iPhone 7 leak reveals significant design changes

“Apple is taking a big gamble with the iPhone 7,” Gordon Kelly writes for Forbes. “The headline change will be the controversial removal of the headphone jack (a move I predicted 19 months ago), but it doesn’t stop there.”

“MacRumors has uncovered two more significant changes Apple will make to the iPhone 7 and the good news is they are likely to be very popular,” Kelly writes. “This first concerns the camera and is something Apple has been itching to do for years: kill off the ugly bulge seen on the back of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. According to MacRumors, the iPhone 7 will feature the first truly flush rear camera since the iPhone 5S in 2013.”

“Also smartening things up is MacRumors’ declaration that the iPhone 7 will do away with the unseamly antenna bands on the rear the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S,” Kelly writes. “This will result in a cleaner look, though I’d wish for some sort of subtle anti-slip texture… On the downside, the antenna bands apparently will still need to be kept on the edges of the iPhone 7 so it won’t be a 100% uniform look.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’re totally onboard with losing the antiquated 3.5mm headphone jack for Lightning. Do it, Apple!

We tried really hard to get excited about the partial removal of antenna bands but found we couldn’t give two shits. A truly flush camera is, however, a meaningful improvement, so bring that one on, too. Now, make the things out of Liquidmetal with sapphire displays and we’ll really get excited!

Below, the back of an iPhone 6s contrasted with an “iPhone 7” mockup. Does that seem like enough of a “design change” for an “all-new” (non-“S”) iPhone generation? We know Jony’s been handing off some projects lately (ahem), but he’s not going to handoff the next gen. iPhone, too, is he?

iPhone 6s rear casing (top) vs. iPhone 7 mockup based on rumors
iPhone 6s rear casing (top) vs. iPhone 7 mockup based on rumors


  1. I don’t have any problem at all with the current antenna bands. I think they are a nice design feature that adds a break to an otherwise boring blank space……and who looks at the back of the phone for long anyway?

  2. I could go either way on the headphone jack. if its adds reliability or increases battery life then yeah do it NOW. Battery life, Camera and software reliability is what I want in iPhone 7.

    1. you KNOW they won’t use the space savings for more battery. They’ll make the phone a micron thinner or whatever.

      Me, I’d just like a phone that isn’t slippery as teflon.

    1. Other than making it thinner, removing headphone jack, adding a major new camera system, possibly using different materials other than aluminum, how much different can you make it look?

      Chances are, you’re not going to see anything radical until:

      1. Apple decides to get rid of Home Button & integrate TouchID within the screen

      2. Apple shifts to OLED screens

          1. The 4S with the rubber bumper was my favorite design and feel for a phone. The rubber bumper gave it a good grip and the bumper was just enough to keep the lens off a sticky pub table

    2. Except for very short periods, like days weeks, my iPhones since ’07 have always been in a case. Therefore, I don’t really/really care for the bands, nor the protruding camera. I care much more about having a significant jump in performance, or functionality. These are hardly game changers…merely refinements.

  3. Apple, increase the processor performance and extend the battery life, things that customers actually care about.

    I can’t imaging anyone being pleased with needing to buy new headphones. Just make the battery thicker, and longer lasting, to match the current connector.

      1. Most freebie earbud phones, including those from Apple, are designed to last only as long as it takes you to walk out the door.

        High end companies like B&W and Grado and stuff will offer you a lifetime product with noticeable quality improvement everywhere. But none of the audio companies out there recommend bluetooth over cable. Wires are always superior in signal quality and reliability and battery life and total cost.

        Apple’s also got a problem with its current minijacks. If you push in any headphone too far it will activate commands in the phone. It’s an Apple flaw. High end headphone manufacturers in fact add an oRing to prevent users from accidentally pushing in the headphone jack too far. It’s well documented on audiophile sites and stuff. Apple needs to fix this with a properly designed heavy duty minijack, not an overpriced external DA converter to support existing headphones.

        1. “Most freebie earbud phones, including those from Apple, are designed to last only as long as it takes you to walk out the door.”

          Yea, but not Apple’s EarPODS, their pretty cool!

  4. Until the iPhone is totally indestructible and scratch-proof, I’m using a case. I drop my phone way too much to leave it naked. From the huge market in cases, I know I’m not alone.
    Since I must use an after market case, hiding antennas and shrinking the lens are pointless. And removing the headphone port, by itself, is only removing capabilities. If removing the ports leads to more battery power or additional capabilities, fine. But, again, Apple’s slippery iPhone design already means I have to use a case. Thus I am use to using a fatter iPhone than Apple thinks people want. If Apple uses dropping the headphone port to further slim down the iPhone, I’m going to regard that as a bad trade off.
    So for people like me, until Apple makes a more grip-able phone with a stronger and more scratch resistant screen, surface appearance and thinness are not important because they are masked by the case. I honestly can’t tell you what color my phone is. I haven’t seen it without a case since the day I bought it.
    As it is, I would like to see a thicker phone with optical zoom, larger optical sensor, better cell and wifi reception, more accurate GPS, and more accurate motion sensors.

    Isn’t a little strange that a major factor in iPhone marketing is the iPhone’s sleek and visually exciting looks, yet a largensegment of its users immediately cover the device and never see the exterior again?

    1. This is proof that one of Steve Jobs’ real strengths was keeping Jony Ive in check. Steve wanted beautiful design, but he also wanted useful practicality. Ive’s annual approach seems to be that last year’s design was ugly and must be replaced. I suppose it works for panties or shoes, but he’s taken it a few steps too far in the last couple of years.

  5. No one said the design was the same. They simply said the antenna lines won’t exist. I’m taking that to mean that whatever new design there is… Won’t have antenna breaks on the back.

  6. Too bad MDN didn’t read the article on Zdnet titled “iPhone 7: It’s time for innovation and reinvention, not gimmicks”. It was a perceptive article that pointed out real needs instead of gimmicks like the headphone jack. MDN has made a crusade out of a ‘fix’ for a problem that isn’t a problem. Apple is just shuffling around insignificant minutiae instead of adding real value to the phone. I’ll just keep on taking good care of my 5s.

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