Apple’s powerful iPad Pro: One month later

“Time flies when you’re working! It’s hard to believe that I just looked at my calendar and realized that I’ve had my iPad Pro now for 32 days,” Terry White writes for Terry White’s Tech Blog. “I figured it was time to give you guys an update now that I’ve had a full month to experience it, work on it, travel with it and use Apps that were designed to take advantage of the larger display size and more importantly Apple Pencil.”

“If you have no use for the best stylus/tablet combination in the mobile space right now, then the iPad Pro is probably not for you. Before my Apple Pencil had arrived I had spoken with people that had tried it, including colleagues. Everyone I talked to raved about it and said things like “game changer” and one month later I would have to agree. The Apple Pencil and iPad Pro were designed to work together,” White writes. “That’s why the Apple Pencil doesn’t work with any previous iPad model or iPhone.

Apple's all-new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
Apple’s all-new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil
The display in the iPad Pro was engineered to work very very very precisely with Apple Pencil. I use a Wacom Cintiq as my main display on my desk. So I work with a stylus every single day. Until now, nothing in my mind compared with that experience. That was until I tried Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.”

“Probably the most unexpected benefit for me with the iPad Pro was being able to leave my Wacom Intuos Pro small graphics tablet at home (maybe for good),” White writes. “Thanks to an amazing iOS/Mac app called Astropad I can use my iPad Pro as a wireless/wired display and graphics tablet to my MacBook Pro. This gives me a Wacom Cintiq alternative for travel.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: iPad Pro isn’t just for artists. It’s also for those who use multitasking heavily. It makes researching, writing, assembling quotes, etc. doable versus all other iPads, where doing so it just a bit too tedious.

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  1. MDN is right about the tediousness of doing research via standard iPads, over time you just find yourself wanting to do it on the Mac where it is just more seamless. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before some of these advances and no doubt plenty more to come find their way to the smaller iPads where applicable.

    1. iPad Air3 and iPad Mini5? Even though I’m ready to replace my iPad2 and iPad3 with new ones, the iPad Pro is just a little large for my use (I think). Now I’ll just have to wait a bit longer and see what happens.

    2. Sir, my apologies in advance…but you’re an idiot if you actually believe that. Maybe that’s too strong a word. In any event, the iPad Pro brings lots to the table. It’s ok if those things aren’t for you. Frankly, I would have preferred an Air 3 because I like the size of the normal iPad best. I might break down and get a Pro, but likely won’t use either the keyboard or the pencil because I don’t plan to use the device for work but for pleasure. I have friends who melted after using the pencil with notes applications (they are lawyers). Hugely beneficial stuff. To say it isn’t innovative and say that people who appreciate the new functionality are fanb*tches is below the belt and rather ill informed.

    3. I’m taking a hybrid approach thanks to 3rd party tech. I have my iPad Mini attached to the side of my 13″ Air with a Mountie Clip and I have the Duet Display app to use it as a second screen. I’m writing my PhD dissertation so it’s much more convenient to have research documents on the side screen as I type on my Macbook. It gave my Mini a second lease on life after it sat unused for a year since I got my 6+. The Pro seems nice for particular users, but Apple has a lot of work to do with iOS before I consider a Pro as my next, main machine.

    4. I couldn’t disagree more. I think this isn’t for you. iPad aside – the Apple pencil is a huge leap forward. If you’re not a visual artist, it’s perhaps difficult to understand just how much better it is than the alternatives. It’s a digital sketchbook in a way the others aren’t – and functions as a monitor when you need it to. The completion isn’t nearly as good and is double the price. I haven’t touched my cintiq in weeks.

  2. The obvious response is How did he get a Pencil? Tried to buy an iPad Pro at the Apple Store last week and was told they didn’t know when the Apple Pencil would arrive, although they were eager to take my money for it.

  3. While I love my new iPad Pro, one unforeseen benefit is the fact that working with it has made me more proficient working with my iPad Air 2. It feels so small now! I fly when typing on it, and hardly notice the weight of it at all when using it.

    The pencil is great on the iPad Pro. I can actually sign my name with it. I have never been able to do that on an iPad with a stylus keeps up. The lag is barely noticeable.

    On Sunday I pulled it out at a client’s house and sketched his floor plan and where I though the Airports should go. He wants one now. After playing with it, connecting to his office server, pulling up Word documents, and a FileMaker database, he immediately felt it could replace his laptop.

    So it really all depends.

    One thing that drives me crazy is that the lame Airport utility is even more lame on iOS. I almost need a Mac laptop just to configure airports. So this pushes me to using 3rd party WiFi equipment because they have the sense to provide a full web based configuration system.

    1. Interesting comment about the Airport utility. I’ve used it for so long on my Mac that I’ve never even wondered about the web-based setup like I use on my 3rd party routers. Are you saying that you cannot get into an Airport via a browser? I’ve never tried.

      1. Yeah. I’ve always wondered about why Apple didn’t provide a web based utility. The old Airport utility was ok. Then they upgraded it to basically brain dead status. They’re so desperate to make WiFi networking zero config that they are inadvertently making it harder than ever. The stupid thing never guesses the configuration I want. The iOS version doesn’t allow manual config at all.

  4. For the first time in my life I returned an product when after a week I returned by iPad Pro. For someone who is not using the draw and sketch options with the pencil, it just doesn’t have the right feel for something I had hoped would replace my MacBook.

    Everything just feels like a iPhone scaled up. It has exactly the same number of app icons as does the 5 inch iPhone or the iPad mini. What a waste of screen real estate. Most of the apps are just up scaled from the iPad air so all you get is larger type.

    I had large hopes for this, but maybe when better iPad Pro apps become available, it will be something other that a real large iPhone.

  5. I’ve had the iPP for a little less than a month now and absolutely love it. The MBP now stays put at home on the desk connected to a large display and I take the iPP wherever I go. I’ll still take the MBP with me on 2~3 week business trips to Asia but, even there, I expect to take the iPP out on daily outings.

    The iPP does 90% of the things I need to do on the move. The only thing I really need the MBP for is working on large spreadsheets. I can also do a lot more things with the iPP and the Apple Pencil that I can’t on the MBP so, as far as I’m concerned, it has become a new way of working. It’s great not only for taking notes and annotating documents but for brainstorming on mind map, flow chart, project outlines and other such business apps.

    I totally get that the iPP isn’t for everyone. I’m not a graphics artist or pro either but I always preferred using a pen on notepads for taking notes and brainstorming ideas and the iPP has finally made it possible for me to ditch that. Being able to annotate PDFs that I constantly have to go through is awesome as well.

    It’s about finding what you can do with it to make yourself more productive. For me, it’s great because there are so many things I can do on the iPP that I can’t do on the MBP. Using the Apple Pencil is truly a great experience and I’m digging the Apple Smart Keyboard as well. Ended up selling the Logitech CREATE after using both side by side for several days. The Apple keyboard is much more portable, it allows the iPP to be detached more easily for “normal” iPad use, and the keys actually feel very good once you get used to it.

    More and more apps are getting optimized for the iPP’s expansive display space and I’m sure more specialized apps designed specifically for that space will become available. I’m in total agreement with Tim Cook that this is the future. There are still many things that need to developed and refined for it but it’s almost like a new computing platform that changes the way you work and interact with technology.

  6. Any device that has to charge its pencil daily by sticking it into it’s behind, which looks totally stupid, like a turd, and can easily break off, does not deserve the label “innovative” by any stretch.

    I was never a Jobs fan, but he was a serious innovator, and I believe if he had seen that design he would’ve rolled some heads. Why more people aren’t pointing this out just proves how much Apple is the darling that they refuse to criticize.

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