Analysts warn Apple sales set to slump in 2016 with no new products

“After a year of big Apple releases, analysts are predicting a flat 2016 where the world’s biggest tech company refines product lines rather than produces the next big thing,” Rod Chester reports for

“Apple’s share price has taken a battering in the past six months, with more than $220 billion slashed from the company’s value as analysts look towards an era of smartphone saturation,” Chester reports. “Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty recently predicted that 2016 would be first time that iPhone sales would shrink, dropping by up to three per cent… Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jack Daw Research, was more positive about the iPhone’s future predicting that Apple would continue to grow sales but was pessimistic about the iPad, with the tablet market for all companies struggling as people fail to see compelling reasons to upgrade from their first tablet.”

Chester reports, “You should not expect Apple to release new product lines next year, but you should still expect a lot from Apple.”

Ten predictions of what Apple will deliver in 2016:
1. Apple Watch 2
2. The iPhone 7 (4.7-inch display) and 7 Plus (5.5-inch)
3. Apple TV streaming service
4. A new iPad
5. 4-inch iPhone
6. New Mac notebooks
7. New software in June at WWDC
8. Even better iPhone camera
9. Spread of Apple Pay
10. The Apple Car is coming in 2016 _ it just won’t arrive in 2016

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MacDailyNews Take: So, except for No. 10, obviously, Apple certainly has new products on tap for 2016 launches. The long-awaited Apple TV streaming service alone could bring in billions in recurring revenue. Let’s wee what the analysts are say after Apple reports holiday quarter (fiscal Q116) results next month.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m not sure what they mean by no new products but the last thing anyone who cares about Apple or AAPL should be wanting is new product categories in 2016. Apple has all it can handle with the products it has right now. Cook needs to resist the constant need from Wall Street clowns and the tech press for shiny and new. Remember a thousand noes for every yes.

    1. “I’m not sure what they mean by no new products”

      Technically, what the author should’ve said is “no new product line”.

      But I agree with the gist of your post. Apple has enough on its plate at the moment.

  2. I think Tim Cook would be surprised to learn that there will be no new Macs, iPads, iPhones, Watches, or accessories in 2016. Somebody dropped the ball real bad.

    If the author is talking about new product CATEGORIES rather than new products…why would the lack of a new product CATEGORY cause sales in its other existing product categories to decline? Just because…someone said so?

  3. As always, clickbait nonsense!!

    Apple Inc. are doing just fine. They will have just completed a stellar product and earnings quarter that they will unveil in January 2016.

    Apple Inc. work to their own schedule or releasing upgrades and new products when they are ready, not to half baked analyst or pundit predictions.

    The AAPL stock price has been down for months now because of the ‘needy Hedge funds’ pulling money out of ‘safe haven’ Apple Inc. to shore up their disastrous bets on Oil and other commodities, nothing more or less!

    The so-called ‘depressed share price’ for long term stock holders is a pure gift, as Tim & his team buy back shares by the gazillion.

    The only idiots who bleat about the short term AAPL stock price are the Day traders who are trying to game the stock as they have done for years. Well, that don’t work well when the Hedge funds are running for cover!!

  4. You can’t win with these dumb annalists.

    All Apple new products get pooh poohed, dissmised as flops and put down when they come out. Then, after being proven wrong every time when these prove to generate blockbuster record sales and staying power (that only add new revenue streams that are ingoredand miscalculated) these half wits hve the balls to complain that Apple has no forthcoming products…

    The tail wagging the dog and the idiot sheep continues to wag, though covered in shit.

  5. The headline:
    “Analysts warn Apple sales set to slump in 2016 with no new PRODUCTS”

    Should read:
    “Analysts warn Apple sales set to slump in 2016 with no new BIG THING”

    A BIG THING doesn’t happen every year. This article suggests that every year Apple doesn’t release a BIG THING, sales will slump or be flat. Apple had had plenty of years of growth in which it has not released another BIG THING.

  6. I see AAPL is down around 1% this morning while GOOGL is up over 1%. Their market caps are about $60B apart now. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if GOOGL overtakes AAPL as most valuable by year end. AAPL will continue to be in a downward spiral until they report quarterly figures. And if March guidance is soft I see a bloodbath coming. Stock could drop into the $80s easily.

    1. I think you’re absolutely right. Coming quarterly report will be stellar but it wont mean one damn thing as the “analysts” will just brush it off and spew their FUD on the next (which of course will be less than the current but better in comparison to last years). It dont seem nothing can favor AAPL and the Apple money machine. Real money and products not interesting anymore in the US? The next bursting bubble is easy to see with these values. U asked for it and the bank in this casino is the Capital, the ordinary man will lose!

  7. So, I was in Best Buy two times last week trying to find a TV. The first trip was around 5:00 PM and the majority of the store was at the Apple section. There were no people at the Samsung section. The second time was maybe an hour before the close of extended hours. The store was sparse, but after looking at TV’s I meandered over to the Apple section to see the iPad Pro and Macs. Within a minute of arriving at the Apple table a guy in his twenties rushed over and bought an Apple Watch for his girlfriend. I think Apple watch sales this holiday are going to surprise a lot of people.

    Final note – the new iPad Pro is an excellent creation, but instead i got a beautiful 2015 MacBook Pro – my first Apple computer! 🙂

    1. Nice!. I replaced my almost 5 year old iPad2 with and iPad Air2. While hardware wasnt’ updated this fall, the Best Buy price discount of $125, along with anemic performance of the old iPad2 on iOS9 made me jump, and I’m really glad I did. The performance of the Air2 is just sweet.

      I’m guessing I’m not alone, and that the upgrade cycle of iPad is just now set to kick in.

  8. Best Buy had the best prices on Apple products throughout the holiday shopping season. The Watch in certain sport versions and colors was often sold out online. The iPad discounts were awesome as well. While Target gave you a $100 gift card to use; many simply wanted the best price straight off the jump…..!!
    Apple’s holiday quarter will be record breaking… matter,,,,,,the ANALists will still profess doom and gloom for Apple going forward forever and ever…………………………………!

  9. Apple stock down again. It’s like someone attached a huge anchor to Apple and then dropped it into the ocean. It’s quite amazing how Apple has this big bulls-eye painted on its back when it comes to the analysts firing arrows. It has to be the only profitable company being downgraded on speculation alone.

    Does this even make any sense at all? Every good quarter will be nullified by each following quarter. Do these people even know what’s in Apple’s pipeline? I’m pretty sure Apple has enough products and don’t really need any more. If they need additional revenue streams they they need to go outside of hardware.

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