Cramer: Apple shares may not have momentum but they’re cheap

“Apple shares are down 2% on Monday after analysts at Morgan Stanley issued some downbeat channel check research,” Bret Kenwell reports for TheStreet. “This could mean a buying opportunity, according to TheStreet‘s Jim Cramer.”

“Cramer acknowledged he’s unsure if the channel checks are correct because Apple tends to be ‘cagey’ about information surrounding its supply chain,” Kenwell reports. “He said concerns about smartphone saturation are understandable as growth in the market continues to slow.”

Kenwell reports, “But Apple isn’t priced for extraordinary growth by any means, he added.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Channel checks” from yet another year-end “actionable” note. What a scam the market is – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be profitable!

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. If Apple wants it’s stock price to be stable, they should pay dividends of 80% of profits per share. Then nobody in their right mind would sell, and millions would want to buy, which would drive the price up.

    1. They are, but only the portion of profit that comes from the States.
      To get the dividend, you need to hold the shares before the ex-dividend date. Any other time you can buy and sell as you please.
      Personally I would love to have a higher dividend yield but probably not at the expense of borrowing money to pay for it. Apple borrow money for the share buyback since they are retiring the shares but do not borrow to pay for the dividend.

  2. 2016 will be soft economically.

    Presidential election year, disruption in European markets, interest fears at home, slowing demand for luxury goods, prediction that Chicago cubs will win pennant.

  3. I wonder how Carl Icahn feels since he dumped Netflix and kept Apple. He probably regrets that decision. What gets me is all those activists were asking for Apple to buy back stock. To what end if no one is willing to buy Apple stock. It’s so amazing how the FANG group management teams are so much smarter than Apple whereas they know how to put value into their stock. Why can’t Apple figure it out?

    1. Though i dont know what you mean by FANG…
      Here is my theory..
      Apple does not want to …till they are done with their buyback.
      I may be naive in my thought but nevertheless….
      In hindsite what if all the capital was alocated to dividends…???
      Pe of 12… Errrrrrrrrrr

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