One factor that could turn Apple stock torrid again

“Apple has always been a bit of a maverick — hard to classify or predict,” Paul Whitfield writes for Investor’s Business Daily. “The company is hard to classify because it is dynamic. It has refused to stay in an easily categorized box.”

“Growth investors love that about the company, but the Street’s earnings estimates for fiscal 2016 ending in September is for 6% growth. (In fiscal 2015, EPS growth was 43% on a 28% revenue surge.) Some market watchers are saying Apple’s future is as a steady, dividend-paying stock,” Whitfield writes. “What would it take to make that conviction look silly?”

“The answer: China,” Whitfield writes. “China’s middle-class population is expected to grow from 300 million now to 500 million ‘in the next decade.’ Goldman Sachs estimates that only 11% of China’s population is now middle-class. (The U.S. percentage is roughly four times that.) A middle class is essential to the stability and wealth of a nation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There’s so much headroom for Apple, it boggles the mind!


        1. The effect of less shares ( due to apple buyback) is higher eps and higher pps… Not lower pps .. ( given constant PE)
          Even there this stock has been oppressed … Due to diminishing PE.

  1. “A middle class is essential to the stability and wealth of a nation.”

    Someone should tell that to the Obama-Clinton Dem/Lib/Progs.

    After six-plus years of Obama’s big-spending, tax-raising policies, middle-class families have seen their incomes decline and more families have fallen into poverty, Census data show.

    Median family income dropped slightly to $53,657, down from the year before. Every income group suffered losses, with the lowest fifth of households dropping close to 1%. The overall poverty number barely budged. But it climbed by almost 600,000 among blacks in 2014, more than half of whom were under age 18.

    Despite more than six years of economic “recovery,” the middle class is, incredibly, worse off than at the end of the Great Recession.

    From 2009 to 2014, real median household income dropped by more than $1,000 — or 2.3% — to $53,657. (And that decline would likely have been steeper if not for a 2013 change in the way the Census does its annual survey.)

    Obama’s economy has been particularly harsh on those already at the bottom. Census data show that the bottom fifth of households saw their average income fall by 8% from 2009 to 2014. Looked at another way, the share of households with incomes below $25,000 climbed from 22.4% to 23.6% over those years. Among blacks, it went from 35.5% to 36.8%.

    The statistics on poverty are just as unpleasant.

    In Obama’s first year in office, 43.6 million people — or 14.3% of the population — lived in poverty. By 2014, that number had climbed by more than 3 million, pushing the poverty rate up to 14.8%. The poverty rate among blacks was 26.2% last year, up from 25.8% in 2009.

    If anyone but Obama had presided over such results, his economic legacy would be in shambles and his policies in disrepute.Investor’s Business Daily, September 16 2015

    1. Obama isn’t responsible for anything. Because he’s black. So, he gets a free pass where any other president would be held accountable. It’s why the mainstream media coddles him. It’s why he can pretty much do anything he likes, including setting the record for golfing while president, and never be called on any of it. Anyone who criticizes his failed presidency is a “racist.” If the GOP were smart, they’d nominate a hispanic like Ted Cruz with a black woman running mate like Mia Love and cry “racism” for the next 8 years while they work on fixing this total mess Obama and the rest of the Democrat retards like Reid and Pelosi have left them.

    2. Your ignorance borders on the absurd. Conservatives don’t care about promulgating a middle class. The method is strangle the middle class from both sides until there is nothing left.

      You hide behind some equanimity for all of the incomes in America. You’re simply wrong.

      Your own Speaker of the House, touting his balance between family and work life isn’t interested in providing that same “middle class” benefit to the rest of American workers. Your assault on women’s rights, healthcare, minimum wages and monetary policy promulgates nothing but inequality for the vast majority of Americans.

      In the farce of last night’s Republican debate, not one idea was brought forth to spur an economy, glean some understanding of foreign affairs or show the electorate that you and your cronies have any care for what happens to the country. NOT ONE. Instead, you bash foreign policy, economic recovery and healthcare. This country would be toilet paper remnants if we followed your lead.

      Your lengthy quote from “Investors Business Daily” is in itself an indictment against you and your support for crony capitalism, which along with its fixation on the stock market is ludicrous in your understanding of basic economic science.

      So, in closing, take your primitivist ideas and shove them up your ass.

      1. There is absolutely no “fixation on the stock market” in my IBD quotes.

        Under the Obama-Clinton Liberal Democrat regime, the FACTS are:
        • Median family income down
        • 600,000 more blacks in poverty
        • Middle class worse off than at the end of the Great Recession
        • Real median household income dropped 2.3%
        • Bottom fifth of households saw their average income fall by 8%
        • Poverty rate up from 14.3% to 14.8%

        The Obama Failure.

        The USA’s mentally challenegd VP in 2012, after 4 years of Oblahblah:

        “FORWARD” headfirst into the crapper.

        Own it, loser.

        1. That’s Mr. President Obama, to you, you traitor.
          You honestly think Republicans give a shit about any of the “Facts” you’re spewing? The only reason President Obama could be considered a failure, is because of the assholes who have blocked American progress every step of the way, all in the name of “Party Allegiance”. Failure, indeed.
          I can’t wait for you to have to change your handle, yet again. LOL!

          1. While I blasted “First…” for his off base RINO comment yesterday, I have to occur with much he says about Obama.

            Obama has been the weakest and most ineffectual president in modern times not least because, as the most left leaning president in the history of the United States, he proved either incapable of or unwilling to reach out to Republicans in any meaningful way. His poor exhibition of diplomatic skills both domestically and overseas has not served him nor the nation well.

            His sole major legislative triumph, Obamacare, only served to strengthen the command and control aspect of medical industry. And five years after it was signed into law, it is still unclear if the number of uninsured has been reduced, which was its raison d’être.

            My wife works in the healthcare industry and she routinely sees national stock shortages of what should be common and inexpensive commodities such as saline IV solutions or generic drugs. Restrictions are also placed on where theses items can be procured. Can’t go to Canada or Mexico even though they are plentiful and inexpensive. Health care providers are forced to go through insane shenanigans to get the commodities they need to provide prompt service to their patients. It’s a governmental monstrosity which makes the defense department’s acquisition process look like a model of efficiency. All thanks to Obama.

    3. Someone should tell YOU that the Koch Brothers are NOT Middle Class! Stop blaming Obama. Grow up and face the truth. This gave us the worst Depression since 1929. Despite your hate, Obama rescued us! Bush gave $39.9 billion to Saudi Arabia to arm ISIS.

    4. Please spare us, Fwhatever. Your incessant postings with your one-sided political viewpoints are nauseating. You cannot possibly believe that everything good is Republican and everything bad is Democrat unless you are a completely twisted tool. Find somewhere else to spout your bullshit.

    5. Oh First..Then. It’s just too easy to blast your bullshit to hell.

      Q: What US party has created Neo-Feudalism, the increasingly gaping separation of the rich from the poor? What US party feeds corporate welfare? What US party wants to get rid of:
      – The Affordable Care Act
      – Medicare
      – Medicaid
      – Social Security

      I don’t have to answer that question. Any thinking US citizen knows that answer. The lost, such as you, don’t like that fact.

      As for the quality of Obama’s terms in office, you won’t find me offering much appreciation. Some appreciation, sure. But not much.

  2. If you want to turn Apple into the highest-paying dividend stock around and ignite the share price, then pass corporate tax reform. That’s what is holding Apple back from repatriating its foreign income.

  3. Man, a lot of libs here, So, tell me, Are you actually going to vote for Hillary? Killary? Billary? The theif, liar, cheat, crook, who put every citizen in danger with her email stunt, to hide her crony dealings with every lobbyist and foreign government all in the name of greed and their “library” ?

    Honestly, I can’t believe any self respecting guy would vote for Hillary, unless there is something wrong with their morals, Get ready to be taxed up the ass… Get ready for pure socialism.

    How does this relate? She’ll force Apple to crack encryption and if that does not tell you she is a commie pinko, then why not give your house up to some Syrians,, But you democrats won’t. you are all hypocrites, from global warming (You use fossil fuels every day) to Syrian refugees, (Not in my neighborhood, please), to personal privacy to guns, You’d give all your rights away.

    And last, Cram the FAKE Supposed Republican “war on women” up your ass.. FU, Totally manufactured by the DNC..

    Anyone here who OWNS AAPL IS a corporation, and Hillary’s condemnation for CEO Pay, etc etc, is as phony as can be, but the Useful Idiots fall for it every time. Makes me sick.

    1. So, if Trump gets the nomination, would you vote for him in the general election, just to stop Hillary? As for Communism, most everything Americans purchase seems to be manufactured in China. Doesn’t that make U.S. consumers supporters of Communism?

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