Sony PS4 trounces Microsoft’s Xbox One over the 2015 holiday season

“2015’s all-important holiday quarter… saw Sony continuing to extend its sales lead over the competition,” Kyle Orland reports for Ars Technica. “In recent earnings reports for the fourth calendar quarter last year (October through December), Sony announced shipments of 8.4 million PS4 units to retailers (Fig. 1), a record for the system and a 2 million unit improvement from the 2014 holiday quarter.”

“Nintendo, however, announced 1.87 million shipments of Wii U hardware. That marks the system’s second straight year of slight decreases in holiday performance, which came despite the availability of well-regarded 2015 releases like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker,” Orland reports. “Microsoft no longer even offers combined ‘Xbox family’ hardware shipment details in its earnings report… We used a midpoint estimate of a 7 percent year-over-year increase for Xbox One shipments. Applying that system to the holiday numbers that we generated for the fourth quarter of 2014 (themselves an estimate), you get the numbers in Fig. 1 above: 4.81 to 5.82 million holiday quarter shipments for the Xbox One.”

“This time around, we actually have a way to do a sanity check on our long-term Xbox One estimates. Last week, EA executive Blake Jorgensen let slip internal estimates of roughly 55 million units sold between the Xbox One and the PS4,” Orland reports. “With Sony claiming 35.9 million of those sales (through the end of 2015), that leaves roughly 19.1 million Xbox Ones sold over the life of the system.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yeah, but beleaguered Microsoft deserves a P/E ratio of 19.83. (dripping with sarcasm)

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  1. Both systems are doing better than their predecessors at this point in their product lives.

    You really can’t go wrong with either one in my opinion, 90% of the big games are available on either console.

      1. Not when the games kicked ass and the company went to great lengths to swap out failed units way beyond warranty period.
        And sad to say but 360 was even higher failure rate in the end, but was still a great product from a gamer’s perspective and once the build quality issues were addressed.
        Anyhow that was the past. XBOX one does not have a worse failure rate than PS4. MS learned from their mistakes of cutting corners on build quality and HW design, but customers don’t forget and I think that’s why PS4 is winning this time. I was a XBOX and XBOX 360 owner but if I get a next gen, probably will be PS4. I don’t see XBOX exclusives that make it worth it this time around.

  2. MDN, goddamit, I’m not so interested in P/E ratios. I’m interested more in the characters. Cortana is a personality so compelling that Microsoft made her their version of Siri. I understand why. First, Microsoft never have any ideas of their own; they simply appropriate the ideas of others. Second, Cortana has moxie and a desirable physical embodiment. Siri has none, outside of a fantasy from Big Bang Theory.

    As long as Microsoft controls Cortana they control a dead-serious fan base. That’s a revenue source. Discount it if you like. Does Apple have any actual personalities? Don’t answer that.

  3. MDN, your “take” is very perplexing: According to finviz, Microsoft’s P/E ration is WAY higher than you think—37.14 as at today’s close.

    Yep, the market is insane…

    1. But a P/E 37 only holds when you consider MSFT’s REAL earnings, including the losses from Nokia or whatever their last profit drain was.
      (I think MDN used expected future projected earnings, just to be nice to MS)

  4. No Mac news here. Just another market that Apple has chosen not to enter…

    Or am I wrong and you’re going to start reporting head-to-head reviews of ATV4 versus real gaming consoles?

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