Beleaguered Samsung underwhelms with the Galaxy S7

“Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge at a lavish event on Sunday, February 21, just prior to the start of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “The S7 turned out to be less formidable than many expected. As if in acknowledgment of this, Samsung is throwing in a free Galaxy Gear VR headset with every pre-order. In effect, Samsung has already cut the price of the S7 before it goes on sale on March 11. This price cutting will undoubtedly be effective in the near term, and now we can see the wisdom of Apple’s March quarter guidance.”

“Initial takes have found the S7 design underwhelming,” Hibben writes. “It’s very little changed from last year. Samsung has reprised the aluminum and glass case from the S6. While the S7 Edge features a larger screen, the S7 and S6 look almost identical. Apparently, this is an ‘s’ year for Samsung as well as Apple.”

“The focal plane pixel count for the new camera has actually been reduced to 12 Mpixel from the 16 Mpixel of the S6, exactly the same number as the iPhone 6s,” Hibben writes. “I couldn’t help but chuckle over this. After reading innumerable reviews and blog posts dismissing the iPhone 6s camera as inferior for having fewer pixels, I wonder what the reviewers will now say. In fact, the Mpixel count was never a particularly good metric for assessing camera quality.”

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. Galaxy S6

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MacDailyNews Take: Another yawner from beleaguered Samsung.

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  1. No Mac news here. It’s actually quite embarrassing that MDN feels the need to post such slanted articles. On a day when Seeking Alpha reports a criticism of Apple, then the MDN fanboy club declares SA to be a useless publication. But when it criticises Samsung, MDN proudly parrots everything it says. Such juvenile behavior makes Apple owners just look petty.

    I do not own a Samsung-branded product, but as a consumer I realize that competition is good. Unlike MDN, I am also adult enough to do honest comparison of hardware instead of just panning a brand I don’t like at every opportunity.

    There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the Galaxy 7 other than its operating system. In fact, there are many hardware features that kick the iPhone’s butt. It is obvious that many people love these features that Apple still won’t offer.

    So why are you wasting our time with predictable anti-Sammy propaganda, MDN? If you were into honest reporting, you would offer an objective table comparing key features and technical comparisons between the current iPhone and the galaxies. It the iPhone was clearly superior in all important aspects, the data would speak for itself. But no, your fanboy ways just won’t allow you to be so objective, is that it?

    The article claims that “Apparently, this is an “s” year for Samsung as well as Apple.” in describing the small external changes, but then goes on to show a Geekbench test result that proves that in multicore processing, the G7 blows the iPhone 6s out of the water. So clearly under-the-hood changes have been made to address customer demands: more emphasis on computing performance, less emphasis on camera ability. Memory expansion and bigger screen, not more graphics processing power. Seems like a reasonable step forward to a reasonable person, wouldn’t it? So are you going to post pictures of an iPhone 6 next to an iPhone 6S as well, so we can spot the external differences??? Your reporting of Samsung, as usual, is skin deep. It must be sad to know that Cook STILL relies on Samsung as a component supplier for practically every Apple product produced today.

    Good luck with the Samsung boycott. I thank goodness that Apple has competition, otherwise Slow Tim would never release anything new. MacRumors Buyers Guide shows that wherever Apple isn’t being totally blown out of the water on hardware specs (and even in many places where they are), Cook just doesn’t bother putting any effort into pleasing his customers or keeping up with industry standards.

    Thank you Samsung for keeping Apple moving ahead. Somebody has to.

    1. Yes because Apple has never “moved ahead” until someone else does. Apparently you flunked tech history class. I suggest you head into a chair pointed into the nearest corner with your Dunce hat firmly in place. Somebody has to, and I can think of no one less qualified not to do so than you.

      1. I regret to have to agree with Mike on this one. If the Galaxy 7 was running iOS, even the most diehard Apple fan would be singing its praises.

        Tim Cook is on record saying stuff like “Apple isn’t about being first, we take the time to be the best.” But then when you look at Apple’s hardware specs, especially on the Mac, it’s pretty clear that Apple isn’t always the leader.

        As with all complicated electronics, there are tradeoffs. Mike seems to be saying that Apple and Samsung are leapfrogging each other, just the same way any other mature duopoly product race goes. Next year’s Chevy truck will be better than this year’s Ford, and vice versa. Both get the job done, and both fanboys waste enormous energy on their pointless badge rivalry. It’s no different with Apple. The usual fanboys came out to attack Mike rather that to respond to his challenge with objective facts.

        Could that be because the new Galaxy in fact does represent a true alternative? Let’s face it, Apple doesn’t care about beating Galaxy performance on any test or tech sheet. Apple historically just talked about overall experience and called it a day. Under Cook, however, user experience in software has plummeted for some of us. With hardware, the iPhone gets all the attention, but the Mac has fallen dramatically behind in performance benchmarks.

        Why? Because today Apple first and foremost cares about profits. That’s how corporate leaders are measured, so that’s what they do. Jobs didn’t pander to Wall Street, but clearly Cook does, and so it is not surprising that Apple now is not even trying to be at the leading edge of specs.

        I wish Mike wasn’t right, but he is. Apple needs to put more effort into being THE premium product instead of letting its scummy rival continue to hang around.

        1. The “right” you present is Mike and you’s interpreted reality, Doesn’t mean it actually IS right. You’re entitled to your opinion even if I think you’re wrong. And you don’t have any idea what Apple has in the works. Apple will never make the kind of desperate devices Samsung makes. Frankly the iPhone already works spectacularly well and you’re just splitting hairs.

          1. dude, you don’t even make an argument, you’re just attacking anyone who criticizes apple. everyone knows that apple will release another incremental update just like they always do. and they will probably release some plastic version of last year’s hardware to sell as the cheap model. that’s what apple does.

            i care about apps. the only advantage apple offers right now is some better adblocking on iOS. other than that, apps are the same. anyone can use a VPN on android to protect their privacy. apple doesn’t have a monopoly on goodness.

            1. So its what Apple does to feed us last years software on a plastic phone? Actually doing that once is hardly an indication that this is in anyway an inherent core strategy. Indeed it was in general a response to pressure from outside and was likely worth a punt. However if you bothered to check this is actually a fundamental core market for practically all of Apple’s competitors, indeed for Samsung far too long as its profitability in recent years shows. Yet strangely this simple fact is ignored and/or is free from criticism it seems. But then dual standards is just one of the things we have long had to amuse us.

            2. Dude, if your brain wasn’t so sun bleached you’d know I made the point I wanted to make. That often someone saying they’re “right” or someone else is “right” is still only conjecture and opinion, not a quantifiable certainty.

              I don’t need to go on a long diatribe to voice my own opinion if I don’t want to. Some of us have more to do in our lives than mindless surfing & writing long-winded rebuttals to numbskulls. All I usually see is mindless blather from idiots usually 10 cards short of a full deck. Your entitled to your own misguided opinion. just don’t pretend it’s verifiable fact and you have the franchise to truth.

            3. So what facts have you brought to the table? Green posted data, Mike posted an opinion that aligns with that data.
              The usual MDN attack dogs used ad hominem. Where’s your data to refute theirs? If it just comes down to your personal preference (which is usually the case), then call off the dogs.

            4. Listen Ad Hominem obsessed dyno-doofus, there’s more to the equation than Mike’s simple attack. My point is it’s more misguided opinion than anything else, but then everyone is entitled to be wrong. Looking to the overall smart phone picture and Samsung has always come up wanting and Apple smells like a rose. It’s why 30% or more people buying new iPhones are Android switchers. Not that what Apple does can’t be improved on but what they have is pretty darn great and anything else are the disingenuous obsessions of a geektard. Get a life.

            5. I made the points I wanted to make, not write a dissertation for jerks like you or them. I am more than capable of writing the sort of rebuttal their limited understanding wants to go and where none of you seem to get the point but frankly I value my time. Idiots like you overlook many things in your rabid and idiotic pursuit of mere tech benchmarks. This is why YOU’RE the fucking dickhead supreme goofball nutcase geektard POS.

    2. Ignorance is bliss for you apparently. Samsung cheating on benchmarks is well documented. You can’t trust anything they do.

      You really deserve an S7 and all it’s butt-kicking ‘features’. Go get one and get a free VR headset with it too and go play in traffic with it maybe….

      Samsung, continuing to lead by following!

    3. “There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the Galaxy 7 other than its operating system.”

      Yehhhh. Just the TEENY detail of its operating system. That’s all. Your sentence must be one of the most stupid statements I’ve read for a long time.

    4. Yes very adult of you for claiming that it makes Apple owners look petty. What the hell does this have to do with Apple owners, what sort of adult with a modicum of intelligence equate the 2, if they did then then with that sort of logic and warped objectivity in such matters, they would have very few products to choose at all in any market place. Samsung would certainly not make the grade would they as judging by their commentary and warped advertising/marketing all their buyers would be total idiots by similar association. What that does show is that you have a prejudice or/and an ulterior motive in making such bizarre claims of course. Judging by your post (or is an article) clearly you are not one for irony however.

    5. One has to smile that to non Apple users the 90% + of the time that the iPhone’s silicon has murdered the opposition isn’t remotely important but the moment there is a hint that that might be reversed their mouthpieces at least love to cream their pants. We have had it all before, a year or two ago bench tests were telling us that the opposition bench tests were indicating superior performance that actually in practice can barely compete with a year old iPhone. If they have actually if briefly done one better this time (however briefly or limited in reality) good luck to them but the silence from them over the last years in the face of superior Apple performance over their own phones hardly impresses me with the relative strength of their objectivity when they start crowing about specs again.

      As an aside: for me yet another email from a client of a similar nature asking if I have a file because ‘upgrading’ to Windows 10 has lost him many of his, is much more fundamental to my technology choice than some totally artificial spec argument.

  2. Yes, let us all thanks Samsung for moving Apple ahead. Albeit slower than one would hope- if not for Apple laughing to tears and the enigeering staff getting that much needed comic relief. How many more y ars advances would Apple have achieved.

    But jokes aside, only compamy pushing forward is Apple. From the fact that the A9 is 93 percent faster than the fastest octcore and 138 percent faster than Qualcomms. That is, if Samsung, has not been cheating again on the benchmarks and hiding it. Boy was that embarrassing to Samsung when they barred Benchmarking Samsung products due to cheating. Oh, and hiring that TSMC employee to teach at a university that only Samsung chip engieers went to. But, you know- when Apple needs fab orber and your current tech is getting its arse whooped by TSMC. It is better to steal and wait. Wonder how they plan on using tech from the A7 to boost performance on that plain vanilla big little design that has it cores handed to itself by that larger 6 instructions per cycle A9. Must really feel bad knowing Samsung only give it 3 per cycle. Oh, well… Wonder way Samsung declared a compnay state of emergency for it compnay as the easy cheats are drying up and Apple is going to others so it it more difficult to know what to steal for future Galaxy models. Oh well, Apple leads by walking to its next milestone and Samsung runs like a little girl in korean mens business suits trying to get anything like it first.

    1. Howl, where do you get your data from ???

      According to Geekbench 3 benchmarks:
      – iPhone 6S (Apple A9, 1849 MHz, 2 cores) multicore = 4331
      – Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge (Samsung Exynos 7420, 1500 MHz, 8 cores) multicore = 4511

      I like Apple for single core performance, but you can’t say Samsung has a worse design since multicore designs have been the norm ever since Moore’s law started to fall apart.

      Seems like the rivals have two different ways to achieve about the same result in the end. Now with the S7, Samsung will trounce the A9 in speed tests, and Apple will respond in another 6-12 months. So yeah, Mike is actually speaking the truth.

      Not sure why the fans here all think Apple is untouchable. Apple has fewer cores and Samsung throws more cores at it. Users don’t know and don’t care the difference unless they see the price tag, which of course they never do because it’s all amortized in the monthly fees.

  3. I see Samsung has it support staff working a little overtime to support the company… Uh, not losing there jobs without a good old fashioned Samsung bend the truth Apple fans misguided and uninformed internet posting frenzy. Perhaps should start your own official Samsung Club for the truly misguided.

    1. What are you trying to say, NGG whatever? If you don’t worship Apple, then your immediate fanboy defense is to label everyone a troll? That’s weak and you know it.

      After actually looking at the hardware, I think Mike has a good point. The lead that the iPhone once had is now whittled down to almost nothing. The specs don’t lie. The iPhone is inferior in display resolution and ppi, CPU performance, battery size (albeit real-world testing still required), and a big one with some folks, storage expansion.

      Oh, and just so that you don’t get your panties in a bunch, I am posting this from a Mac in an all-Apple household. Not that you should care — facts is facts.

      1. Well thanks for that insightful contribution Derek. When you put down the cool aid, I have a few questions for you:

        1) would the average user see a significant performance difference between a Galaxy and an iPhone? Depending on the specific task, the answer obviously is “slim to none”.

        2) would the average user see a significant security issue using Android versus iOS? Well, that seems to be the popular story, but the reality is much harder to parse. Android in an of itself is not the problem, as an intelligent user can encrypt or use VPN. Does iOs make this easier or better? I don’t think so. Most iOS users also use privacy-eviscerating Facebook and Google services, which nullifies any argument that iOS is more private.

        3) Are there more or better apps on iOS? Sadly, the answer is: “not anymore”. The same developers offer equivalent quality apps on both platforms.

        So again, despite the arrogant condescending attitude of the usual suspects, it’s just reality that Apple’s advantage in iPhone has been cut down. As with any mature market, we have a duopoly where one company leapfrogs the other. The next move will be Apple’s. We all hope Apple will knock it out of the park, but as I and many others here have been saying for years, TIM COOK IS TOO TIMID. Instead of making bold steps forward, Cook has rolled out sloppy software and small incremental hardware updates.

        This isn’t about Samsung or any other phone maker. It’s about Apple losing its momentum. Fanboys, nobody is saying that the iPhone doesn’t work well. The question is, will we see another boring update, or will Apple work up the will to finally kick Samsung’s butt? Under Cook, I have sincere doubts. I think Apple will just polish the edges instead of seriously impressing us. The rumors thus far, removing the analog audio minijack and stuff, are very anti-user. I just don’t know that Apple listens to users anymore. Thinness is no longer a benefit, when it takes hump cases to deliver what most users really want.

        1. Diatribe much?
          1) Yes. Obvious first point: 64 bit processing on iPhones. You lose.

          2) Yes. Due to fragmandroid, Android is the single most dangerous mobile OS in human history. The amount of malware continues to grow on an exponential scale and the number of critical security holes are appearing on an average of two a month. You lose. In January there were three.

          3) Yes. The incentive to write for Android remains low because it is known across the mobile community that Android buyers are cheapskates. They bought the cheap phone, they buy the few apps compared to iPhone owners. You lose.

          — All of this stuff is extremely well known? Kicking you in the ass, ‘Paul-the-anonymous-coward, doesn’t give me any joy. My wish is that you wake up and learn as well as shut up and stop hurting others as you hurt yourself.

          That’s enough kicked-your-ass learning for today. I think I’ll head off to more interesting things where morons like you aren’t insulting people who bother to care and think like me.

          Samsung: Aren’t you ashamed of yourself yet? Better pay for better trolls. 😛

          1. lemme ask a question. Not a troll, really just new to Apple. I don’t get the hate on this forum at all. just got an iPhone 6S for bday and am learning it. I’m trying to like iOS but it’s just really locked down. I haven’t had a security issue with Android, so what exactly are the issues? also, the Galaxy is 64 bit, just as fast as an iPhone. seems like personal preference to me

            1. I note that the Galaxy S7 is going to use a 64-bit processor. It’s not available yet and there are no speed comparison tests for it. Let’s note that this is obviously follow-the-leader. This sort of innovation is driven by Apple and wouldn’t be in Samsung anything unless they were driven to keep up. That’s entirely typical of Samsung.

              I’m glad you’re smart enough to stay away from the Android malware. Obviously, millions of Android users are not. Meanwhile, despite promises of vetting apps entering their Google Play store, malware continues to be posted with rampant infections resulting. Too late, Google pulls the plug on what’s already become a problem.

              Then there’s the apparently insoluble phenomenon of fragmandroid. In these day and age of primitive software programming, no one can blame Google for having security bugs in Android. OS X and even iOS have had plenty. I’ve personally been railing at Apple to pay more serious attention to their security bugs. But with fragmandroid, what we get are devices that are INCAPABLE of being updated with the latest security fixes, or the device manufactures sit on the fixes and release them outrageously late, well after massive damage has been done.

              As for iOS being locked down, it is. I personally like that as I am not into hacking around on iOS devices. They’re not made for that capability. Apple has wisely been doing everything possible to lock them down and to prevent the existence of iOS malware. Remarkably little iOS malware has resulted, although Apple has occasionally been shamed into providing better app vetting. I personally have been, again, railing at Apple to kill off their poor Enterprise developer security certificate system, which has enabled at least a dozen malware infested versions of what appear to be normal, everyday apps. What Apple is doing right now is what’s being called ‘whack a mole’ iOS security, trying to minimize the damage of fake security certificate software. That’s unacceptable and as lame as Google’s approach. It’s my #1 beef with Apple at the moment.

              So, you get the idea that, despite the joy I take in goading and insulting lousy Samsung, I understand a lot of the situation on both sides.

  4. If Apple actually slammed the competition on price as well as quality, it would be all over but the crying. But then again Apple can’t manufacture their way out of a wet paper bag. They can’t even produce enough now, yet alone if they had market share. Once you squeeze Samsung out of the high end phone market, what else is there to buy except iPhone? If Apple was serious they could do it. What happens to Apple stock once Samsung announces an end to the Galaxy line? I say lower prices, mop the floor, and call it a day.

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