Apple Store staff will now expertly apply a Belkin screen protector to your iPhone

“Apple is now deploying its new screen protector program to Apple Stores across the United States and other countries from today,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac.

“The program allows customers to get a Belkin screen protector carefully applied to their iPhone in store,” Mayo reports. “At Apple Stores across America, customers can purchase a Belkin screen protector and have it applied in store by an Apple Store employee. ”

“The program supports only Apple’s latest iPhone models in both 4.7 and 5.5 inch variants: the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus,” Mayo reports. “The main benefit of the service is the assisted application, which prevents bubbles or imperfections from appearing on the screen when the protective cover film is applied.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This program is certainly more cost effective for Apple than their investment in GT Advanced.

Let’s hope that starting with the next-gen iPhones, users won’t feel the need to apply aftermarket screen protection.

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  1. “The program supports only Apple’s latest iPhone models…”

    Yeah, we wouldn’t want to support an older model, would we? Better to speed them off to their ultimate home in the landfill.

    1. Georgie, Belkin created the machine being used in stores to install the screen protector. They only created it to work with the iPhone 6. It’s not Apple’s fault that Belkin’s is only supporting the 6 and 6+. Also, Belkin’s web site offers screen protectors for iPhones 4 and 5 but you have to install. Apple is not trying to speed them off to the landfill. Try Android and see how long they will support your phone. You’ll want to throw it in the landfill yourself.

  2. This information is not true.

    At least in Boston (Boylston Store, main store), the Apple staff always were the once who applied the screen protector for my iPhone, when I bought it in Feb 2014 and when they replaced it (with a “new” one) last January 2016.

    I have to buy a “new screen” protector, a thicker one for better protection, and the staff did not hesitate to do it, when I requested him to do the job.

    There were issues with my iPhone 5s, and I have the extended warranty (Apple Care Plus). Instead of the staff having it returned for repair, they just replaced my old iPhone 5s with a “new” 5s.

    I am one of those who prefer the smaller iPhone (5s). I will not replace my iPhone 5s until Apple comes up with a smaller version (like the 5s) with the “latest updates”. And, since the replacement iPhone 5s is “new”. Thus, it has a new battery also.

    I am not against Apple creating a cheaper version of a smaller iPhone for other countries. But, that version is not for me. I use the iPhone photo quite a bit for most of my shots now. [I have two semi pro versions if the Nikon that cost me thousands of dollars before the lenses.]

    I want the image stabilization capabilities found only in the iPhone 6s Plus. I hope Apple can improve the night vision capabilities (using the Israeli technology they bought), and perhaps come up with a rudimentary “close up” capability, even if it is not exactly telephoto.

    I would not even mind a heavier and thicker smaller iPhone comparable to the iPhone 5s, if Apple use that extra weight to improve the battery efficiency.

    Just for the record, John Gruber, is one of those who was very outspoken of his preference for the “smaller iPhone”. He switched to the iPhone 6 (then 6s), after having tried the 6 Plus and 6s Plus.


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