Apple’s new 4-inch handset rumored to be named ‘iPhone 5e,’ feature A8 CPU with 1GB RAM

“Supply chain scuttlebutt over a new 4-inch iPhone continues to accumulate, with the latest rumors suggesting Apple will name its revamped handset the ‘iPhone 5e,’ with the letter ‘e’ potentially signifying that it is an ‘enhanced’ version of the iPhone 5s,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The rumored name comes from a new report published Monday by China’s MyDrivers, which suggested the ‘iPhone 5e’ is currently in production at Foxconn, ahead of an anticipated March release,” Hughes reports. “Keeping the device a mid-range handset, it was also said that the “iPhone 5e” will be limited to two capacities: 16 and 64 gigabytes, lacking the 128-gigabyte options found on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s lineups.”

“Monday’s report suggests the defining features of the ‘iPhone 5e’ will be support for Apple Pay, as well as voice over LTE capabilities for higher fidelity audio calls,” Hughes reports. “The device was also said to be priced at 3,288 yuan, which is about $500 U.S.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That’d go over like a lead balloon.

In December, we ran a poll asking: “Want a 4-inch iPhone? What’s the LEAST it’d take for you to buy one?”

A whopping 84% wanted the same features and specs as current-gen iPhones.

The full results (576 votes):
• 67.88%: Only if it offered the same materials, features, and specs as current-gen iPhones
• 16.15%: In a polycarbonate case, but with the same features and specs as current-gen iPhones
• 12.5%: Whatever, I don’t care, as long as it’s got a 4-inch screen
• 3.47%: In a polycarbonate case with “last year’s” iPhone features and specs

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  1. Comparing to any non-Apple phones, it will sell huge numbers, sales will be epic. But comparing to version of 4″ device if it was fully-featured and had latest generation innards, sales will be modest; agree with MDN here.

    Lets hope that Apple will release flagman level 4″ iPhone. No way to know at this point, though, since there are dozens of rumours that contradict each other.

  2. What people say they require is often different from the compromises that they are willing to make when faced with an actual, shipping device. The desire for small may win out over an A8 processor and other issues.

    My personal opinion, however, is that any new phone model that Apple releases should have feature parity (to the extent possible) with the latest handsets. Otherwise, the product will not offer the same useful lifetime and value proposition. Apple’s ecosystem can not capitalize on various new features if it continues fostering the growth of a subset of users with last generation capabilities.

    That said, a smaller device involves compromises in order to pack in the features and still achieve acceptable battery life. The smaller display will not have as many pixels, so the A8 might be a great, power-efficient processor choice that will provide strong performance. Don’t be too quick to get upset about rumors. Wait until the release of the official specs. Then wait again until you can test the actual product at the Apple Store and verify that it fits your needs. Apple tends to be pretty good at balancing conflicting requirements and producing a great product.

  3. Don’t get it, A8 is plenty good enough, allows a lower price point and with Apple Pay and latest OS, as long as it looks good surely gives it generally ‘present’ capabilities as people desire, and at least for some months if it launched early this year and won’t milk the rest of the range either. To be honest most of the users of this phone probably wouldn’t know or notice it wasn’t quite so highly spec’d as the very latest bigger phones? I thought we weren’t in the paper spec game anyway.

  4. Let’s say that Apple could make a “5e” that is comparable in speed and features to a 6s. I would buy one. I don’t want a larger phone for work. Personal? I’d get the 6s. Just saying that there’s a lot of folks who still want/need a smaller form factor for a phone…

  5. I see Apple has hired some former Microsoft employees to determine naming conventions and product specifications.

    The whole “s” suffix naming for the tick-tock product development scheduling is bad enough. Hard to understand why Apple would choose to treat small-screen phone users like second class citizens. With the Apple watch, the smaller screen isn’t marketed with a different name, a different feature set, nor a different style. It’s like the marketing teams are working for different companies.

  6. MDN, i am SO glad that the absolutely accurate worldwide potential demand of the potential sales of the different configurations of possible “budget iPhones” was so completely captured in your online poll, since it shows that it must be true only 3.47% of people in India would buy one with last years specs (wait, that would be 44,311,900 iPhone 6e sales in India alone, (248,200,000 worldwide) oh well, the analysts would STILL see that as a “lead ballon”)

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