Apple TV gets free, personalized newscasts with new Watchup app

“Apple TV users now have access to free, personalized newscasts from Watchup, a startup that aggregates content from 160 partners including CNN, Fox News Channel, CBS News and Tribune Media,” Todd Spangler reports for Variety. “The new Watchup app supports the fourth-generation Apple TV, which the tech giant launched last fall… [and lets] users generate individualized newscasts by selecting topics of interest, and fine-tune those by liking or disliking reports.”

Personalization is the future of TV news, and Watchup for Apple TV fulfills that promise with custom made newscasts, a seamless user experience and an unparalleled breadth of content. It’s the best selection of video news on Apple TV. — Watchup founder and CEO Adriano Farano

“Watchup for Apple TV, available starting Thursday, features on-demand streaming of a user’s personalized newscast in addition to continuous streaming by topic (such as business, entertainment, technology and sports), location or outlet. Viewers can stream their news continuously or set up a daily custom newscast delivered at a preset time of their choice,” Spangler reports. “Currently, Watchup is available only in the U.S., but the company expects to expand internationally in the future, Farano said. Watchup’s partners sell ads, which are typically preroll spots, and the startup receive a cut of the sales.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Custom newscasts. Very interesting. And very logical.

So, why isn’t there an Apple News for Apple TV? Hello, Apple? Anybody there?

Check out Watchup via the App Store on your Apple TV.


  1. Hopefully soon more startups jump into the fray and start taking advantage of all the potential of Internet television. It’s the future of all television content. The monopolies of networks can soon be over and democratized.

  2. Why does Apple need to produce an app for every application out there. They are not Microsoft, Apple sells Hardware , they can trust very able , creative third party programmers to create great software. Why would Apple want to discourage them from doing so, it creates a better more diverse feature rich software community. Apple only needs to step in when the market place is failing or to raise the bar in a particular genre.

  3. Today is the anniversary of the Challenger disaster. On the car radio, I heard part of the original newscast and a playback of President Reagan’s solemn and impassioned speech (drafted by Peggy Noonan).

    They don’t make them like that any more.

    When something awful like that happens today, all the news outlets seem to explode with vitriol and blame, dividing rather than uniting. What changed?

    As a little girl I was mesmerised by news broadcasters. Voices on the radio, confident and decisive like Paul Harvey’s, always commanded my attention. On television, Walter Cronkite would remove his horn-rimmed glasses to deliver a serious, personal observation about the day’s happenings. Watergate turned investigative reporting into a noble profession. In many ways, the news business shaped our social being as we grew up.

    It is sad to think how naïve we were back then. It’s sadder by far to contemplate how cynical we have become. The news business has fallen a long way, and all of us are being pulled down with it.

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