation!
          so an article CAN’T MENTION ANY APPLE OFFICER AT ALL TO BE UNBIASED, articles which are ABOUT APPLE?

          lol, are you brain dead.

          Also claims by Apple officers in official presentations are open to lawsuits if they lie and scrutiny by SEC etc. Do you have proof that Federighi is lying?
          (meanwhile all your statements in your pervious posts etc were just your PERSONAL CONJECTURE, unsupported “we all know.. ” statements )

          the gizmodo article supports stating clearly Apple goes to the extent to reducing it’s earnings advantages to protect user data (and Gizmodo is not naturally known as a pro Apple ‘fan site’ , actually they got into trouble buying the stolen iPhone prototype and leaking it against Apple’s wishes a few years ago — other sites had refused to buy the phone as it was stolen )

          Now your Bloomberg clip talks NOTHING ABOUT Apple OR SELLING INFO (Your FIRST attack on Apple ) or DATA MINING (your SECOND argument which you slid into after I destroyed your first) ,…

          you still have given ZERO verifiable proof (or even links) that apple is selling data mining info to third parties while I have quotes from apple etc (verifiable by the SEC that they don’t (the Privacy statements which I quoted besides the Gizmodo article stuff is legal documentation)

          Also for every clip like the Bloomberg one I can also give you another that supports apple.

          you app store thing is ANOTHER tangent you’re going at after your pervious ones were shown as hot air.
          I can see Apple REMOVING apps that violate Apple’s rules as another indication of how vigilant apple is and how hard apple is on app makers who do so. Considering apple has over 1,500,000 apps on it’s app store I think they are doing a good job policing it.

          seriously I’ve been trying to be polite with you (in the previous posts) but now I simply contend you are simply a troll blathering hate around with no facts.

        8. Why don’t you try reading properly my first post.

          For one, I never used the word “sell” information to Big Data corporations!

          In fact, I said that tech companies give away for free anonymized information on their customers to Big Data corporations for the purpose of data mining.

          It would be a good start for you to learn how to read.

        9. “Why don’t you try reading properly my first post.
          For one, I never used the word “sell” information to Big Data corporations”

          why don’t YOU RE READ your first post.
          your first post link was the huffington post article:

          which argues that Apple collects info AND I cut and paste:

          ” This information is analyzed and shared for commercial purposes, not least of which is advertising. ”

          What the heck is ‘commercial purposes’ like advertising but sell? are you mincing words now?

          and you said apple passes info to Big Data mining corp
          ” In exchange, tech companies (you name apple) receive invaluable information on their customers ”
          IF apple like YOU said passes info and than in EXCHANGE RECEIVES SOMETHING BACK … dude that is SELL. (since you are so clueless let me give you another example: if i gave my motorbike in exchange for a used car isn’t that SELL ? )

          even if removed the word sell your arguments (which you keep changing are STILL wrong), apple doesn’t even SHARE consumer profiles

          apple’s legal document verifiable by the SEC (which i posted SEVERAL times above)
          ” it will not be shared with third parties for their marketing purposes”

          (note again the Gizmodo article that even info apple gets for improving maps etc isn’t kept as a ‘user profile’. I quote again from Giz: ” user’s data is analysed to present new information (smarter Spotlight; Proactive Assistance in Siri; Mail updates; Maps updates, etc), Apple doubles back to ensure users that the data being analysed isn’t being transmitted back to the mothership. It’s curious, because it means Apple doesn’t get as much data on its users as it might like. ”

          and you argue so strongly for the opposite to the tune to calling others ‘kool aid ‘ drinkers.

          I’m still waiting to read links from you which concretely supports arguments that Apple is lying?

          man you are useless. you can’t even remember your own arguments and you keep slipping and sliding whenever it is substantiated what you say is nonsense.

        10. seriously Hilarious,
          if you just admitted you were wrong (as I’ve amply shown with verifiable quotes and Apple legal documents etc ) I would have more respect.

          Now i just think you have no balls, and my low opinion clueless apple hating trolls has fallen another notch.

  2. So glad that the Apple fans are excited to have a social activist as a CEO.

    I remember when Apple was led by a guy who made just insanely great products.

    It ain’t a false choice. Cook’s decision to pander to Wall Street and fight DC and parade around the world with gay pride events is taking him away from doing what his predecessor did: serve the customer. The usability of Apple products is proof positive of that.

    1. I’ve argued before that T.c spend less time on ‘social’ issues as the share price is low …

      BUT this case about Strong Encryption and ‘No hacker tool that will fall into criminal hands and no backdoors’ IS about ‘insanely great products’. To me apple protecting me from criminal hackers who want to steal my info (bank, family, health etc) IS important for a product.

        1. Hoover’s FBI vacuumed up all our information and used it against us, repeatedly, and got away with it. Today’s boy scout version is trying to do the same, but he’ll get his balls cut off.

  3. “It ain’t a false choice. Cook’s decision to pander to Wall Street and fight DC and parade around the world with gay pride events is taking him away from doing what his predecessor did: serve the customer. The usability of Apple products is proof positive of that.”

    What a stupid remark! Allowing nefarious entities to have access to your personal and financial data is just the opposite of what you propose. Once the backdoor access is created, you are stupid to believe it will not be used for political gain. And this is not pointing a finger at either party, cause both will use the advantage. Remember, ” you are either with us or against us” now it will be easy to determine in which camp you opinions reside and take appropriate action.

    Stop being so homo phobic and think for a moment.

    I applaud Tim’s decision.

    1. Yes and double yes. Tim Cook’s activism is great; a role model for how CEO’s should behave in this world. These days the large companies wield so much power and wealth, it’s refreshing to see one use that influence for the public good rather than just lobbying the government for favors.

      As to the impact of Cook vs Jobs on product: Tim was never a product guy; he has always been the operational wizard. With or without his activism, Tim Cook would not be involved in product development to the same extent Steve Jobs. No way…no how. It’s naive to think otherwise. I’d say that Tim’s activism hasn’t impacted the company’s product development in any way.

      Every great company stands for something bigger than its products: a core set of values. Steve said this himself. It’s great to see Tim Cook living that out.

  4. Well…well…well…so once again it is the progressive movement which comes in to save the day and fight for privacy rights.

    While the GOP candidates are against Apple, these “liberals” are defending our privacy rights. Along with such “liberal” groups as the ACLU and Amnesty International. Same as it ever was.

    I hope the conservatives out there who support the Apple stance remember this the next time they want to go on a tirade against “liberals” and the “liberal agenda.”

  5. Facism was able to take over Germany led by Hitler and take over Italy led by Mussolini. But with the United States Constitution—thanks to the incredible foresight of the Founding Fathers—and Apple led by Tim Cook to uphold it—Facism has met it’s match with the United States of America. Check out Tim Cooks transparent heartfelt patriotism and fierce determination to defend the freedom of Apple’s customers, Americans and the world in his ABC News interview the other night. “They will have to take us away in boxes before we give up the freedom of our customers.” Thank God for Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and Apple.

  6. I think most Americans support the FBI, initially, because the FBI has been so good at pulling the public’s emotional strings.
    Once you really look at what is going on, and see what Apple has actually done, people begin to see just what the FBI it trying to pull.

  7. As far as I know only one poll shows majority public support for the FBI in this case and that was the Pew Research poll which got those results by asking a leading question that discounted most of the relevant facts.

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