Apple could launch 4-inch ‘iPhone 7c’ as soon as March, China Mobile leaks

“Since releasing its larger Apple iPhone range in 2014, the tech giant’s devices have consistently topped the sales charts, but many have lamented the demise of its 4-inch handsets,” Victoria Woollaston reports for Mail Online.

“Rumours that Apple will return to manufacturing these smaller ‘iPhone minis’ have been circling for months, but a Chinese network operator may have just given the best indication yet,” Woollaston reports. “In a presentation outlining its 2016 roadmap, China Mobile showed a slide that revealed an iPhone 7c will launch in March.”

“This is the first time this name has been used for the upcoming, smaller device. It has previously been referred to as the iPhone 6c,” Woollaston reports. “Apple is reportedly planning a March event for the Apple Watch 2, and it is believed the new handset will be unveiled at the same time. The firm will then save the launch of its rumoured iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus until its traditional September event.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Bring it on, fully-spec’d and fully-featured with 3D Touch, of course!

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  1. Nope, not what Apple needs. What it needs is a very small 2×2 inch iPhone with no screen and few human interface features. It would be used exclusively withe the Apple Watch. The Watch would contain most of the human interface features, and the tiny little almost iPod sized phone would have the radio, storage, etc. Then, the Watch makes more since since one does not have to carry a big phone around also.

    1. Why not just make a slightly larger Apple Watch and add the cell radio (which would include GPS)? Or for that matter, include the cell radio and battery in a Apple Watch band.

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