Jim Cramer: Apple could have real upside this year

“It seems to Jim Cramer these days that with so much negative news surrounding Apple, the stock refuses to plummet,” Abigail Stevenson reports for CNBC. “It makes him think that the stock could have a real upside later in the year.”

Stevenson reports, “‘Have you noticed that they have thrown everything at Apple but the kitchen sink, and the darned thing just won’t come down?’ the ‘Mad Money’ host asked.”

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, we’ve noticed.

“‘Perhaps more important than all of this [negativity] is that Apple’s got a buyback of immense proportions,’ Cramer said,” Stevenson reports. “And at 10 times earnings, maybe the bad news is already baked in to the shares. ‘Apple could have some real upside later in the year, which is why I reiterate my view that you want to own this stock, not trade it,’ Cramer said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Certainly seem plausible.

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  1. They call this “grasping at straws.” There is absolutely no indication Apple will be going up this year. There are more than enough stocks to get rich from other than Apple. The F.A.N.G. stocks are daily embarrassing Apple. Apple has vast amounts of money to be used on various future projects and does almost nothing with it. Other companies are exploring robots, space travel, AI, battery tech, etc. Really exciting stuff to keep investors interested in some huge future payoff. Apple has none of that.

    Somehow, Apple thinks simply sitting on a couple of hundred billion dollars is useful to anyone. Hopefully when the new headquarters is completed, Apple will put it to good use in ways not related to only selling iPhones.

    1. @mag7

      I agree. All Cook is concerned about it is:

      Squeezing every dollar he can from loyal Apple consumers for subpar products & services!

      Using his position to agressively further gay rights and brand Apple worldwide as a 100% gay company!

      Staying in the spotlight with any and EVERY opportunity!

      Ignoring key products (Mac line, iPad, ATV), and otherwise failing to innovate only update!

      Destroying Apple stock and the company’s once great reputation for quality, service, and a dependable vehicle for investment!

      To say Cook is bad for Apple is a gross understatement. Only the most delusional of Cook cheerleaders still fail to see the glaring obvious!

  2. It’s simply not feasible for a company that is not in bankruptcy to have a P/E of less than 10, which is where appl is now. The current share price is about as low as appl can go.

  3. What? “It seems to Jim Cramer these days that with so much negative news surrounding Apple, the stock refuses to plummet,”

    Gee maybe Jim hasn’t noticed that a few months ago Apple was around the $130 zone. The bad news is keeping Apple from going past the $100 level.

    Not that I worry about it too much it will come back up again. Oh is Cramer saying that too? Good.

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