How Donald Trump got everything wrong about Apple in one sentence

“Donald Trump, the billionaire and leading Republican candidate for president of the United States, says he wants Apple, the biggest technology company in the world by market valuation, to make its computers and other products in America,” Arik Hesseldahl writes for CNBC.

“It made for a good sound bite, but it betrayed a deep ignorance of how the tech economy actually works and the role of American workers in it,” Hesseldahl writes. “Speaking at Liberty University… Trump cited Apple in one of the blunt, sweeping statements for which he has become known on the campaign trail: ‘I was saying make America great again, and I actually think we can say now, and I really believe this, we’re gonna get things coming … we’re gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries.'”

“Any honest presidential candidate regardless of party should say clearly and indeed proudly that America doesn’t want these jobs to come back. Final assembly jobs are low-skilled, low-paying occupations; no American would wish to support a family on what the jobs would pay,” Hesseldahl writes. “In addition, no American consumer would want to pay the resulting price for the iPhone or iPad.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Transcript of Donald Trump’s remarks regarding Apple:

We have such amazing people in this country. Sharp, smart, energetic; they’re amazing. I was saying “Make America great again,” I actually think we can say now – and I really believe this – we’re going to get things coming [imports], we’re going to get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries. And, I honestly think I can say – and I’ve said it for the last two weeks and I mean it 100% or I wouldn’t say it: We’re going to make America great again, greater than ever before. And we can do that and we’re going to win and win a lot. — Donald Trump, January 18, 2015

Trump’s remarks begin at 1:03:21:

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Edward W.” for the heads up.]


    1. Clue #1: Assy labor is not the most costly part of an iPhone.

      Clue #2: There are not local US suppliers for much of the high volume chips in the iPhone.

      Clue #3: As I recall (& could be wrong now with higher sales levels) there are over 300,000 assemblers putting iPhones together in one area of China. Where could you do that in the U.S?

      Donald needs to get informed.

      1. Labor in CHINA is not the most costly part. It’s a different world. Highly trained people line up for jobs. Here we search for highly trained people. Here morons expect to be paid as if they were highly trained just because. See minimum wage earner attached. Here companies sought relief from labor costs overseas. The manufacturing infrastructure followed the labor.

    2. Name one president or candidate that isn’t a loud mouth and hasn’t been clueless. Most are. Even the ones who seem rather intelligent. You see people can be morons, clowns, idiots, foolish, stupid or blind no matter what education they have achieved. Yet remember, the party elected has so many others that form the government and they all can not be like the monkey boy wonder, George W. Bush Jr.

    3. Repeat after me, “President Trump.”

      Start practicing now and get used to it, because it is happening!

      You know, unless you enjoy all those ‘professional’ politicians from both parties driving the country further into guilt, debt, poverty, Third World status, and political correctness….

      How much more damage could the man do the last three knuckleheads didn’t cause – the last one may have damaged beyond repair, anyway…..

      1. Sure, the “last one” was the worst problem. We all know where you are coming from, homelysmitty. You must be a twin to Fwhatever, who has been preaching the same mantra for nearly a decade.

        There is a distinct difference of opinion between the general American public (and the voting American public) relative to the people voting in the Republican primaries. As evidence, I point to 2008 and 2012… Keep picking poor Republican candidates and the results will be the same.

        1. Yes, it sadly is true. Because the liberal “progressivist” Marxist moron educational systems guided by the unconstitutional federal government mandates has created a majority of idiots.

      2. If the Republican party remains far right leaning and refuses to back a moderate candidate, then the Democrats are going to have to give the election away for you to win.

        Choose a candidate that tempts the center and you have a chance, as evidenced by Reagan in the 1980s.

        1. Sooner or later, as the globalist elites seek to drag the country into conflicts and global commitments, preside over the economic pastoralization of the United States, manage the delegitimization of our own culture, and the dispossession of our people, and disregard or diminish our national interests and national sovereignty, a nationalist reaction is almost inevitable and will probably assume populist form when it arrives. The sooner it comes, the better. — Samuel Francis, Chronicles, March 1996

    4. I think you underestimate The Donald. He’s a loudmouth alright. But he does have a clue because he knows exactly who his audience is – over 40s who didn’t get a college education who got left out of the economic progress of the last 3 decades. There’s a lot of them and they’re very unhappy. It all makes for a toxic cocktail of political recrimination and rage. The Donald, the hypocrite that he is, intends to use this to capture the presidency. It’s all about him.

      Are we as a people wise enough to stop him? Place your bets ladies and gentlemen. The betting counters are open.

          1. Yeah, I had a Berkely prof would always defend Marism/Communism/Socialsim/Progressiveism when I dared uttered ‘Marx.’ She’d go on about economic vs political theories, and how all these brainiac profs from Europe and America went beyond Marx and were not ‘political’ in their theories…..

            Bullshit! Government control of economic policy to the extent espoused by the Marxist Left (if it walks and quack, it’s a —) is political! Half the party changes in presidential elections can be traced to the economic circumstances of voters.

            I may not have taken all those mysteriously hidden classes at Ha-vard like you and your pal Obamalama, but I know a few things, have an education, lived a long life, and recognize the smell of BULLSHIT a mile away.

            I know, I know, your ilk’s first rule is to repeat a lie often enough until it becomes a fact. But brother, a lie is a lie and can be a fact.

            Yeah, you keep snubbing your nose at everybody you think you’re smarter than. Says more about your limitations

        1. Don’t be fooled by the fear mongering around the word socialism. We already live in a socialist country. Police Deptartments, Fire Departments, city garbage collection, Public Schools, the Courts, the United States Postal Service, the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, NSA, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, Social Security, and all of the State and National Parks are all **gasp** socialist institutions. To name a few.

          1. and if he drives on our great nations streets, roads, highways, freeways, or even off-road on land that is owned by our great nation, the BLM, then consider himself a socialist

            oh, yeah, how about those subsidized prices on grain that allow him the steak he wants at the price it is today?

            maybe he should home school himself on the difference, since he probably lived in a conservative town where the school doesn’t let kids know about things like *reality*

        2. homelysmitty, your posts get more idiotic every day, if that is possible. You don’t even know the definition of the terms that you spew. You just parrot your conservative talking heads. You are an unwitting tool for the conservative establishment and they love you for it. They don’t even have to work to gain your undying support – you perform self-brainwashing.

          If you are typical of even a significant subset of American citizens, then we are truly in trouble.

    1. We’ve already got an admitted Marxist President (did anyone read his book that bought it), and has said if ‘Socialsim’ is what I’m accused of implementing [sic], then call me a Socialist.” You can also count Wilson, FDR, Truman, CARTER (friend of Commist regimes everywhere), and Clinton in that category.

        1. Well, you’re the one with the obvious limited vocabulary that is incapable of a cogent counter-argument than name-calling.

          But then that’s the second rule of Marxism after the first rule of lying – attack and intimidate (or try to, but you guys are such pussies) anyone who disagrees with your Marxist agenda.

  1. Trump is on the ball that’s for sure, especially if one reads between the lines, i.e. keep the blessed computers that Apple makes where they belong, with the free and civilized world.

    Trump knows which side of the wall he’s one.

      1. Like many here I wish there was a post editor but hopefully most of the time the context should put the idea in perspective. Thanks for pointing it out.

        The original comment was meant to mean: “Trump knows which side of the wall he’s on.”

            1. you handle yourself extremely well – bravo!

              I continue to make many errors and look like a buffoon – nevertheless happy to be apart of a club. Lol

    1. … and I presume that the US Government would be willing to pay the cost of any company with increased production costs lower reliability through disinterested labour and the massive decrease in sales from only being able to sell in a small part of the (real) World. No thought not.

      Meanwhile Lenovo gets a wonderful boost to further growth selling to the rest of the World and the US having pissed off everyone else finds itself rapidly becomes like a Soviet economy selling to no one but a captive audience and suffering third rate products outside of the defence industry.

      Those tactics taken to extremes, Trump has to realise that the rest of the World may suffer a bit will start to unite against him. And if it responded in kind remember it is no longer totally reliant on the US for its technology and exports any more, especially if the rest has little to lose in ignoring tech patents and business intellectual property as a retaliation. It would all just damage the West generally, the markets would collapse and in time propel Asia into an independent roadmap that would leave us all in its slipstream.

      1. Thanks for the great thought provoking post spyinthekyuk. I try not to presume too much about that country these days, maybe just maybe they will wake up and get back on track but I’m an optimist. Realistically the safe bet is that they will continue on until they hit rock bottom, something akin to what you have described.

        Overall though I do believe that we are in a globalization phase of civilization, and while there is a lot of turmoil during these very dark times the future of humanity is bright.

  2. Robotics… Apple has enough money to reinvest in itself.
    Like so many other industries, the car industry before it.
    Rather than buy up other companies and carelessly spend money to say it owns the right to do such things… why not build a futuristic factory to build its devices. Since no American wants to earn its wages in the factories. I agree, who in their right mind wants to earn 8 bucks an hour doing meaningless repetitive tasks. One can raise a family nor support themselves on such wages. So build a robotic factory, one that can extrude its own custom screws too. Reinvest in your company Apple. Stop paying CEOs such huge salaries and stock options. Put it into the factories of America.

  3. The Caribbean states of Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Cuba could individually or collectively offer Apple an opportunity to reinvest their current “offshore investments” in a new home.

    Negotiations with these new governments could bring about much beneficial restructuring. Apple could ask Ireland, China, Japan, South America, Central America, Europe, or USA—”What have you done for Apple lately?”

    This infusion of capital into the Caribbean offers:
    * access to “local” trainable workforce;
    * “Local” real estate in the Caribbean;
    * Opportunity to build a modern infrastructure, with minimal regard for legacy hindrances;
    * Opportunity to pull a fiber optic cable to mainland U.S. as well as between the island states; and
    * Opportunity to build modern robotic manufacturing & assembly factories.

    1. Great, so Apple could ship all of the components from China to the Caribbean so that they can be assembled in a different non-US location. Why the f**k would they want to do this, and who is going to pay for all of this “modern infrastructure”, as the Caribbean governments are effectively bankrupt?

      You obviously know as little as Donald Trump about manufacturing.

      1. understanding that all components are presently overseas, the caribbean idea does seem rather possible over time (no reason why a component fab couldn’t be built) Celestica… if you don’t start it will never occur… Is America just going to lay down and give up? Wake up all – when Trump does get in. Thats possible too.

    1. how many mac pros? compared to iPhones?
      no wonder they are not considered in the same breath

      oh, yeah, assembled is the word, built is a euphemism that Dump and companies use to cover the fact that they have been assembling in places like Detroit, see how that went, the charade is over, get used to it
      your iPhone will forever be built in the most advantageous place, wherever that is, and for whatever reason the advantage is

      and americans will pay ONLY what it takes to build it in the most advantageous place, or stockholders will hold them to it

      Like capitalism at it’s most rudimentary much?

  4. Trump transferred from Fordham to Wharton to attend a narrowly focussed undergraduate real estate program. He did not go to the graduate business school and does not understand most of the basic things that any Wharton business school graduate would know.

  5. Excellent article summary!
    I have to wonder if Donald-The-Clown is either naive about the incentives that drove jobs to cheaper labor markets, or he’s just lying for attention, as usual. People desperate for the attention of others is a constant theme in our current era. Apparently, mummy and duddy didn’t love them enough.

    1. Ya. Don’t forget that “small $1m loan” was in the 70s. In real terms, that’s probably about $7mm now. So we should all be getting “small $7mm loans” from our parents.

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