Apple adds new Flyover, Nearby and Traffic location data to Maps app

“Apple’s efforts to build out its in-house Maps service moved forward on Thursday with the addition of four new Flyover locales, public transit data for Los Angeles, a European expansion of Nearby POI suggestions and Traffic data for Hong Kong and Mexico,” AppleInsider reports.

“The additions were listed on Apple’s iOS Feature Availability webpage, which notes new Flyover support in Aomori, Japan; Bruges, Belgium; Lake Powell, Utah; and Limoges, France,” AppleInsider reports. “Counting the four cities, Flyover is now available in 220 locales around the world.”

“Apple also flipped the switch on Traffic data for users in Hong Kong and Mexico,” AppleInsider reports, “while residents in the Netherlands and the UK can now take advantage of iOS 9’s new Nearby feature.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Slowly but surely…


  1. Changed your mind, yet, MDN? Or do you still feel the itch to begin ranting about Apple Maps and a beta release that you believe will always dog the brand?

    Apple Maps is continuing to improve. As the default maps app on iOS devices, its user base will inevitably grow over time.

    1. Still needs vast improvements to interface and user control.

      “Nearby” is worthless unless the user can intelligently filter out the chaff.

      Flyover is nice, but what we really need is a system that accurately guides the driver to the correct route accurately, with a useful screen interface that allows the user to add waypoints, look ahead on the map, and search efficiently with or without Siri.

      Apple seems hellbent on forcing people to use Siri, which is probably why the Maps interface is just plain hard to read. No real ability for the user to adjust the interface is a huge drawback — not even a dark mode option ?!?!?

  2. Apple Maps is still horrible to use…
    It never finds what I’m looking for, and often it finds businesses halfway across the world, or strange cities in other countries rather than the suburb or business down the street from my location.

    Is not nearly as reliable as Google Maps (as much as I dislike that company and hate Android, it’s a darn good maps service).

    Years later and they can’t get the basics right, it’s all about SEARCH with Maps, not bloody fly overs…

  3. New google maps will only show routes that are heavily billboarded with their sponsors ads. It will automatically re-route if it feels the drivers hasn’t seen enough ads yet and take them for a second slow ride through billboard canyon.

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