Tablo gives your Apple TV a DVR for live video

Tablo users have been crazy-excited about the prospect of a native Tablo app before an app store for the new 4th generation Apple TV was even announced,” The Tablo Blog reports. “Given the super-high interest in having a Tablo app on this interface, our iOS team have been coding like madmen since recieving our developer kit.”

“With Tablo, Apple TV users will be able to enjoy live news, sports and network broadcast programs and take advantage of the slick features and stylish interface of the new Apple TV app ecosystem,” Tablo Blog reports. “This new platform offers the fastest processor available among Apple’s streaming media set-top-boxes, enabling the Tablo app’s exceptionally fast performance during in-app navigation, as well as launching both live and recorded playback streams. And thanks to integration with Apple TV’s voice-enabled remote, Tablo also allows users to easily skip commercials simply by asking Siri to jump ahead in the stream.”

Tablo Apple TV App - Live TV Grid Guide
Tablo Apple TV App – Live TV Grid Guide

“Starting this spring, Tablo customers will be able to enjoy broadcast programming using both a live TV grid guide and recordings screens,” Tablo Blog reports. “Additional screens and features will be rolled out in regular post-launch updates with the goal of bringing a fully featured Tablo experience to the streaming media device of choice for Apple fans.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more cord-cutting tools available, the better!

The Tablo app for iPad is an Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR for Cord-Cutters using HDTV antennas to access broadcast TV signals. More info via Apple’s App Store here.

Tablo Guide Data Subscription Rates:
Monthly: $4.99 USD
Yearly: $49.99 USD
Lifetime: $149.99 USD


  1. If you want to cut the cord and can go to pure OTA 100% FREE TV then get the Tivo OTA unit. Try to get it with lifetime guide subscription. But, even if you have to pay the montly guide fee, it’s only $15, just a fraction of the cost of most cable TV bills. The Tivo will also do YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and other internet services. And it coordinates everything so you can see all places where those X-File repeats can be found. Finally, If you’re watching live TV and have to stop to take a phone call, it will record up to 30 minutes of the live TV automatically so you don’t miss anything. It’s a Very nice TV experience and is the way OTA TV was meant to be.

    1. I’ve got Tablo and OTA Tivo. Both with lifetime subscriptions. A big difference is that the Tablo lifetime subscription is truly a lifetime subscription and can be transferred to replacement Tablos and I believe can be used on multiple Tablos at the same time.

      Table is not as refined (reliable) as Tivo but it’s getting better. Overall I like Tablo more and if this new app on Apple TV works as advertised then I guess I’ll be purchasing an Apple TV later this spring.

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