IBM and Apple can put Watson’s AI insights inside Apple Watch

“I spoke with IBM’s Vice President for the IBM-Apple Partnership, Katharyn White to get a little more background on news Apple and IBM are extending their partnership to put business intelligence across the digital ecosystem, from the artificial smarts of Watson to augmented cleverness strapped to any Apple Watch user’s wrist – and the partners are in this for the long game,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

The majority of the made-for-business apps that IBM and Apple will make available will be extended to the Watch, provided they include tasks that can be completed in 15 seconds or less with one or two quick actions… We are seeing great interest in the apps for the Apple Watch, and we continue to extend apps to the Watch that are tailored to meet the needs of specific professions, such as nurses or first-responders, and deliver timely information to their wrists. — Katharyn White, IBM VP Marketing, Global Business Services

“IBM yesterday confirmed it has delivered over 100 IBM MobileFirst for iOS apps in partnership with Apple. CCS Insight’s Nick McQuire calls the Apple/IBM partnership ‘lethal,’ saying: ‘IBM MobileFirst for iOS has the potential to radically reshape the direction of enterprise computing in the coming years,'” Evans writes. “These apps digitally transform the work of 14 industries, 65 professions and the partners will offer similar products to new markets, including ‘consumer products, automotive, aging and chemicals and petroleum’ in 2016.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With Apple Watch ion our wrists now for nearly 8 months, the UI has become second nature.

We can’t wait to see where the future leads for Apple Watch especially in the areas of speed (apps need to respond faster) and independence (less reliance on iPhone, perhaps via Apple “smartbands” that deliver things like GPS tracking for runners, extended battery life, etc.)


  1. C´mon you two! Get a server room!!
    Apple and IBM are in love for some time now, Apple should buy IBM entirely (enterprise services, software, servers, R&D, patents, micro processors, flash memory, etc.). The result of the Watson/Siri romance could be sci-fi material!

    1. The DNA and business models of each company are too different. A merger would dilute their strengths. They’re better off doing what they are doing now, partnering closely where their common interests lie.

  2. Yes very excited about the offspring from Watson and Siri. Imagine shot this could offer for HomeKit or CarPlay and very likely a big play for any Applr car that hits the road. But I suspect it will go into areas that we barely imagine today. The consumer face of Siri with the deep thought of Watson could be a whole new start for AI.

  3. I can tell you..The next generation watch will blow away your current watch and you will have to shell out $500 for a watch again. I would rather shell out $3k once and have a handmade work of art on my wrist than spend $500 for $50 dollars of soon-to-be landfill fodder.

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