Even Republicans and Democrats agree: Apple is the best stock to gift this Christmas

“The CNBC All-America Economic Survey asked the public what one stock they would gift to a loved one or a friend this holiday season,” Steve Liesman and Elizabeth Schulze report for CNBC.

“CNBC reporters and editors selected a list of 10 stocks including tech icons like Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon and old-line companies like Ford, Wal-Mart and Delta Air Lines,” Liesman and Schulze report. “What’s clear is that the public did not pick the winner based on past returns. Netflix, Amazon and Starbucks were the top three (in that order) in both 12-month and five-year returns. Netflix had far and away the best performance, with a 158 percent one-year return and 365 percent over the past five years. But the public, in its wisdom, chose Netflix as only the fifth-most popular stock to stuff in a stocking. (Perhaps they see it as overvalued?)”

“And so the winner, in a mostly boring and predictable way was… Apple,” Liesman and Schulze report. “It didn’t really just win, it clobbered the competition as the choice of 20 percent of the public. It won virtually every one of the many demographic groups in the survey: It was the top choice of men and women, Republicans and Democrats and blue-collar and white-collar workers. It was the top choice of young people and those aged 50-64.””

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MacDailyNews Take: Republicans and Democrats agree. Hey, miracles really do happen around Christmas!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Scott M.” for the heads up.]


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