Apple stock slumps on Dialog Semi warning

“Apple stock is lower by 0.45% to $111.97 in afternoon trading on Tuesday after Dialog Semiconductor cut its 2015 fourth quarter guidance in light of lower mobile demand,” Rachel Graf reports for TheStreet.

“London-based chipmaker Dialog Semiconductor supplies a ‘power management’ integrated circuit in Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus, and Apple makes up 75% of the company’s revenue, according to Barron’s,” Graf reports. “Dialog Semiconductor lowered its 2015 fourth quarter revenue expectations “due to weaker than anticipated demand in its mobile systems segment.”

Graf reports, “However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that reports from individual suppliers are not necessarily indicative of the company’s supply chain, Piper Jaffray said in a note this morning, Barron’s adds.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Exactly.

Even if a particular data point were factual it would be impossible to accurately interpret the data point as to what it meant for our overall business because the supply chain is very complex and we obviously have multiple sources for things, yields might vary, supply performance can vary. The beginning inventory positions can vary, I mean there is just an inordinate long list of things that would make any single data point not a great proxy for what’s going on. Apple CEO Tim Cook, January 23, 2013<


  1. The stock can’t catch a bid, period. No matter how good their product is they are thought of as an iPhone only company. When fear appears in regards to iPhone growth, it’s understandable why the stock sells off. Even with all the share buybacks this stock is dead in its tracks. Frustrating…

    1. Apple’s current leadership is to blame for devaluation. Neither Apple Watch or iPad Pro have produced enough excitement, iPhone is now just another smart phone among smart phones, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro eschewed user upgradability, the Cinema display is a museum piece. Apple seems to have lost it’s purpose and direction.

    2. As a stockholder myself, I agree. Apple, for whatever reason(s) is held to an unreasonably high standard of success.
      I believe that Apple is viewed by the Street as being susceptible to imminent failure with each quarter. However, Google and Amazon-perhaps even Netflix – are viewed as de facto monopolies . Therefore, they are viewed as as more predictable, thus safer investments by the analysts.

  2. So Dialog has revised their projections downward by 7%-10% from their earlier overly optimistic projections, and Apple gets hammered down to ‘2% expected iPhone growth’ as a result?? These anal-ysts are idiots.

    1. Oh, my, those anal-ysts. Those GDd anal-lysts. Fing Apple in their anal-ysts. Your name calling really hasn’t made a Fing difference. So keep wringing your hands, pissing your panties, and whine, whine, whine. It really has no effect on Apple’s success, but I’m, sure that is helps your impotence by making “noise”.

        1. The same analysts that shot Apple stock prices sky high were hailed as the most intelligent and perceptive people on the planet, but when these SAME people devalue Apple stock they are pilloried. The same people. The same Fing people. Do you get it now? The same Fing people.

  3. Hedge fund gofers are scouring Appe inc. supplier company reports for anything that can be misconstrued as news of impending peril …. As Tim Cook has warned the anal retentive analysts time and again, the supply chain is complex and no one data point will provide any reliable information on Product numbers. It’s clear that the big boys are trying to drive down the Apple inc share price for a lower entry point prior to what is likely to be another fantastic and blowout earnings report in January 2016!

  4. Can’t believe the negative hype around Apple.

    But nobody cares to see how will they grab additional market in 2016.

    India; last visit in India from Tim was all about market penetration.

    Iphone7 with 3 different size, bringing back a 4″ or a 4,2″ iPhone.

    With only 13% of the worldwide market share on mobile device, there is room to grow.

    I am not talking about AppleTV, Watch, Macbook, ipad, …

    Life goes on with Apple, like it or not

  5. As a stockholder, I’m as frustrated as anyone else, but before we continue down this, “Wall Street hates Apple.Period.” road, let’s remember that Wall Street has made Apple the most valuable company in the world. That achieved, it’s cautious now. Overly cautious. So what? There’s one thing that Wall Street sentiment can’t stop, and that’s the $10 billion going in the bank every quarter and the R&D on mega-products unknown yet to come. To paraphrase Martin Luther King, “the arc of the market is long, but it bends toward money.”

  6. i guess my basic sentiment is “don’t bet against apple”, which is not to say i am not concerned about the languishing stock valuation, software stumbles and botched new product/services rollouts. not to mention an almost total lack of advertising for macs themselves.

    still and all, the high strung phillies of wall street are doing us no favors with their regularly taking the vapors on moment to moment snapshots of all things apple, and driving down the valuations in the process.

    on the other hand, androids are switching to the real mccoy at an rapidly growing rate, so i think things look good for iphones and the close relationship with ibm is going to help drive apple ever deeper into the enterprise zone. plus the new ipad should be a winner.

    i may be frustrated but i am optimistic…. and somewhat pissed by wall street, but so what else is new?

  7. This temporary dip is meaningless for stock holders. Apple stock has been and continues to be a great investment for its owners. The only way this dip is meaningful is if you were planning to buy more stock (good opportunity now) or if you were planning to sell your stock soon (better to wait a bit longer.)

    If you own Apple stocks, just keep collecting your dividends, and remember click the “sell all” button at some point before or during your retirement.

  8. I told you fools to dump this already. You won’t listen, so take it up the you-know-what. Short interest is off the charts, and they mean to bring this dog down. IT DROPPED 40% 3 YEARS AGO IN NO TIME. More pain coming your way. And while you are at it, dump the twink.

    1. And if people had followed your advice in the Dark Days and dumped AAPL when it was at its short term peak of about $120 (pre splits) just before it dropped almost 50% IN A SINGLE DAY, then they would have been out all the increases since then.

      If you’re interested in owning AAPL stock it is not a short term play (unless you want to “time the market”, which almost never works out). AAPL has been a rolling stock since the late 80s. The overall LONG TERM trend since the late 90s has been upward. I have little reason to believe this is going to change.

      Now go take your misguided advice elsewhere.

    2. I hope you are right. I want to buy a bunch of shares at the end of the year. A price of $100 would be like a gift directly from Santa.

      As with any stock, buy when its price is low relative to value.

      When Apple returns to a PE of 15 or 16 we will all be happy, but look back on these days wishing we all bought more at these prices.

  9. These AAPL bashing sessions from WallNut Street consistently bring to mind the paranoia of cocaine addicts. IOW: It is my opinion that WallNut Street is in the hands of a bunch of drug addicts. That explains, to a significant extent, this hallucinatory AAPL bashing and price bouncing insanity, despite Apple the company being brilliantly, consistently and increasingly profitable.

    Those looking back from the future: Am I right? I bet I am.

  10. WS is a f#ckin casino. Amazon soon reaching a p/e at 1000!!! Ever rising. A money machine like apple gets punished, red in even todays all green market. Soon crossing into 2 digits. Go figure…

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