Twitter shares plunge on user decline

“Twitter fourth-quarter financial performance in 140 characters or less? Not good,” Jessica Guynn reports for USA Today.

“Twitter had a core audience of 320 million users, flat with the previous quarter and up 9% year over year. For the December quarter, analysts expected Twitter to report 325 million users, up 1.5% from the third quarter,” Guynn reports. “Excluding so-called ‘fast followers’ who access the service via text message, monthly active users were 305 million for in the fourth quarter, up 6% year-over-year and a decline from 307 million in the previous quarter.”

“Twitter is popular with media outlets, politicians and celebrities but many people do not understand how or why they should use the service, stunting its growth,” Guynn reports. “A bright spot for Twitter has been its advertising business. Twitter generated $710 million in revenue, an increase of 48% year-over-year, in line with analyst estimates.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Twitter should focus on TRENDS. Twitter Trends are the best place to get breaking news on earth. Twitter needs to tell everyone interested in news about Twitter Trends. Bang the everlasting sheet out of that one point. Users will discover what Twitter is on their own if you simply get them there via Trends.

On Twitter’s iPhone app, you can find Trends by simply tapping on the search icon. When signed in to on a desktop or laptop computer, Trends are listed in many places, including the Home, Notifications, search results, and profile pages.

That we cannot currently link you directly to the current Twitter Trends, a simple page on displaying current trends, tells you all you need to know about why Twitter is struggling.

In after-hour trading, shares of Twitter (TWTR) are down $1.10 (-7.34%) to $13.88 as of 4:36 PM EST.


  1. I still don’t get twitter. Haven’t used it, see no hole in my life that Twitter could fill.

    Which is not to say I wouldn’t actually love it. The takeaway is this: I’m a potential user who hasn’t been evangelized.

    If you can’t get to us, or don’t speak our language, you ain’t gonna grow.

    1. Every time I look at a list of twitter postings it’s just @#^*^^ %$#@^)/YUYjsfkjnf good job at ##HIUHCOD.

      I subscribed to the twitter feed from NASA when New Horizons went past Pluto. There was absolutely NO useful information conveyed. Never touched it again.

        1. Little useful and complete communication has ever been transmitted in less than 140 words. The limitation just forces the choice: either the discussion is mud-puddle deep, or it takes significant pinging back and forth to convey complete concepts.

          Both are pathetic excuses for real discussion. Twitter and Facebook, have definitely contributed to the antisocial, no-compromise blockheaded political nature of modern discourse. I can’t wait to see both companies die in fabulous impoding events, taking their narcissistic and self-absorbed fans with them.

    2. I use it to challenge media people when they publish opinions I think are FOS. Twitter and Facebook are really about Narcissism. If you aren’t that down on how fabulous you are and what fabulous things you do and how unbefrickinglievably interesting you are, then, Twitter and Facebook are kinda just meh, in my opinion. Like I’m sure everyone is quite pleased to know all the places I travel to, no, really, they are! 😝

    3. It’s worthwhile to read. I subscribe to a tiny number of local feeds, the local park system, a soccer club. And it’s a great resource for people who need to talk quickly to a large audience to do so, such as journalists.

      But I myself tweet maybe once a year. I just don’t see the point of dumping my irrelevant random thoughts onto the internet. I guess I just don’t crave attention.

      Twitter is a useful service, but it’s beyond me why it’s a company. Just sell the damn thing and move on.


  2. The best way to measure Twitter’s value over time is: SJW engagement. The more SJWs are on Twitter and the more control they wield in muffling all viewpoints they disagree with, the more Twitter’s value will continue to plummet. Since Twitter just came out to affirm that they will in essence be working with SJWs to help with this censorship, expect the company to continue and accelerate its nosedive. Fun to watch.

  3. Remember when Myspace was the thing? You tweak that basic concept in a few ways, and you end up with Facebook–which made Myspace obsolete . . . following this pattern, it’s not difficult imagining a new service arising which replaces Twitter . . . to overcome this natural obsolescence, what we’ve seen with Facebook and others, is the acquiring of smaller companies (eg-Facebook acquiring Instagram), to let the “long in the tooth” company evolve . . . the problem with Twitter is that a lot of its “users” are not real users, and when that is revealed (like a ponzi scheme), the whole thing crumbles, especially when a competitor comes up with a more intuitive interface (and sorry twitter fans, Twitter is not intuitive to use)

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