“Sony went into the crucial holiday 2015 sales season boasting 30.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles sold around the world, and emerged with another 5.7 million units sold,” Jason Evangelho writes for Forbes. “This means that as of January 3, 2016, Sony’s unstoppable PS4 has chalked up 35.9 million in global sales. And that figure is ‘sold through’ not merely ‘shipped to retailer.'”

“While Microsoft seems content to brag about the number of hours Xbox Live users logged and now shies away from publishing console sales, Sony is playing to their strength,” Evangelho writes. “That strength is that they’ve unarguably won the so-called console war, and they’ve got the hard statistics to back it up.”

“Meanwhile, Sony delivered a double dose of staggering statistics by not only divulging the 35.9 million sales total for the PS4 itself, but also noted that during the 2015 holiday period (which Sony defines as November 22 through January 2), they sold a whopping 35 million PS4 games,” Evangelho writes. “That’s across both physical retail stores and digital sales via the PlayStation Store. That is just PS4 titles and doesn’t include PS3 or PS Vita.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft is like some fool who cheated to win the lottery: Burning through a mountain of ill-gottne gains as fast as they possibly can.

And, note to the Forbes‘ headline writer: The shameless cannot be shamed.

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