Donald Trump calls for Apple boycott over San Bernardino terrorist iPhone encryption

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called on Friday for a boycott of Apple Inc products until the tech giant agrees to U.S. government demands that it unlock the cellphone of one of the killers in the San Bernardino, California, attack,” Emily Flitter reports for Reuters.

On Tuesday, a U.S. federal judge ordered Apple to create a special tool for the FBI to bypass security protections on an iPhone used by one of the shooters in the December 2, 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. Apple refuses to do so and vows to appeal the decision.

“‘Boycott Apple until such time as they give that information,’ Trump said at a campaign event in Pawleys Island, South Carolina,” Flitter reports. “‘It just occurred to me.'”

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump
MacDailyNews Take: Sounds like pretty much everything just occurred to him.

A little thought before opening your yap wouldn’t be such a bad thing, Donny.

BTW, Donny the genius tweeted his boycott epiphany from his Apple iPhone.

Boycott Donald Trump until such time as he proves he’s read, understands, and will adhere to the U.S. Constitution.

Hey, are Oompa Loompas eligible to hold the office of President of the United States of America?

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      GO FBI!

    1. Because a nation gets the politicians that it deserves. He isn’t going to go away while a consistent 30-35% of his party supports him. His position on this issue should not surprise anybody. Since he first announced, Trump has been proposing other measures that are blatantly unconstitutional. He has convinced a lot of voters that “We need to disregard the Constitution in order to preserve it.” In essence, homeland security is being used to justify everything that the Founders forbade. Their insistence that the people should be secure in their persons and papers is inconvenient—ignore it. Catching a terrorist trumps (pardon the pun) the Constitution and everything else.

      Also: the ban on religious tests for holding public office is inconvenient—ignore it. The requirement to treat all religions equally is inconvenient for the majority—ignore it. The ban on torturing confessions out of suspected terrorists (and why not other criminals?) is inconvenient—ignore it. The ban on attainder and corruption of blood (punishing family members for the crimes of their relatives) is inconvenient—ignore it. The ban on using torture as a cruel form of punishment is inconvenient—ignore it. The requirement to provide everyone in this country (regardless of citizenship or immigration status) with equal protection and due process of law is inconvenient—ignore it. The Supreme Court tells us that homosexuals and women have constitutional rights—don’t try to change that situation, just ignore it.

      Watch a film of Trump with the sound turned off. Watch the way he gestures and his facial expressions, particularly the way he thrusts his chin out to make a point. Then watch a silent film of Mussolini. It is uncanny. Both men are making the same appeal to essentially the same audience of disaffected men willing to be told that elites and minorities are robbing them of their fair share of the economic and social pie.

      Trump isn’t going away until Americans who love their Constitution put him away at the ballot box.

      1. To reinforce my point: exit polls in South Carolina show that 70% of the Trump voters regard the economy as the top issue. They feel excluded from the “recovery” and think Trump can force the government to take vigorous action, intervening against the free market economy to promote greater income equality.

        Many of the same voters blame their personal situation on elites and minorities and seek government intervention to promote “majority rights.” There is also the feeling among self-styled social conservatives that the government should be taking an activist role in promoting traditional values against a rising tide of individualism.

        The Trump voters are far more concerned with those statist goals than with whether he uses constitutional means to achieve them. They will demand that he pack the courts with judges who will support his agenda.

        Those are the voters who are capturing my Republican Party

      1. The Republican Party is culpable for supporting this buffoon. It bears repeating that those who dislike Obama have only themselves to blame for the last eight years. Pick a more moderate and electable Presidential candidate and you have a chance. Stick to the hard line right and you are far less likely to be successful. When your party philosophy is all or none with no room for compromise, then you had best be prepared to encounter rejection.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought. Enemies of Trump include: Women, Muslims, Latinos, the pope, Apple, disabled reporters. Pretty much everyone except poorly educated white redneck Americans.
      His supporters are the type that value attention seeking bullshit and histrionics from celebrities, rather than reasoned debate.
      Everything that he promises is devoid of policies on how it will be achieved. You can tell he has nothing, because he just resorts to insults, when he has no rebuttal to legitimate criticisms.
      Why are the American people falling for this crap?
      He keeps saying he will make America great again, but the rest of the world thinks he is a buffoon and complete joke.
      The trouble is he is a dangerous and divisive man.

  1. Not a US citizen (I’m an Aussie) but the thought of Trump & his running partner as leaders of the free world is both laughable and terrifying at the same time. Has the US population gone totally nuts?

      1. Ah yes. Let’s pick Cruz who is even a bigger liar than Trump. Let’s pick Cruz whose team has spread lies about other candidates in order to steal votes from them. Let’s pick Cruz who can’t tell legitimate immigration from illegal immigration. Let’s pick Cruz who during the recent Town Hall forum stated that Apple must just roll over and give the FBI what it wants.

        Yep. Let’s pick Cruz. (/s in the extreme)

      2. Ted Cruz! Sure. I’d reather see you be president so we could finally have that impeachment you’ve been talking about.

        You’re such a dick, your mother must be very disdappointed in you

      3. Oh great.
        Choose a religio-fascist plutocrat over an ethno-fascist plutocrat.
        That’ll make America great again.
        What a disgusting party you base your personality on.

    1. He’s the populist satire on the American political system. He gets attention because he isn’t Republican. He doesn’t represent the party, but is an outsider, using it’s name. The support is a message to the party, to get it’s act together.

      The belief is that when it’s time to actually vote, he will sink like the RMS Lusitania.

    2. Frankly, I really don’t care what you (as an Aussie) think of Trump. You MIGHT want to clean your own house more before you throw stones. That being said, what is TRUELY terrifying is the thought of a senile old Marxist who was 40yo before he ever earned a paycheck running the US or ever worse is a tottering old lady/soon to be indicted money grubbing Marxist who continues to sell out her country for cash (via the Clinton “Foundation” and money laundering operation) and was criminal in allowing our enemies access to top secret information carelessly and continuously. Both of these idiots fight each other as to who is going to give the most money away (pandering) and who is going to attack the successful people and businesses that make America successful.

      Hint – as the Government GROWS, Your FREEDOM contracts. Give it a thought – it HAS to be true. Once we lose our freedom and move to a tyrannical all powerful central government, it will take at least 2 or more generations (if ever) to get our freedoms back. Is that worth your “free” Obama-Phone?

      1. “Frankly, I really don’t care what you (as an Aussie) think of Trump”

        You lost any moral authority right there. The US spreads its influence through political and military might throughout the world, and has undue and enormous influence even on its allies.

        You don’t want us to have an opinion of your politics and potential president, suggesting we have our own problems to take care of back home? Tough shit.

      2. Bernie is not senile. Period. (Conversely, there is documented proof that Ronald Reagan was showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia during his first term, well before he got elected for a second term. His team was very, very good at keeping this documentation and proof quiet for over 20 years.)

        Bernie is not a Marxist. He is a Social Democrat. Go look it up. His favorite country model is Denmark which is very, very far from Marxist. While I personally don’t agree with the Denmark model, nothing Bernie has said makes him a supporter of Marxist beliefs.

        No one with at least two functioning brain cells would ever describe Hillary as “a tottering old lady”. She will not get indicted. She won’t be indicted any more than W’s attorney general who *admitted* to taking TS/SCI documents home in his briefcase and leaving them unattended overnight in his home office on SEVERAL occasions, or any more than Cheney when he outed a CIA agent that was still working in the field in a high level position (just because the administration at the time disagreed with one of her husband’s reports). Further, Hilary’s even less of a Marxist than Bernie. She does not subscribe to many, many of Bernie’s Democratic Socialist beliefs. Plus, while there have been multiple investigations into the cash flow of the Clinton Foundation there has not been found a single shred of evidence that either she or Bill have done anything improper, let alone illegal.

        LuvConstitution, you’re an idiot. You either don’t know the facts or, worse, don’t want to know the facts.

        It’s extremely unlikely that I’d vote for either Bernie or Hillary, but spreading lies about them does none of us any good and does not help people discuss what really needs to be discussed.

        1. Bernie is pro-Union and environment and anti-corruption, which is great. Unfortunately, he wants to curtail the 2nd Amendment, so any evil Republican gets my vote. Leaders use fear to destroy the country.

  2. I want to see your papers. I don’t care about no damn constitution. Show me your papers. Is Donald Trump really that sick minded to ignore the Constitution of United States. I’m beginning to see why his hair does what it does. He reminds me of an old German Leader. Heil Donald Trump.
    This has nothing to do with with what political party he belongs to the both the same anyway basically. He would be a scary man to lead this country. If he becomes president of the United States will be at war in less than 12 months.

    1. Don’t Forget, we ALREADY have a “President” who openly ignores the Constitution. Mr “I have a pen, and I have a phone” has been moving (along with compliant Media, Marxist Democrats and Progressive Republicans) our country into a POST CONSTITUTIONAL period.

      Once we fully lose our Constitution and controls on the ever growing, ever consuming all powerful central government, we will never get it back in our lifetimes.

      Vote for the ONLY candidate who actually respects the Constitution and hopefully can BEGIN to move us back to a Constitutional Republic and away from Tyranny.

      PLEASE don’t be swayed by the Drive-Bys and the erudite media commentators. Do your OWN research.

      Vote Cruz.

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