Pope Francis to hold rare tech industry meeting with Google’s Eric Schmidt

“Pope Francis once described the internet as a ‘gift from God,'” Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Nellie Bowles, and Danny Yadron report for The Guardian. “But on Friday he is due to meet with someone who may believe the internet has more to do with his own company than divine intervention: Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google.”

“The pope, who more than a billion Catholics believe is God’s representative on Earth, will meet with the powerful Silicon Valley executive and philanthropist for 15 minutes at the Vatican in Rome,” Kirchgaessner, Bowles, and Yadron report. “A source close to the Vatican, who was familiar with the details of the meeting but not authorised to speak on the record, confirmed the brief meeting would take place on Friday.”

Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman
Eric Schmidt, Alphabet Inc. Executive Chairman
“Pope Francis has admitted to not having a computer, but the 79-year-old is clearly not naive when it comes to the power of technology. The internet, he once said, is a ‘gift from God’ because of its ability to offer ‘immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity,'” Kirchgaessner, Bowles, and Yadron report. “‘This is something truly good,’ he said in a seminal speech on technology in 2014, noting the importance of social media in what he has often referred to as the power of the ‘encounter.’ ‘In a world like this, media can help us to feel closer to one another, creating a sense of the unity of the human family which can in turn inspire solidarity and serious efforts to ensure a more dignified life for all,’ he said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Bless me father, for I have sinned…”

Backstabber Eric T. Mole’s going to need a lot longer than 15-minutes.

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    1. During his trip to the US, the Pope talked to Congress, then the city of Philadelphia.
      Having Schmidt be 3rd on the list of sinners to be confronted seems about right.
      (Philadelphia would probably be lower, if their football fans didn’t pelt Santa with snowballs.)

  1. Wow MDN only has old Ben Franklin as its inspiration in all matters of technological morality. The Pope has a direct line to God apparently to lecture us all about the Internets saintly potential for good. Maybe if he finds a moment from getting the Devil’s perspective here on Earth, the Pope can email his Supernatural bennevolent Overlord to ask if he can cut off internet service to all the terrorists who find it so beneficial to carry out their deadly deeds amongst this ‘unified’ human family of his. Or is it presently engaged?

  2. Whatever allows to rule over peoples believes and control the masses is often considered as “a gift of god”… Technical evolution doesn’t necessarily mean “evolution of mankind”.
    What a pity!

  3. I thought Satan was not allowed to go inside the house of God? He must be able to bypass that divine shield blocking all Evil Devils and got in somehow. Man, that Satan dude is really good.

  4. “Gift from God” is an incredibly empty statement. God made everything, according to believers. So every single thing in existence is some sort of gift from God. Calling one particular thing a gift from God is just really obnoxious and roundabout way of saying “I like this thing.”

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