Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion with new features

“Apple on Thursday rolled out a trio of updates for its pro-level video editing suite, bumping versions of Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion with feature additions and numerous bug fixes,” AppleInsider reports.

“Flagship non-linear editor Final Cut Pro X reached version 10.2.3 with today’s update, bringing both user-facing interface changes and extended backend processing support for newly released file types and equipment,” AppleInsider reports. “For example, a 4K export preset has been introduced to create video files for Apple’s own devices.”

MacDailyNews Take: Except, of course, for those new Apple TVs; inexplicably. (shakes head)

“Motion, Apple’s Final Cut Pro X graphics and animation companion app, also added support for the latest in Apple hardware. Version 5.2.3 mostly contains bug fixes, however, including stability improvements for Photoshop file handling and iTunes and photo library searches,” AppleInsider reports. “Compressor also added Apple device-centric 4K export preset capabilities in its Thursday update.”

More info on what’s new in each applicatio in the full article here.


  1. I had been anxiously waiting an update because the previous version had interface artifacts around the timecode indicators on my nMP. I was rather shocked that it’s taken them this long to roll out an update.

  2. BILLIONs in the bank and waiting for updates is like watching paint dry.
    I really don’t understand Apple’s attitude to professional users, or maybe their attitude is deliberate annexing. But how can a large company like Apple treat even a small subset of users with such disdain.

    1. Apple’s software makes extensive use of core OS technologies. Groups that develop user applications have to wait for other groups to complete specific issues, before they can implement them. Like for instance, they could’ve been waiting for Metal to come to OS X, among other things. Anyway, there are many other reasons; fixing one issue surfaces another and so on.

      Honestly, though, if I was upset as you seem to be, I would either tell Apple or find an alternative. Most seem content to just whine about these things though.

      Apple could have TRILLIONs of dollars and MILLIONS of programmers, it wouldn’t make a difference. Money isn’t magic. You can’t just shove dollars into a software development ATM and get code. And you can only have a certain amount of people working on any specific project.

  3. I guess we should be grateful for anything at this point. We got a maintenance update with a new feature. Since it had been a while and there’s so much left to do with FCPX, I was expecting a real NAB type upgrade, instead we got this. As far as Apple’s professional produces are concerned, Apple continues to disappoint. Why can’t they afford to do the job right?

  4. “Finally, file export and management software Compressor also added Apple device-centric 4K export preset capabilities in its Thursday update. The latest iPhone, iPad and Apple TV models were likewise added to the compatibility list. ”

    Quote from the linked AppleInsider article. How is the new AppleTV excluded?

  5. Unfortunately Apple, while their solutions are good for almost everything aren’t always good enough for Pro’s who work in graphics, video and 3D animation. Believe me it’s painful to begin to understand that. They need to be more pro community involved and ASK what professionals want instead of assuming we want these small black donut’s of power that require cables out the ying-yang and no PCI 3e 16X support except through the slower Thunderbolt port. KNOW your market and don’t assume design lessons learned from your small handheld devices necessarily apply to your pro gear.

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