Can’t leave home without it: 72% would turn back home to retrieve their Apple Watch

“Our research partner Ben Bajarin was discussing consumer adoption trends with colleagues at a recent industry event when the topic of how to measure true satisfaction came up,” Bernard Desarnauts reports for Wristly. “This was the inspiration for our first question for the week: would you turn around and head back home after realizing you forgot to put on Apple Watch?”

“Where only 4% of our respondents stated they would not be bothered by it, an aggregate of 72% would likely turn back to retrieve it (the 61% stated ‘It would bother me and I would turn back unless at risk of being late for an important appointment’) and the balance of 24% would be somewhat bothered but not enough for the hassle of the trip back,” Desarnauts reports. “This high number reflects some of our other data points in overall satisfaction with Apple Watch and relatively much lower ‘abandonment’ rate vs activity bands and other wearables.”

“The remainder of our weekly research focused on the topic of bands, Apple Watch and its users behaviors and habits in owning/buying and swapping/changing the ones they own,” Desarnauts reports. “There are three distinct ‘personas”’ when it comes to Apple Watch and bands. Each persona represents approximately one third of the total Apple Watch population and we can define them as follows: The ‘Band-less’ — for those who don’t care much about bands and typically are satisfied with the first and only band they bought. The ‘middle’ — for those who often have somehow wandered into purchasing a second band but do not regularly or frequently change theirs. And the band lovers or shall I say ‘bandistas’ — those who stated that being able to swap and change bands was core to their original buying decision and their forming habits sustain the claim!”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’ve turned back (especially in the first weeks before Apple Watch became part of our morning routine) to get our Apple Watches.

As for bands, we’re in the “middle,” but we didn’t “wander” into it, we were “forced” to do so by Apple. If Apple had originally offered a black Sport Band option for the silver Apple Watch Sport, we’d be squarely in the “band-less” category. However, with the plethora of high quality but inexpensive bands no available, for example, the JETech 42mm Milanese Loop ($27), we’ve now, eight months later, finally purchased second bands for our Apple Watches. Have you?


    1. We do know it now, the ones who have actually used it for months. Poorly made? Where did you get that BS. No problems so far with mine that I got day one. Overpriced compared to what? There are 3 categories with 2 types in each and they then the bands have different prices. You would need to show a lot of similarities with the other watch to get a real price comparison. If a Watch does not have apps, cell phone connection, ability to buy things with, touch screen, and voice control than it not even close to what a Apple Watch is. As far as Tim Cook goes any CEO following Steve Jobs would have a hard time. What other CEO did people all over the world care about their death? The company is still at record profits, creating new products, is very competitive in 6 product line. Almost every company in the world would love to have him as him as their bad CEO.

      1. Most smart-watches have the functions you mention and the Apple Watch does not have independent cell phone connection. There is nothing really different to make the Apple Watch stand out. Maybe the “Digital Crown” is one feature that is different, however the Rotating Bezel on the Samsung S2 is a similar and superior solution.

    2. You are right. I am a complete fool. After buying
      my first one, I bought a second one cause I loved
      it so much and wanted a back up. One for Sports
      and one for formal wear with an alligator band.

  1. My wife is one of those, she has come back several times to get her Apple Watch. She is mainly using it as a silent phone alarm and sometimes when she is out of her desk also as a phone.

    At home it’s a bit weird, she just starts talking to somebody who’s voice is radiating from her wrist that is resting on her note pad while she is writing. There is no ringing, just “Hello Ella, what is it?”

  2. I’m in the “bothered, but ain’t going back” camp. Definitely grew on me though. Little by little I’m adding apps and finding uses for it. And being able to customize the home screen is fantastic if you travel a lot…

  3. I’ve fortunately never forgotten my Apple Watch, putting it on is the first thing I do after my iPhone alarm goes off in the morning. I would feel incomplete and very sad should I ever forget to put on my Apple Watch.

    1. Same with me. I already have had the Watch on before I start to get ready to leave. However if it did happen I doubt I would go back and get it. The few times I have left without my phone I didn’t go back to get it. That is because I would like to be away from tech from time to time. I do have to think convenice myself not to do it. I still have the first band, but will get a new one for Christmas.

  4. Never happened to me because it’s on first thing in the morning. Sometimes if I wake up early I’ll put it on, move around to get my first hour of standing credit and then go back to bed.

  5. I have an two Reminders set on my iPhone so I don’t forget the watch. One goes off every day at 7:15 and the other goes off when I leave my home. I don’t often forget the watch but these reminders in sure that I will not. I do not like to leave home without it, addicted.

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