iPhone 7: Top 5 rumors

“Apple is exploring a range of new technologies for the next edition of iPhone,” Kelly Sheridan reports for InformationWeek. “Industry watchers are expecting some major changes in the 2016 iPhone. ”

Here are five rumors circulating about the iPhone 7:

• Much thinner design: The company is reportedly working on a design that will be between 6.0- and 6.5-mm thick

• 3.5-mm headphone jack eliminated: A report from Japanese tech website Mac Otakara cites a “reliable” anonymous source who claims Apple is planning to swap out its 3.5-mm headphone jack and instead use its Lightning port for audio output. The GforGames blog post claims one prototype includes a USB Type-C connector that’s compatible with headsets. Apple has already included the all-in-one USB-C port in the newest MacBook model.

Waterproof design

• On-screen fingerprint scanner: If true, the rumor would mean its next iPhone would have an edge-to-edge screen and eliminate the Home button entirely.

Wireless charging

More info and links to sources in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Some of these may be too early for iPhone 7 in 2016. Perhaps for “iPhone 7s” in 2017?


  1. Another set of rumors to add to the mix:

    -More journalists will announce the company is doomed.
    – The iPhone 7 will deliver more opportunities for stock manipulation than any other previous iPhone.

  2. I’m wondering if LQMT will be used in the Car.

    Apple likes their devices to all look similar with similar materials. Recall the proliferation of white polycarbonate devices in the iPod era, and aluminum devices in the present era.

    Keeping in mind last year’s patent to easily make liquidmetal in sheets and then stamp it, my guess is that they hold onto the metal until iPhone 8 in 2018. That’s when Watch, Car, iMac, iPhone, iPad and MBP will ALL get liquidmetal.

    Definitely aluminum has more mileage in it. They put a LOT of good work into developing the current alloy for Watch and now Phone. It’ll CERTAINLY work for iPhone 7 and 7c.

    1. Do you really need this? Personally I’d rather not leave the house for long with less than a 70% charge. If a full day of use leaves me with 50% the following morning I’m still likely to charge it. Regular charging of our tech has become routine. Charging vs not charging overnight doesn’t save me any time or hassle. A rock-solid day of heavy use still leaves my 6+ with 20%+, that’s fine by me.

      1. Not everyone likes to use or carry a phablet. Normal sized iPhones don’t have very good battery life. Jony Ive said 60% of iPhone users want better battery life over thinner phones. This was when the 5s came out. What did we get? The guy’s an asshole.

  3. Boring… Let’s talk about what the iPhone 7 Gate will be!

    I’m going to throw this out there…

    I believe the iPhone 7 Gate will be due to the “Waterproofing”. First off, it won’t be waterproof. Instead it will be water-resistant, which carries a rating.

    Idiots will try to push water resistance with the iPhone 7 and then get upset when something designed to get lightly splashed doesn’t survive deep ocean scuba sessions.

    So my prediction for the iPhone 7 Gate will be…


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