One sign that Apple may have bottomed

“With several Apple suppliers licking their wounds after a week of losses, at least one analyst has started to upgrade them,” Anita Balakrishnan reports for CNBC. “Does that mean that shares of the iPhone maker have hit a bottom?”

“Pacific Crest Securities analyst John Vinh released a note late Thursday upgrading precision circuit maker Cirrus Logic, after the Apple supplier announced preliminary fiscal third-quarter net revenue of approximately $347 million, falling short of the $386 million predicted by analysts at Thomson Reuters,” Balakrishnan reports. “Shares of Cirrus tumbled after hours, but given the pullback, Vinh wrote the stock is now “a buying opportunity.” Analysts at Stifel also called for a bottom in the circuit maker’s shares.”

“By Friday afternoon, Cirrus shares were up again, more than 4 percent,” Balakrishnan reports. “Apple suppliers like Skyworks and Avago suffered double-digit percentage-point losses over the course of the week. But both were trading slightly in the green Friday afternoon. Could the suppliers’ bounce mean relief for battered shares of Apple, which saw a 2 percent uptick midday Friday as the markets struggled for gains? Drexel Hamilton analyst Brian White has a ‘buy’ on the stock, writing that ‘Apple’s valuation has reached the point of absurdity.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our hopes for $95 pre-earnings are fading. Well, there’s always next week! Maybe the shorts can concoct something else specious to plant in Far East media.

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  1. The dump has finished, here comes the pump until Jan 26th.
    Dump again after Apple’s record sales disappoint Wall Sreet’s ‘revised’ over inflated Christmas quarter. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Nah, Apple wouldn’t 3d print the iPhone. Then someone else would get the schematics and everyone would get iPhones, at a way cheaper cost, lol. No, suppliers, … Samsung… Will be around for a while yet.

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  3. As usual, we’re talking about AAPL having hit bottom, NOT Apple the company having declined even an iota. And, as we’ve determined this week, the decline in AAPL has had nothing-at-all to do with Apple the company. AAPL instead has been the victim of the usual manipulation as well as the bumbling buffoonery of the Chinese economy and its messed up government’s attempts to control it. Silly rabbits.

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