Prediction: Apple will cave to U.S. government demand to crack open iPhone, Donald Trump will get the credit

“Can the 2016 election get any more rambunctious? To the delight of journalists—and the chagrin of Serious People everywhere — the answer is yes,” Rick Newman writes for Yahoo Finance. “Republican bomb-thrower Donald Trump has upped the ante on his insult-everybody campaign by calling for a boycott of Apple. That’s right, the world’s most valuable company, and a beloved one, besides. Trump—fresh off a spat with the Pope—apparently feels he can poke anybody or anything at this point, and emerge victorious.”

“The underlying issue is a serious one. Apple is embroiled in a dispute with the Justice Department over an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the shooters in the San Bernardino massacre of Dec. 2. The FBI is demanding that Apple develop technology to unlock the phone, so they can investigate information the shooter may have stored there,” Newman writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook says that’s no easy task and doing so would set a precedent allowing hackers and crooks easier access to iPhones worldwide. Apple is contesting the FBI order in court, with an appeal set for Feb. 26. But further appeals could keep the matter in court for months.”

Newman writes, “Trump, with his genius for publicity, is playing the law-and-order card, in calling for Apple to do what the FBI wants.”

Newman writes, “Public opinion seems split on the issue of whether Apple should comply with the FBI, especially since nobody really cares about the privacy of a terrorist sympathetic to ISIS who murdered 14 civilians at an office party.”

MacDailyNews Take: And because Americans are, in general, so poorly educated – a third have never heard of the man often referred to as “the most influential justice of the last quarter-century” (and who would have been on Apple’s side, no doubt) – they likely think Orwell is a good boat rower.

These are the type of American morons who buy Samsung phones while complaining about the lack of U.S. jobs. Like Donald Trump.

“Here’s my prediction: Apple is going to cave, and find a way to unlock the San Bernardino phone so the FBI can have a look. Not because Trump said they should, but because public opinion is going to shift in favor of the FBI as the case gains more notoriety and more people realize what’s at stake,” Newman writes. “The company will also decide a long series of legal appeals are more trouble than they’re worth, especially if there’s a chance of losing in the end. Apple, after all, is a consumer products company, and it has edged away from hard-line policies before when consumers have edged it along. That’s one reason it tightened up the security of its phones in the first place.”

“Trump will undoubtedly claim credit if Apple accedes to the FBI. He won’t deserve it,” Newman writes. “But we should acknowledge his deft ability to sense where public opinion is heading before it actually gets there. Apple should, too.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We shall see. What do you think, will Tim Cook cave in the face of a woefully uneducated portion of the U.S. public — many of whom cannot understand the ramifications of their next Big Mac Attack, much less recognize their Constitutional rights being usurped right in front of their slightly crossed eyes — before exhausting all appeals up the the U.S. Supreme Court?

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  1. The Donald will be the next president of the United States period.

    You can get ready for this by running around your house shouting “Jesus Christ” periodically during the day.

    1. @grwisher,
      Trump does not want the office of the president. There is too little power there. He is shooting for office of KING of the USA.

      Trump would never stoop to dealing with the Congress.

  2. sometimes when i think of this american system of checks and balances government and the world context in which it was created, i’m so amazed at this exquisite creation. i’m even more amazed there can be so many in today’s america who aren’t able to grasp it and who are willing to abandon it and the reasoning for its principles. how is it so many can come out of america’s public schools and not understand how it defines this amazing nation where even the lowliest citizen can appeal to the highest court.

    1. “How is it so many can come out of america’s public schools and not understand?”

      The students are not the primary concern of teachers’ unions in America.

      Democrats are in bed with the teachers’ unions. GOP wants vouchers to increase competition and provide better education to every student as a result. Supporting Democrats means supporting the continuance of bad teachers and bad schools that have no real impetus to improve.

      1. How can you put down teachers when they are paid so poorly that the profession does not attract good people anymore? The union busting mentality has pushed the middle class in the US of A down to the poverty line and no one has any job security. How do you expect that US students will be served by people who have to take a second job to be able to afford to be a teacher.

        This issue of dumb ignorant US children is not tied to any political party anymore. The Republicans strive to push any form of organization down and the Democrats sit idly by and watch the ruination of the youth while the Republicans keep eating away at a standard that befits a first world population.

      2. It’s not the fault of the schools that kids don’t come out with a sophisticated knowledge of civics and social studies and govt.

        Our culture does not value learning nearly enough. Look at the popular TV shows, look at the tabloids, look at what dominates our discussions. Most of it is junk. Most people don’t want to think very hard about govt, rights,the courts, etc.

        Don’t blame the schools for this one; teachers try to teach, but most of the kids don’t value learning about govt. In all fairness, it’s always been this way.

      3. “FactChecker,” you are a hyper-partisan moron attempting to satisfy your unquenchable urge to vomit bullshit. Both political parties have messed up the U.S. Education system. Bush and his “No Child Left Behind” plan is a classic example of the GOP putting forth a highly flawed plan to “improve” education. And the GOP retro activists are becoming infamous for their efforts to edit science textbooks to include fantasy as equivalent to real science theories and data. Texas is the asshole of pseudo-science in this nation, and its textbook-editing antics influence textbooks across the nation.

        We have put our teachers in a box in which their is little room for individuality and creativity. As a nation, we have taken many professions which were once highly respected and turned them into targets of ridicule. Kids used to dream of becoming teachers and police officers. These are the people who help to shape our children and our society as a whole, and we are driving the good ones away for so many reasons.

      4. Never bedded down with the unions but often with a bag of school work preparing for the next day of school . What a blanket inaccurate statement you make !
        Wondering how many teachers’ shoes you have walked in as you spew out such lofty knowledge .

  3. I still have faith that the American voter will wake up and dump this moron. He is a megalomaniac and quite the loudmouth. With regard to Apple, I hope they hang in there and battle this overt Government attempt to steal yet one more bit of our liberty.

  4. Mr. Trump will not be President. He only has 30% of the Republican vote.. think about that. Even if it grows to 50%… he won’t be elected. As messed up as it is.. (and it is).. Hillary Clinton will be President after dodging her sad history of lying almost continuously about emails and a host of other issues. It won’t be Kasich, Rubio, Bush, or any other Republican. Gas prices are low, jobs are plentiful, and people are more angry with Congress than the President. Sanders won’t make it because he’s too old and focused on basically one issue.. Wall Street greed and power. He’s right of course but being a one issue candidate and 74 years old means he would be 79 when he reaches the end of his first term. Not gonna happen. So.. don’t worry about Trump. DO worry about Clinton.. and keep your powder dry.

      1. “Care to bet on that?”

        Hmmm… You loudly predicted in 2008 for that McCain would beat Obama… Wrong! Then you loudly predicted in 2012 that Romney would beat Obama… Wrong! Care to play again? I’ll take that bet!

        1. Hillary Clinton cannot even speak for 5 minutes without launching into a spasmodic 10-minute coughing fit. She’s choking on her own lies, not to mention not healthy enough for the rigors of the U.S. Presidency.

          1. Hey Mr. “First 2014, Then 2016”,

            You’re track record in predicting the outcome of US Presidential elections over the last eight years isn’t too stellar, but you seem VERY sure of yourself this time. So, let’s make this agreement for all of MDN to witness:

            If Hillary or Bernie are elected come November, you will forevermore post to MDN as “Strike Three and I’m Out!”.

            What do you say? Sounds reasonable?

  5. Trump is an idiot and Tim Cook is way smarter then him. Apple will stick to its guns all the way to the Supreme court. Just like it has with the DOJ and the book case. This is about everyone’s privacy, not just one person. They have millions of customers to protect.

  6. This is a common sense issue. If someone uses their iPhone to commit a crime, there should be a way for law enforcement to get that information. That is not an invasion of privacy, it is protection of a criminal act. What if your family or loved ones were a victim of a terrorist act or a murder and valuable information was contained in the phone?

    1. If was my family, I would want them to kick down doors without a warrant, round up the usual suspects without probable cause, torture possible accomplices to obtain information, and hang the accused without a trial.

      That is why civilized states have trained police and impartial magistrates to make those decisions in accordance with due process, instead of leaving it up to the victims’ families and the rules of vendetta. Due process protects all of us, since we are all just one false accusation from becoming a criminal suspect.

  7. The National Security Police State Apparatus of the United of America has a nearly unlimited budget at its disposal to temporarily sway public opinion to permanently weaken their 4th Amendment rights. Most recently, this has occurred with the passage of the US Patriot Act which degraded everybody’s rights for all time.

  8. FUCK TRUMP! I am so sick of that asshole. I don’t think that Apple will cave, and I hope they go on the offensive rather than play defense. The people who want Apple to cave are totalitarian loving morons who don’t give a damn about individual liberty. The government has absolutely no right to the contents of our phones, our computers, or anything that belongs to us. Instead of whining about the iPhone’s security features, maybe the FBI should use all of those billions of dollars that they spend every year to figure out how to hack into the iPhone all by themselves. Trump is not worthy of being president. I have never given in to his populist name calling bullshit. I’m a proud Ted Cruz supporter. And all of you who are Trump supporters can flame me all you want. Do your worst. You won’t make me cower in fear and you won’t make me shut up.

  9. I think that everyone underestimates Donald Trump’s intelligence because they take his statements as literal and at face value. Given that the business school he attended the minimum IQ to attend is estimated to be 150+. He is a charismatic sociopath who is very skilled at manipulating things to suit his interests. I am a Voluntaryist and so I am not in support of government or Donald Trump at all. I just think we underestimate his popularity and drive to win at our own peril. He will become the GOP candidate and it will be a tough battle between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to face off with him. I think Bernie Sanders is a better candidate and will do better in debates with him due to his extensive experience in politics.

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