Tips and tricks for using Siri on your Apple Watch

“There’s a lot to love about Siri on the Apple Watch: The microphone is defter at parsing what you’re saying, your virtual assistant can process a number of tasks, and your watch is often more convenient for dictated tasks than your iPhone,” Serenity Caldwell writes for iMore.

“There are two normal ways to trigger Siri on your Apple Watch: On screen wake, say ‘Hey Siri’ followed by your command, or press in the Digital Crown until you feel the haptic buzz, then dictate your question,” Caldwell writes. “Unfortunately, thanks to room noise and other external factors, Siri doesn’t always trigger reliably on the watch.”

“To save battery, the Apple Watch only listens for the ‘Hey Siri’ on screen wake. Unfortunately, that can make ‘Hey Siri’ a little frustrating if you have your screen configured to wake on wrist raise and don’t get the phrase out quickly enough,” Caldwell writes. “Instead, you can reset the process by briefly putting your palm over the screen to turn it off, then re-raising your wrist (or pressing on the display) to wake it, followed by ‘Hey Siri.’

More tips in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You can simplify that process: Just place a finger on the display when your Watch wakes on wrist raise and it won’t turn off until you remove your finger.


  1. Siri is an idiot that can’t understand English anyway. The difference between the dictation in pages/notes/safari/etc., is night and day better than Siri. In my opinion Siri has light years to go before it is consistently useable. In fact Siri is such a time waster that I rarely bother except to try it again and rearrirm how lame Siri actually is.

    1. I’ve found Siri to work remarkably well on my Apple Watch. Dictation for messages is almost always spot on for me, as well.

      My only complaint with Siri is the sometimes delay as it sends the audio file to the server and then back to the Watch with its translation.

    2. Yes, Siri has a tough time with people that don’t speak the language maternally. I have no trouble in English but in French and Spanish it can be difficult. What if you changed the language of Siri to your native tongue, would that help?

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