The influence of Star Wars on Apple’s classic design, and vice versa

“Later this month, crowds of excited fans will stand in lines to see one of the most-hyped and likely profitable things of the year,” Mike Murphy writes for Quartz. “For once, that’s not an Apple product — it’s the seventh Star Wars film, The Force Awakens. But the Californian tech giant and space film franchise do have something in common: design.”

“Jony Ive — Apple’s famed product designer — has long been influenced by Star Wars, and in turn, the new film seems to have taken some aesthetic inspiration from Apple,” Murphy writes. “Earlier this year in an interview with The New Yorker, Ive revealed that he had spoken with The Force Awakens’ director J.J. Abrams about how lightsabers should look in the film. Kylo Ren — a new dark presence in Star Wars universe — has a jagged lightsaber with a (potentially dangerous) crossguard hilt. ‘I thought it would be interesting if it were less precise, and just a little bit more spitty,’ Ive told the New Yorker.”

Murphy writes, “The Force Awakens‘ costume designer, Michael Kaplan, also told Vanity Fair that Apple was one of his influences for the look of the new film.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The Apple Magic Mouse 2 that we just used to set the cursor to type these words would look very much at home in a Star Wars movie.

Apple Magic Mouse 2
Apple Magic Mouse 2


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    1. As much as I like Star Wars, Luke being the new bad guy (Kylo Ren) simply makes no sense. This would completely counter everything in the original trilogy in regards to Luke’s story arc. No, Kylo is not Luke. Besides, haven’t you seen some of the highly publicised promotional shots of the unmasked Adam Driver as Ren, flanked by 2 stormtroopers? As well as the recent trailer showing him from behind, with clearly free-flowing black hair? Methinks Luke is meditating on a planet somewhere, deliberately keeping himself and his powers away from everyone. But I’m sure he’ll make an appearance near the end of the film. But who Kylo Ren is and his relationship to the characters in FORCE AWAKENS is an interesting point. No doubt we’ll officially find out next week or in another 2 years in Episode 8…

      1. Explain where Kylo Ren obtained Darth Vader’s mask. Luke was the last one in possession of it, and was alone while it was burning, and it would have needed to have been pulled from the fire just minutes after that scene in Return of the Jedi. Abbrams has public with false-positive casting to disguise the true identity of surprise characters in the past. Luke went to the dark side in the books. It wouldn’t counter everything in the original trilogy, watch them all again with this in mind. I did, and it would be consistent.

        1. The book-sequels – they’re no longer relevant or part of the Star Wars canon. A parallel universe perhaps but no longer official Star Wars.

          As for Kylo & Darth’s mask – we saw the mask burning at the end of ROTJ, but not burn out. Perhaps Luke left before the fires died down and so someone grabbed it. Could’ve happened right away or sometime later that someone took it (weeks, months or even years). There’s a lot more evidence supporting Luke not being Kylo than this one possibility. I reckon Kylo is related to Luke, but he’s not one & the same person – perhaps Ren is the evil half of twins, offspring of Han & Leia; or perhaps a clone; or perhaps something else. Good news is we find out next week!!

      2. I’ve heard many rumors/plot thoughts on who Kylo Ren is. The one that thinks Luke ends up being Kylo.. does have merit.

        Likely? who knows, well.. we will all know soon.

        When you put the very little references and disappearance of Luke from the trailers, the FACT that Harrison Ford wanted Han to die in Empire and did *not* want to do another SW..

        I’ve heard a podcast of someone who was able to view the first 20 minutes, media type, he didn’t say anything beyond the first 20 minutes are awesome and you

        *spolier possibility*
        Knowing J.J. Abrams style.. A guess here.

        Han dies at some point.
        Luke exiled himself after Jedi, gives in years later to the dark side and becomes Kylo Ren. (Read below)
        Thats the “disturbance” they mention in the trailer. (or Luke dies.)
        (I can’t think of her name…) but she’s asked “who are you?” and she says “I’m no-one” I take it as she’s Han and Leia’s daughter.. and was hidden from the Empire. Thats why she has the screen time with Han later on the Falcon after being reunited.

        Big problem though… I just re-watched the trailer and paused it 1:04 uh… is that Kylo Ren holding his hand to Luke’s screaming face?… (Remember we have not even seen Luke’s face in any trailers yet. which it could explain *how* Kylo got the mask..)

        Again, just my guess from the trailer, Abrams style, knowing they are planning to make more.. and if they make the entire movie without some major plot shakeups.. people will bash the movie as Episode 1, part 2. They *need* some huge jaw drop inducing plot surprises.

        Can’t wait.. problem is I have to wait till Christmas to watch with everyone, so a week of possible spoilers I have to avoid. 🙁

  1. Star Trek has been much more influential, IMHO. Captain Kirk used an iPad. Captain Picard had a watch only it was pinned to his shirt, like nurses oftten used to do. And, of course we had the talking computer in Star Trek which Siri is modeled after.

    Only a Jar jar Binks fan would think Star Wars has much to do with design.

    1. Captain Kirk used a Magic Slate (a popular drawing toy of the sixties with a sheet of black wax covered by a translucent gray sheet of acetate – lift up the sheet to “erase” it).
      I think he had a Flintstones model (Scooby Doo in the feature films).

  2. The production designer for Star Wars has given interviews where he explained Apple is the model for the Empire’s designs, not for our heroes. There’s a reference to the wires visible between C3POs various “parts,” and a remark to the effect that Jonny Ive would NEVER have designed it that way.

  3. The fact that Jony Ive is responsible for that stupid cross guard on the hilt of Ren’s lightsaber makes me want to puke. I can understand the rough look of the blade, but that hilt has got to go…

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