Here’s everything Apple might unveil next month

“Apple fans holding on to their iPhone 5 because they don’t like the newer, bigger models may have something to look forward to next month,” Lisa Eadicicco reports for TIME Magazine. “The Cupertino, Calif. firm is expected to hold an event on or around March 15, during it will introduce a new smaller iPhone, among other gadgets. ”

“Apple hasn’t confirmed any plans around its new products,” Eadicicco reports. “But reports suggest the company has the following in store for its fans next month:”

iPhone 5se” featuring Apple Pay, support for Live Photos, a better processor, and an improved camera,” Eadicicco reports, “But Gene Munster, a senior research analyst at Piper Jaffray who frequently covers Apple, thinks the company won’t release a smaller iPhone until the next flagship model is unveiled later this year. ‘We think it will be called the iPhone 7c and will be available this fall,’ he says.”

iPad Air 3. ‘From the iPad’s standpoint, the biggest additional feature would be 3D Touch,” says Munster,” Eadicicco reports, “3D Touch is a pressure-sensitive technology found in the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus’ screen that allows users to access certain shortcuts by pressing down harder on the phone’s display. Apple has yet to bring this capability to the iPad.”

Apple Watch. Munster believes a new Apple Watch is on the way. ‘[We’re] expecting a new Watch with a better battery and better components,’ he said. Munster likened this to Apple’s upgrade cycle for the iPhone, which gets a total refresh every two years with incremental upgrades in-between.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Many of Munsters views do not mesh with reporting from 9to5Mac’s usually very accurate Mark Gurman (see full article). We’ll see who’s right next month!


  1. I see no need for an updated Apple Watch at this point. As is the problem with all of Apple’s products, software is the glaring weak point, not hardware.

    On the iPhone front I’d like to see an affordable iPhone (particularly for emerging markets where they don’t have subsidies) to expand growth in Apple’s most important product line.

    $800 for its base level flagship phone is silly, $440 for a iPhone 5s is ridiculous. The competition is selling its new phones for $200-400. Sitting on $200 billion doesn’t serve Apple’s interest or those of the shareholders. Get more iPhones into people’s hands at the expense of 40% margins and reap the benefits of the much-heralded service subscriptions and app purchases down the road.

    1. Apple have to be carefull also not to lower the price too much also, as this will cheapen the brand. The reason people buy Apple phones espicially in China and the Middle east is a status symbol.

      The chasing of marketshare and not keeping profit margins high leads to disaster, see the PC market as a example!!

    2. Of course not because if Apple Watch gets upgraded the biggest weakness of the whole Apple Watch line gets revealed: That Apple Watch you just shelled out for is already obsolete. Something that microcomputer users have had to deal with for a long time. Watches have been the same but now with Apple Watches being so new, obsolescence means the next one will be much more impressive and early whiners (early adopters) will need to shell out another nut not to be left behind. The Apple Watch 2.0 is going to be interesting to say the least.

    3. I do not own any Apple stock. When I hear people cheering about how much money Apple is making and how is has enough spare change to buy a medium-sized country, I don’t see this as an enormous plus, particularly in light of such things as the dominance of Android. Having lived through the precipitous decline of the Mac in the nineties, I tend to be happier with strong marketshare than with ridiculous margins.

  2. Personally, I hope Muster is right.

    A version of the 7 as a more compact phone than the standard or Plus but with all, or nearly all, the features of the other two variants.

    1. The difference between Gene Munster and Mark Gurman is that Munster is basically just making predictions based on his thoughts about what would be a good idea, while Gurman has sources that may or may not be dependable.
      Two very different things: Munster is flat-out guessing, while Gurman at least has reasons to believe what he predicts has some backing.
      Also, Munster’s guesses and obsessions (see: his long-time prediction of a pending Apple TV with a screen) have often been way off.

  3. The only way it’ll be called a 5se is if it retains the same look as the 5 and offers the same internals as the 5s, but with a slight enhancement… I can see them adding NFC for ApplePay support and possibly move to an A8.

    (That makes sense if Apple wants to move everything to at least an A8. But if that’s true, then any iPad that is not an A8 will probably be discontinued; iPad mini 2 and iPad Air, gone!)

    If they do this then it means this phone is going to be around at least until the end 2017 as their “free on contract model”

    If that’s true, it makes the case for an iPhone 6s mini (some time this year), as this phone would then replace the iPhone 5se in 2017.

        1. Exactly call it the ‘mini’ and then update it as and when they desire. Totally logical in a way, that ‘5’ this or that, simply isn’t in any way, even if it were the current number let alone a long replaced one. Mini would look like a new product too though maybe thats the problem they are terrified of its big brother phones being affected if it takes off.

  4. In the name of Jobs PLEASE Apple give us some new Macs…while I LOVE my iPad Air I need:
    – A new 13″ Macbook or Macbook Air with Thunderbolt 3 & USC-C.
    – A Thunderbolt 3 27″ (or bigger) Cinema Display (been tooo long my friends)
    – iMac with Thunderbolt 3, USB-C, and USB 3.1

    1. I’m thinking new Macbooks and Macbook Pros. If one looks at the Intel literature on the Internet, Thunderbolt 3 on USB-C is a major change (and has received little news coverage). For example, it would allow a 13″ Macbook Pro to run two 4K displays at the same time, plus transer data (up to 40Gbs), and supply power . . . in addition, the Skylake processors have added benefits, including the “possibility” (if Apple chooses) of wireless charging on a Macbook . . . I hope Macdailynews lives up to its name and gives us more articles on these Mac topics.

      1. will the MB Pro GPU be able to handle the monitors? it’s not just the connectors.

        In the recent test a 2010 Mac Pro with an upgraded card is 5 times faster than a current MBP (and twice as fast as a current Mac Pro which does not have upgradable cards) on GPU intensive games (Tomb raider).

        even if a MBP can run 2 4K monitors the performance will probably be bad on high intensity tasks if Apple can’t get the GPU up substantially.

        currently NO Macs have upgradable cards and for things like intense games on big monitors the performance sucks.

        (I have a Macbook Pro so I’m not trying to troll).

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