Can Apple still grow in 2016? Analyst: Of course it can

“Apple Inc. shares have appreciated 5.25 percent year-to-date, although they dipped to a low of $103.12 on August 24,” Jim Swanson reports for Benzinga. “Citi’s Jim Suva has reiterated a Buy rating on the company, with a price target of $145.”

Swanson reports, “Analyst Jim Suva expects 2016 to be a year when the company ‘pulls together the fabric of this ecosystem,’ expanding its TAM through hardware, software, healthcare, fitness and even financial services through Apply Cloud, Apple Watch, Apply Pay, Apple TV, and possibly an Apple Car in a few years.”

“The next catalyst for the stock is likely to be investor focus on the iPhone 7, which is expected to be launched in September 2016,” Swanson reports. “The iPhone accounts for over 70 percent of Apple’s gross margin and therefore stock sentiment.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 7, yes, but do not underestimate the power of Apple Watch 2, either.

We would love to see Apple launch Apple Smartbands that add sensor and other functionality to Apple Watch. An Apple GPS Smartband and an Apple Battery Smartband, right now, would sell like wildfire. It’s a missed opportunity for the original Apple Watch’s first Christmas, but we hope to see such items in 2016.

Apple Macs have a huge amount of headroom in the PC market, iPad in the tablet market, and Apple’s Internet TV plan for Apple TV (not to mention a 4K-capable Apple TV 5) are also likely to finally come together in 2016, too. Apple future remains exceedingly bright!


  1. Those are the obvious drivers for next year’s performance. Other factors include a possible streaming television service, wider adoption of Apple Pay and Car Play. Maybe they will fix the Mac App store. Apple Radio has a huge amount of room to grow, if promoted effectively. And maybe there are some surprises lurking at 1 Infinite Loop.

  2. Remember all the DOOM! and GLOOM! from the Apple Bear Bullshitters after Steve Jobs shed his mortal coils?

    Apple grew into being the biggest, most successful company on the planet, and beyond! The growth continues. The Apple Bear Bullshitters are buried every deeper in their own bullshit.

    When will AAPL grow to a corresponding value? When the WallNut Street MANIPULATORS stop trying to submerge it. What’s the opposite of a bubble?

  3. Like that Pope! Good Dude.

    But Apple’s stock, No Way in Heaven.

    The problem is it’s evaluation would be to close to a trillion dollars. To see that kind or growth, well, eval, Apple needs 600 billion in the bank, a continue 50 -70 billion dollar quarters. Or they could pay out 80 percent of the profit to shareholders per quarter and watch the share price take off, as everyone and their mother would try to own Apple shares.

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