Mother who lost son in San Bernardino terrorist attack sides with Apple against U.S. government backdoor demands

“Her son was killed in the San Bernardino, Calif., massacre — but Carol Adams agrees with Apple that personal privacy trumps the feds’ demands for new software to break into iPhones, including the phone of her son’s killer,” Chris Perez reports for The New York Post. “The mom of Robert Adams — a 40-year-old environmental health specialist who was shot dead by Syed Rizwan Farook and his wife — told The Post on Thursday that the constitutional right to privacy ‘is what makes America great to begin with.'”

“She justified the tech giant’s decision to fight a federal court order to create software to get around the iPhones’ self-destructing data lock — which would allow the feds to retrieve personal banking passwords, photos and other information,” Perez reports. “Adams said such software could undermine the Constitution. ‘This is what separates us from communism, isn’t it? The fact we have the right to privacy,’ she said. ‘I think Apple is definitely within their rights to protect the privacy of all Americans. This is what makes America great to begin with, that we abide by a constitution that gives us the right of privacy, the right to bear arms, and the right to vote.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Carol Adams gets it. Apple should take this all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if need be.

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  1. That rather deflates the argument that those of us opposing the FBI’s demands would change our tune if our loved ones had been killed.

    I raise my hat to Carol Adams and applaud her wisdom.

    My wife was born in East Germany and lived under the oppressive regime of the Stasi until she escaped to the west the day after the Berlin Wall came down. She knows from first hand experience exactly what oppressive state surveillance is like and would never want to live like that again. The US and UK governments are trying to assume powers that go far beyond anything that the Stasi could ever have dreamed of.

    1. No it does not… Her opinion is Not indicative of everyone’s if they were in here postion.

      Government can search my home with the proper court order. The most privet place to me .
      Government can tap my land line with court order. And has for decades with proper court order.
      Government can confiscate my computets with proper court order and search the HD… ( iphone is pocket computer )

      Where is the public paranoia about the above ? … ….

      This is not an either or case …… Its way more complex and consequential to just leave it in hands of dogmatic idealism .

      Creat the proper provisions and everyone wins.

      Times changes… so should we… … Thats fundimental to survival.

      In the meanwhile apple is loving the Publicity .. ;)……. It may even all be by design ……..

      All this ‘the world will be an insecure place if a court order will allow a phone to be unlocked’ .. Is pure paranoia and a PR game and a political ploy….

      Read the above again before u freak out.
      90% of wolds computers, specially in the business and government areas are and have been run on windows… Fyi. For decades.

      1. PS.. Im done with this frenzy..
        My position (and many many around me )must be clear to everyone by now… …i have not been convinced othetwise.
        Most responses have been insults Or dogmatic positions… Not logical arguments.. (Most…not all).
        When people resort to insults.. It is clear to me where they are coming from… A position of weakness, desperation and dogma. ..

        Im moving on… This issue of security is way way overblown …its funny… … Its dogmatic and idealistic… Not realistic and pragmatic.

        We will see how it unfolds as we move forward…
        In the meanwhile i will not hesitate for one second to handover my iphone with a proper court order and allow full access to info on it if i know it may save lives in the future… Not for a single second. But if a police stopped me and randomly said hey let me see whats on your phone… My answer would be “no! why ?”… And i will wait to hear the answer “from the courts”… I have some respect for the rule of law.
        Us government is not in the buisness of tracking everyones life….only those who may pose a threat to the public…..
        On the other hand google is… And we all use it. I dont see frenzee there…
        Such increadible fear and paranoia towards the US government…… Quite eye opening…. And i have seen this in many many different areas… Sad but true.

        Over and out on the subject at hand….
        Now lets hope apple does not repeat another 2015 with all the half baked products and the shameful disarray.

        1. Just how naive are you?
          “Such incredible fear and paranoia towards the US government”. How quickly you forgot the NSA revelations from Mr Snowden. The government has PROVED it cannot be trusted with using information gleaned for lawful purposes only.

          If you create a tool to do what is being asked, it can be used by anyone, and for any purpose.

          You are just one of the sheeple.

        2. I assure you not as naive or paranoid as you and many are.. …. No where near.
          Most of you approach things from a very idealistic and dogmatic perspectives…..The worlds dynamics is not as simple as u think its ….
          Neither is the relative security you enjoy in US and yet completely are blind/naiev to what transpires behind the scene for you to enjoy it.
          Thats the primery American problem… Most have not experianced other realities to know what the real world is all about and what it takes for you to have what you have.
          And you go on bashing government and all… Believe me your security here in this country does not come from the guns you have in your house. They may offer some protection from the local thief but thats it… (And even that is not without its dire consequences)
          On global scale , average anerican is very naive…

          Including Snowden .
          Break the law, intrude, steal, reveal , invade all without autorization if it suits him and his ideals … No consideration for consiqenses …..
          But when it comes to others they should not do… Hypocracy galore .
          And im not even talking about the right and/or wrong of issues .. The issues are not as easy as a yes or no…
          Im taking about obnoxious hypocrisy .

        3. Interesting opinions, especially considering the fact that I am ENGLISH and not American.

          Edward Snowden broke the law, I did not condone his actions in my statement. You can’t take back what was disclosed. What we learned is that governments cannot be trusted, and do not understand the full ramifications of what they collect or wish to collect.

          I’ll expand my comment that exposed you are naive, to include the fact that you are also ignorant.

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