iPad Pro and Apple Pencil: The must have toolkit for designers

“Remember how Siri remote was the perfect spouse of the new Apple TV?” TNW asks. “The same can be said of the new Apple Pencil and the iPad Pro.”

“Who doesn’t know how to use a pencil? Press it hard and you can get a bold, thick line, tilt it on its side and you get a fainter shade of grey,” TNW writes. “The pressure and tilt sensors inside the enable you to accomplish everything your pencil can do, and more. A simple toggle in the brush settings and it becomes a marker pen or full on paint brush.”

“The touchscreen in the 12.9-inch display scans Pencil’s signal at an astounding 240 times per second, which means there’s only milliseconds between the stroke of your Pencil and the image displayed on your screen.,” TNW writes. “Both digital typography and Adobe’s suite of creative applications were born on a Macintosh. Ever since the conception of these two, thousands of graphic design apps have been developed for Apple, especially for iOS. This time, there are a couple of Pencil-optimized apps you should try to maximize your experience with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPad Pro and Apple Pencil is truly a revolutionary pairing.


  1. iPad Pro + Pencil + Office for iPad is quite a workable combination. Handwriting on Word docs and OneNote notes are impressive. Why cant I do that in Pages ?

  2. @Lordoftheflatbush
    rrrright? I wish iWork suite had the handwriting recognition.Or either of them get true handwriting recognition that converts to a chosen font? i’m dreaming.
    I have been using the adobe mobile apps which are really great. Favoring Sketch over Draw just mainly because of the brush options. The Creative Cloud link up is great for workflow efficiency between OS X and iOS. I have played with the app Concept which also seems amazing.
    Paper is a winner too. Really depends on what your goals are and how they tie into your workflow.

    The pencil is truly the best stylus I have ever used.period.

    One thing. Why,oh why wouldn’t you make the top of the pencil the eraser?
    So natural. you could still keep the settings in the sidebar for it.

    Notes app has great drawing function too. Don’t really hear people talking about it but if you need a great app built in. Notes is pretty sick!

    Now if we can get a true Big boy iPad illustrator program going…i wouldn’t need anything else!

    Look forward to seeing where this is in a few years…

  3. If only Tim Cook could get the Apple Pencil to the Apple Store so that customers could buy them when they buy the iPad Pro. I have been told over and over that Tim Cook is a inventory genius. Again, he repeats the long lead time disaster.

    Also, I believe that the Pro features will be available in all sizes when Apple can get those Pencils to ship as fast as customers buy the Pro iPads. Tim, you are killing us investors. Get your act together soon!

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