Apple tops list as best tech stock for 2016

“Apple led a list of information technology and software companies as Drexel Hamilton’s top pick for 2016,” Brian Deagon reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Drexel analyst Brian White also listed Hortonworks (HDP), RedHat (RHT), and Tableau (DATA) as among his top stock picks.”

“Among reasons Apple led the list were expectations of an iPhone 7 launch in September, growing momentum in the wearable category with Apple Watch, a bigger push into China and India, and continued generous cash distribution to shareholders,” Deagon reports.

“White has a buy rating on Apple and a price target of 200,” Deagon reports. “Apple stock closed at 107.32, down 1.3% in the stock market today.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As for why Apple was down today: Blame Canada Italy.

Apple to pay $348 million to settle Italy tax fraud case – December 30, 2015


    1. You may be obliged, but certainly this desire to see Apple stock further decrease represents a shrewd capacity on your part. I’m sure every day you hope and pray Apple stock declines.

  1. I have been a huge Apple fan since 2002 when I bought my first iPod (gen4). But my attitude to Apple today could best be described as “meh”…

    I always hated Windows – I came from the minicomputer environment, and discovering the Mac (when my Toshiba laptop kept corrupting my music I bought a 17” PowerBook) was a revelation and I was hooked.

    The iPhone is amazing (I have two) but the iPad (Air) is compromised and the MacPro is a triumph of design over practicality (the mess of cables is to be seen to be believed – and finding the power switch is still a challenge).

    Mac mail is a disaster, Final Cut Pro X is just horrible (try DaVinci Resollve 12 from – it’s free and no iMovie crap) and Apple has denuded Pages and Numbers to the point they are useless for real work.

    I love my MacBook (except for the noisy, bouncy, keyboard – I type a lot) but what were they thinking with the new Apple TV?

    And what is the logic behind iCloud? Apple don’t seem to understand that people want to organise files by task, job, client etc. You can’t even store a PDF in the Pages folder unless you create it while a Pages doc is open.

    I hate the way Apple curate my mail in secret – funnily enough I couldn’t buy Apple shares because all emails from e*trade were secretly barred – an email to Tim Cook resulted in a fix for that specific instance, but the policy remains.

    So I bought Office 365 and acquired 1TB of storage one MS Onedrive with the deal. No restrictions on what goes where either… Now I have loaded Parallels and Windows 10 on my Mac Pro to run Tradestation – cementing in my mind that Apple products are toys and, for serious work, you must have a Microsoft solution.

    Apple has lost their way. Gold watches that will be bricks in 12 months, and Mac operating systems with new features that offer little usability but make the OS so unstable that anyone running a business would think twice about using Apple.

    I would like to see a Mac Pro in a rectangular box with room for multiple drives and an accessible power switch – and all the card readers you need.

    I would like to see a mail app that can cope with shutting the lid on a MacBook.

    I would like to see a spreadsheet with the functionality of Excel – for god’s sake, you can’t even protect a sheet, let alone do any serious charting…

    I would like to see a word processor that allows numbered headings (like Pages 9 used to offer).

    I would like to see a film editor that works the way I do.

    I would like to see Apple acknowledge bug reports and provide info on fixes, the way Wang Labs used to do.

    I would like to see Apple fix the Mac AppStore which no-one seems to support.

    I would like Apple to acknowledge that it’s greatest advocates are not iPhone users, but Mac users – who are feeling more than a little neglected.

    I did buy Apple shares eventually, but I sold them. I would like to have faith in Apple, but I don’t.

    In the wash-up, I don’t believe Apple survived the death of Steve Jobs. It’s not the same company and its lost its way.

    1. Well done! An excellent review of the state of Apple.

      It’s as if some gay guy has taken over Apple and is going around changing all of the drapes and furniture while the house’s foundation is eaten by termites.

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